Top 15 Untalented Children Of Legendary NHL Players

Call it unreasonable expectations but more often than not, that apple falls far from the tree. Granted, yes, exceptions do exist and that holds true with some crop of players in the league, however, what many fail to recognize is how many rejections take place even before the NHL. In this article, you’ll be shocked at the amount of children that didn’t make the NHL, while some are keeping the dream alive overseas or in the AHL. It might be harsh, but we can safely say that those on this list are talentless compared to what their dads were able to do in the league.

We’ll feature a plethora of hockey children both past and present in this article. We’ll also take a look at children outside of the game that either failed in other sports, or just don’t hold any type of talent aside from looking good. I think you guys all know who we’re talking about without even naming the person. You can scroll down to number one on the list for the answer.

From Patrick Roy’s lackluster son who played forward in the AHL to Wayne’s son who tanked miserably at making the MLB, these are 15 talentless children of NHL players. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s begin!

15 Frederick Roy (Patrick Roy’s Son)

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Voted in the top 100 of all-time, Patrick Roy was a legend of the game for quite some time. His list of accomplishments is what modern day goalies dream of in truth; a four-time Stanley Cup Champion, three-time Conn Smythe Trophy winner and three-time Vezina Trophy winner - Roy set the bar as one of the elite goalies of all-time. Hell, the guy even won a Jack Adams Award during his brief coaching stint.

In the case of his kids, the apple does fall far from the tree. First, his son Jonathan had a brief career which ended as he decided to pursue a career as a musician instead. Patrick’s other son Frederick, decided to stick with the dream a little longer as a centre but it was not meant to be. Roy’s son went undrafted and spent two season in the AHL. He’s enjoying fatherhood nowadays putting his failed on-ice days in the past.

14 Lyon Messier (Mark Messier’s Son)

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Drafted 48th overall by the Edmonton Oilers, Messier became a household name with the team back in the 80s. Although Wayne gets all the recognition, Mark was an unsung hero and a dominant force on the ice as well. He was a first ballet Hall Of Famer of course, ending his career with five-Stanley Cups along with two Hart Trophies. What a player folks, what a player.

His son Lyon failed to walk in his dad’s footsteps unfortunately. Unlike his dad who played centre, Lyon was a stay at home defenseman. His junior numbers were extremely weak and because of that, he wasn’t drafted into the NHL. He tried to keep the dream alive in the ECHL but his game only diminished even further during his time in the league. He quietly hung up the skates in 2010 - a wise decision.

13 Jude Hull (Brett Hull’s Son)

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I guess you can say Brett has kept busy as a family man since retiring. He has two daughters Jayde and Crosby, who we’ve discussed multiple times on this site for her more than decent looks. In this entry however, we discuss his son Jude, a lesser known family member.

To his credit, Jude acknowledges the fact that his dad set the bar way too high – you can see for yourselves in the caption above. After all, Brett was an elite sniper putting up goal campaigns you’ll never see again. The guy had three seasons of 72, 86 and 70 goals, all back-to-back-to-back as well. If you get that amount in points you’re considered an elite level NHLer, never mind goals!

His son isn’t putting pucks in back of the net and instead, he’s trying to keep them out. He’s a goalie playing at the college level nowadays and judging by his current stats, an NHL career seems like a pipe dream unless his father can pull some strings. With 1 win and 7 loses this season, Jude’s a long shot from making it as of this writing.

12 Trevor Gretzky (Wayne Gretzky’s Son)

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Wayne’s brother tanked horribly during his short-lived NHL career. Maybe Trevor saw his uncle fail so badly that he decided to branch out into another sport. Admirably, he was drafted into the MLB back in 2011, though that’s as far as it would go in terms of his career in the major leagues.

Since his draft day, Trevor has played in lower tier leagues; he even had a stint north of the boarder keeping the dream alive with Quebec City. At the age of 25, Trevor is still going at it playing ball with lower level leagues. Sadly, he was released by the Angels in 2016 as the sides parted ways. I guess we can say that Trevor’s pretty darn talentless, especially compared to his father.

