What Ever Happened To These 15 Toronto Maple Leafs?

Through this article, we will be looking at a list of fifteen former Toronto Maple Leafs and what they have been up to since they retired as players.

NHL players spend their entire lives preparing themselves to make it to the big show, but when that time finally passes, many are left to wonder what to do. A lot of the time, NHL players end up finding roles in management, while others tend to just disappear from the game and simply enjoy retirement. It is quite intriguing to figure out what retired players do because, most of the time, it is not documented by major news outlets. So it is time to do some research.

Through this article, we will be looking at a list of fifteen former Toronto Maple Leafs and what they have been up to since they retired as players. Some of what will be stated will surprise you, while others may not. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to find out what these guys are up to, especially because it is not often talked about because of all what is going on in the NHL today.

Nonetheless, here is what some of your favorite players who wore blue and white are up to.

15 Mike Komisarek


Mike Komisarek’s tenure with the Toronto Maple Leafs was not good whatsoever, but that was mainly because he signed too large of a contract. When the Maple Leafs signed him in the 2009 offseason, they thought that they had found their new top defenseman, but Komisarek never matched his success in Montreal and was eventually bought out in the 2013 offseason.

After a failed comeback attempt with the Carolina Hurricanes, Komisarek eventually decided to retire and focus on a life past hockey and resume studies at the University of Michigan. Today, he is currently working with the player development system of the Buffalo Sabres. If things had gone differently in Toronto, maybe he could still be playing in the NHL today.

14 Jason Allison


By the time the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Jason Allison, he was still a good player, but no longer a superstar in the league. Allison suffered from numerous injuries during his stint with the Los Angeles Kings, but still put up solid numbers. In his lone season with the Maple Leafs, he even managed to put 60 points in 66 games.

Yet, even after his successful season, Allison decided to retire due to the injuries and some personal events. Allison did however try to make a comeback with the Maple Leafs in 2009, but ultimately did not make the club because they did not see a spot for him in their top-6. Today, Allison stays out of the limelight and works on his farm back in Canada.

13 Colton Orr


Although Colton Orr was not a very talented hockey player when it came to skill, he was by far one of the most intimidating forces in the league during his stint with the Maple Leafs. He became a fan favorite with the Maple Leafs because of his sensational physical play and ability to always spark the team.

With the NHL turning away from the enforcer, Orr retired prematurely in 2016 and he is definitely missed throughout the league. Today, Orr is focusing on his family life and simply enjoying his new experience of being retired. However, he also made a cameo on Goon 2 as, you guessed it, an enforcer in the AHL.

12 Mark Bell


Mark Bell’s stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs did not go as planned and that is mainly because of Bell’s off-ice behavior. Shortly after Bell was acquired by the Sharks, he was arrested for driving under the influence and then given a 15 game suspension in the process. From that, Bell never seemed to find his game in Toronto and then played the next season in the AHL.

After this incident, Bell never was able to find his game as a full time NHLer and as a result, moved to the European leagues before officially hanging them up. After retiring, Bell became an assistant coach for the St.Marys Jr. “B” Lincolns and is active in the hockey community. It is a sin he let his off-ice issues ruin his playing career, however.

11 Hal Gill


Although Hal Gill’s career with the Toronto Maple Leafs was short, that is where he played his best during his career. His two seasons in Toronto gave him the opportunity to be a top-4 defenseman and as a result, he registered twenty points each season. From there, he gained a reputation of being a reliabl veteran defenseman.

After hanging up the skates in after the 2013-14 season, Gill has remained very active in the NHL. For the 2015-16 season, Gill became the manager of player development for the Florida Panthers. Gill has also been involved with NESN as a part time commentator for another one of his former teams, the Boston Bruins.

10 Bryan McCabe


At one point in time, Bryan McCabe was the best defenseman on the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was a lone bright spot on a roster that had struggled for years, but he always stayed loyal until he was finally let go during the 2008 offseason. McCabe was an elite offensive defenseman with the club and even hit 68 points during the 2005-06 season.

McCabe’s career after Toronto was not the greatest and he quickly retired after the 2010-11 season. Today, McCabe is still a very active part of the NHL and currently was promoted to Director of Player Personnel for the Florida Panthers. The Panthers are in very good hands to have his services, especially with how great his career was.

9 Nik Antropov


Nik Antropov was a very productive powerforward during his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs and because of this, was also a fan favorite. Antropov played about a decade with the club before he was shipped away to the New York Rangers during the 2008-09 trade deadline. Antropov would play a few seasons with the Jets afterwards before leaving the NHL in 2013.

