Watch: Winnipeg Jets Fans Chant 'Katy Perry' at Corey Perry

Fans in Winnipeg had waited 19 years to see their beloved Jets in a playoff game and in one way or another, they made headlines in Game 3 against the Ducks. Corey Perry is undoubtedly one of the league's most hated players. Not only did he have to take a cheap shot after a goal from Dustin Byfuglien, he heard it from the rafters of the MTS Centre.

Some say it was just a harmless chant trying to heckle an opposing player, others say it is emasculating and insulting to women that implies women are weaker.

Or we could all be missing the point and maybe the fans in Winnipeg are just really passionate about Katy Perry and want her to return to the MTS Centre soon, especially now that the Jets season may soon be over.

Let's just say that there are more worthy battles to fight in the underlying issue many are pointing to in regards to the chant.

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Watch: Winnipeg Jets Fans Chant 'Katy Perry' at Corey Perry