11 Dayn Belfour (Ed Belfour’s Son)

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What a beauty this guy was between the pipes during his run as an NHLer. A former Calder Trophy winner, Belfour instantly joined the elite in the league after making his NHL debut. He entered the Hall Of Fame in 2011 with a laundry list of accolades which included a two-time Vezina Trophy winner and of course, Stanley Cup Champion back in 1999 during his time with the Dallas Stars.

His son Dayn said all the right things on route to his pro career. During an interview with NHL.com, he admitted to wanting to be more than just Ed’s son. The statement was nice in theory; however, his career quietly fizzled out at the University level back in the ’13-’14 campaign. Instead nowadays, he’s known as the son of Ed that opened a distillery alongside his dad – still a pretty cool role.

10 Ryan Bourque (Ray Bourque’s Son)

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One of the greatest defenseman to ever play the game, Bourque was a winner of five-Norris Trophies. His vision was truly something to behold as an excellent puck mover and a d-man who can also put the puck in back of the net with ease. He ended his career in storybook fashion winning a cup with the Colorado Avalanche.

His son Ryan was hoping for similar success and he got off to quite the start as a scoring winger for the Quebec Remparts. He put up decent stats during his junior run and it was enough to get him drafted into the NHL by the New York Rangers as a third round pick. Unfortunately, he only has one game of NHL experience in which he was a -1. Ryan has spent the rest of his career down in the AHL and he continues on nowadays as a member of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. With seven goals in 50 games this season - we can safely say the 27 year old won’t come close to his father’s legacy.

9 Austin Nicholas Lemieux (Mario Lemieux’s Son)

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The Penguins brass remains optimistic pertaining to Austin’s future, however, let’s be honest, he won’t come near his father’s legacy. He recently got the chance to join the Penguins camp in order to enhance his game – a chance he got due to the fact that his dad’s a hero within the community and an integral part of the team’s success behind the scenes.

He’s 21 and undrafted which really isn’t a good sign. By 21, Mario was already ripping up the league as an elite force. As for Austin, he deserves credit for improving his game, though when you assess the fact that he’s undrafted and working on his craft in lower tier leagues, you can call his "talent" questionable at best, especially with such a name on the back of his jersey.

8 Ryan Stevens (Scott Stevens Son)

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One of the most feared hitters of all-time, Scott Stevens was the player you hated as the opposition, but loved as a Devils fan. He played the game on the edge delivering some of the most devastating hits in NHL history. Along with his physicality, Stevens was a tremendous leader and a winner in general - leading New Jersey to three- Stanley Cup Championships. The Hall Of Famer was a Conn Smythe Trophy winner back in 2000.

His son Ryan is a forward unlike his father. He plays with an edge it appears racking up the penalty minutes with the University of Plymouth. At the age of 23 and still playing University hockey, it appears as though just making the NHL is a pipe dream. Going undrafted, Ryan just doesn’t have what his father had.

7 Jake Chelios (Chris Chelios’ Son)

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They called him the freak during the latter days of his NHL career. Playing well into his 40s, not only was Chelios still playing but the d-man maintained a tremendous physique off the ice. On the ice, he wasn’t too shabby either, named as part of the top 100 players in NHL history. I guess you get such an accolade as a three-time Norris Trophy winner and three-time Stanley Cup Champion. At the age of 56, we have reason to believe he’d still be playing nowadays if it was entirely up to him.

His son Jake is enjoying longevity as well, though unfortunately his career has solely taken place at the AHL level. A defenseman like his dad, Jake went undrafted and remains a part of the AHL to this day at the age 26. He’s a member of the Charlotte Checkers and he isn’t lighting the lamp regularly like his father with only three markers this season.

6 Yan Stastny (Peter Stastny’s Son)

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Another player named to the top 100 list, Peter was quite the player in his prime. Similar to Mike Foligno earlier, his sons careers have gone in different directions. Paul, was a second round pick and although he’s been riddled with injuries throughout, when healthy, Paul is a force at centre.