Antropov later would join Barys Astana of the KHL for two seasons before he officially hung up the skates in 2015. Today, Antropov has kept a fairly low profile, but has been a huge idol for his son Danil’s process to the NHL. He is actively training with his son both on and off the ice to ensure that Danil ends up having a solid career like him.

8 Pavel Kubina


Although Pavel Kubina was not a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs for long, he was one of their best players. Kubina put up very solid offensive numbers during his stint with the team and also provided a strong physical side to the game as well. Kubina eventually would leave the Maple Leafs after three seasons and join the Atlanta Thrashers.

After retiring, Kubina turned to a new profession and started a new business called Private Allstar Cars. It has been noted that Kubina has always had a deep passion for cars, so it makes perfect sense for him to have opened up his business. The location of his business is in Florida and that is where he currently resides.

7 Gary Roberts


Gary Roberts was a very nasty hockey player, but it was exactly what translated to his success in the NHL. By the time that Roberts joined the Maple Leafs, he was a seasoned veteran and a bit past his prime. However, he did manage to have a handful of decent seasons with the club, while also being a physical force.

Roberts would eventually hang up the skates after the 2008-09 season, but did not stay away from the game long. Today, Gary Roberts trains many hockey players to get them in peak shape for the NHL’s grueling process. Roberts openly stated that training was a passion of his and the main reason why he ended up having success in the NHL.

6 Felix Potvin


Felix Potvin is one of the best goaltenders in the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs and will forever be remembered for his fast reflexes and clutch saves. Potvin spent the entirety of his prime with the Maple Leafs before he was traded to the New York Islanders due to the signing of Curtis Joseph. He would bounce around the league from there.

Potvin has kept a fairly low profile since leaving the NHL, but is still active in the game of hockey in general. It has been noted that he coached and volunteered to help many Canadian youth hockey players develop their games. Yet, one has to believe that he will once again come back to the NHL in some sort of position.

5 Jeff O’Neill


By the time Jeff O’Neill joined his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs, he was far passed his prime and no longer an elite talent. His two seasons with the club were met with disappointment and saw him no longer be an effective top-6 forward. His last season with the team saw his playing dropped immensely and eventually is what made him retire.

Today, O’Neill works in broadcasting with TSN and interestingly covers his former club, the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is also one of the hosts of TSN Radio’s show, OverDrive with former NHLer, Jamie McLennan. Although his stint as a player with Toronto was lackluster, it is nice to see he has found a new calling in his hometown.

4 Tomas Kaberle


Tomas Kaberle was extremely loyal to the Toronto Maple Leafs, even during one of their darkest periods in their history. With the Maple Leafs, Kaberle was one of their best defensemen and consistently put up strong offensive numbers with a team that was weak. Kaberle eventually had his shot of a Stanley Cup when he was traded to the Bruins, which ended up working out.

After the Maple Leafs, Kaberle never seemed to find his offensive game again and never played in the NHL again after 2013. He played a few seasons in Europe after this, but finally stopped playing in 2016. Today, he is keeping a fairly low profile, but still plays hockey for fun. This is something all retired players should do.

3 Darcy Tucker


Darcy Tucker was an absolute animal for the Toronto Maple Leafs and will forever be one of their fan favorites. Although Tucker was an agitator, he still found a lot of success on the score sheet and was one of the Maple Leafs most productive players during the 2000s. He eventually would join the Avalanche, but was easily not the same player.

Today, Tucker is still actively involved in the game, but focuses a lot of his attention to junior hockey. He also is in the process of assisting his son, Cole, on making it to the NHL. Tucker also seems to enjoy his luxury time as he can be seen enjoying social outlets, such as Twitter. Overall, it looks like retirement is going well for Tucker.

2 Travis Greene


Although Travis Greene was nearing the end of his career during his stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs, he was still a very effective two-way forward for them. He was primarily known for his defensive game with the team because of his hard work on the penalty kill. Although he only played two seasons in Toronto, he was heavily respected.

Today, Greene is having a lot of success with his life and has seen his ranks skyrocket as a coach. He started his coaching career with the Portland Winterhawks before he joined the Utica Comets as their head coach. This offseason, he was promoted to become the new head coach of the Vancouver Canucks and has a wonderful opportunity to make a bigger name for himself.

1 Curtis Joseph


There were not many better than Curtis Joseph during his prime and luckily for the Toronto Maple Leafs, they got to have him during a chunk of it. Curtis Joseph was a franchise talent for the Maple Leafs and was the main reason of their success during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Although he never led them to a cup, he was beloved by the fans.

Joseph bounced around the league following his tenure with the Maple Leafs and never seemed to get his game back. He eventually would return to Toronto for one more season before retiring as well. Today, he is a goaltender consultant for the Carolina Hurricanes. Those goalies have great privilege to be under the guidance of a true legend.

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