Poor Yan took a different route into the league as an eight round pick, almost going undrafted back in the 2002 draft. Playing the role of a defensive specialist, Yan has some NHL experience although most his career was spend down in the AHL. He left for Europe in 2010 and he’s keeping the dream alive in the Alps Hockey League which consists of team’s from Central Europe. At the age of 35, we can safely say that Yan’s pretty talentless compared to his father.

5 Brett Hextall (Ron Hextall’s Son)

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Likely done as a solid to the legendary Ron Hextall, the Flyers picked up Brett’s contract back in 2014 and he joined the club’s AHL team for the season. In what seemed to be a last chance type of ordeal, Hextall was a big time bust in his final season netting six goals and ending the year with -16 rating.

At the very least, he was comparable to his dad in the PIMs category as he loved to get his mitts dirty. He quietly retired at the end of the season and at the very least, he can be proud of the fact that he was drafted by the Coyotes in the first place. Maybe he should have went between the pipes like his dad?

4 Jake Gilmour (Doug Gilmour’s Son)

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One of the most popular Leafs of all-time, Gilmour was a demon on both ends of the ice. He loved the game and played with a tremendous amount of passion. Of course, his numerous accomplishments were acknowledged by the Hockey Hall Of Fame. You can find his signature 93 jersey up in the rafters at the ACC.

His son Jake didn’t fare as well, you know you’re pretty darn talentless when your own dad trades you. Yes, it must have made for an awkward supper but during Doug’s stint as a GM in the OHL - he traded his own son away, ouch! The decision unfortunately was the correct one as Jake’s career went absolutely nowhere. Judging by his stat line, you’d think he was a goalie with such point totals....

3 Marcus Foligno (Mike Foligno’s Son)

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Mike Foligno carved out a brilliant career in the NHL. He lit the lamp 36-times as a rookie with the Red Wings but would carve out his legacy as a long-time member of the Buffalo Sabres. His consistency with the team was truly remarkable enduring eight straight 20 goal campaigns, including a season of 41 markers. He was a beauty.

As for his two sons, one is enjoying tremendous success while the other, continues to find himself as an NHLer. Nick is the captain of the Blue Jackets and one heck of a player who can play rough and score goals. As for Marcus, the 26 year old plays with an edge but we can’t say he’s got the skills similar to his brother or dad. Playing with the Wild, Marcus has six goals this season – in seven campaigns his career high is 13. With checking type specialists slowly becoming extinct, we have reason to believe that Marcus’ will be overseas in a couple of years quietly continuing his career in the shadows of his dad and brother

2 Marty Howe (Gordy Howe’s Son)

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Oh the late great Gordie Howe, arguably the greatest player of all-time. His list of accomplishments are truly disturbing - seriously, six Art Ross Trophy victories and four Cups wins is enough to enter the HOF as one of the true greats. But oh, he was also a six-time Hart Trophy winner – yea, he was pretty darn good. We can do an article alone on his storied career but we’ll save that one for a rainy day.

Similar to what we’ve seen with some others, his two children went in different directions. Mark had a tremendous career as a brilliant defender who could setup from the back. As for Marty, he didn’t come close to brother Mark. His most lengthy season featured 78 games with the Bruins, his goal total was a career high for his entire run – guess how many? If you guessed one goal, pat yourself on the back. His career was a talentless disaster to say the least.

1 Paulina Gretzky (Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter)

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It was only fitting that we ended the article off with Wayne’s daughter Paulina. If you can call looking steamy a talent, then yes, she’s filled with top tier talent. However, aside from some stunning good looks, she’s quite limited and even Wayne took exception to some of her edgy posts from the past.

Paulina’s become a known name for her steamy photographs online, especially through Instagram with a followers count of over 650K. She’s kept things quiet as of late with the birth of her second child, though it appears as though those steamy pics are back in the recent weeks. Nowadays, she’s enjoying the travel way of life along with raising her two boys (Tatum and River Jones) alongside professional golfer Dustin Johnson.

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