Winging It: 15 Detroit Red Wings WAGs You NEED To See

When we think of smoking WAGs in the sports world, the NHL simply doesn’t get enough credit and that’s in large part due to the fact that hockey players are among the humblest dudes around. This article is yet another example of why hockey players do it just as well as other leagues outside of their domains.

The team in question for this article is none other than the Detroit Red Wings. Back in the late 90s and into the 2000s, the team was one of the most celebrated around the league. They’ve fallen on some tough times as of late, but with the emergence of Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha and Andreas Athanasiou – the future is already starting to look a lot brighter.

In the following article, we’ll dip into the personal lives of both the new and old guard on the current Red Wings roster. From the 37 year old Henrik Zetterberg to 21 year old Dylan Larkin, WAGs of all ages will be examined in this article. Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend! Here are 15 Detroit Red Wings WAGS you NEED to see. We begin with the fabulous center, Dylan Larkin!

15 Dylan Larkin (Caitlin Reilly)

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The Red Wings are known for making a steal or two during the NHL Entry Draft and that’s exactly what happened with the selection of Dylan Larkin as he was taken 15th overall. Assessing some of the names that went before him, you can argue Dylan was the absolute steal of the first round, especially when you assess his third season thus far. Dylan is emerging as a top center for the Wings and he’s really found his game during the offseason. Using his speed more effectively this season, the American center is on pace for a tremendous campaign.

Off the ice, he isn’t doing too shabby either judging by his girlfriend’s appearance in the photo above. However, Dylan plays the relationship on the down low as he’s yet to post any pics with his gal on social media, instead, he’s got a plethora of photos with the bros.

14 Anthony Mantha (Alyson St. Louis)

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Speaking of draft steals, we now turn our attention to Anthony Mantha. The power forward tore up the Q’ with multiple 50 goal campaigns, however, he slid down the draft chart due to his untimely injury late in the season. The Wings snatched him 20th overall, looking back, that was an absolute steal so late in Round One. His potential is currently starting to percolate at the big man has 27 goals in his last two campaigns (81 games).

Off the ice, like Larkin, he’s doing just as well. A Montreal based webpage posted photos of his lovely partner Alyson St. Louis and we have reason to believe he’s in good hands. If the picture isn’t enough, check out her Instagram account, you won’t be disappointed!

13 Justin Abdelkader (Julie Leshkevich)

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Okay, let’s be honest here, Justin’s no Brad Pitt, but nonetheless, he still scored himself a ravishing wife and one can argue, the steamiest WAG on the entire list. If you like blondes, then Abby scores major points.

Signing a lucrative deal with the Wings - a dream come true for the Michigan native, Justin sealed his storybook life by proposing to his wife at the Joe Louis Arena, a special moment for the Wings forward who was a lifelong fan. Of course, the Wings have now changed venues, making the proposal that much better. The two had their wedding ceremony this past summer with a couple of Wings making the festivities. Justin’s a lucky dude as his wife looked like a perfect ten on the day.

12 Martin Frk (Kennedy Braun)

Okay, be honest, the name Marty Frk isn’t necessarily the first guy you thought of when thinking about steamy hockey WAGS. If you’re a fan of the Wings, or know of Frk, you’re well aware he isn’t the best looking dude around. Missing his front tooth really doesn’t help things, but who would have thought, he still landed himself a steamy partner in Kennedy Braun.

All jokes aside, Frk’s journey into the Red Wings main roster is an inspiring one. He had an impressive final season with Halifax and would end up getting selected by the Wings in the Second Round. Lacking a two-way game, the Wings were forced into exposing him and he was picked up by the Hurricanes only to get retaken by the Red Wings. He thanked the Wings for reclaiming him by having a career year with Grand Rapids. He’s now on the team with six goals so far this season, what a journey it has been for the Czech native.

11 Andreas Athanasiou (Caitlyn Jones)

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If you didn’t realize it yet, the Wings are currently undergoing a youth movement and the first four of five entries in the article are a clear indication of that. Andreas Athanasiou is a catalyst for the change - without the speedy forward, the Wings struggled out of the gate but since his return, the team now has a new sense of hope for the future, in large part thanks to his speed and skills. Despite almost scoring 50 back in junior, the Wings took a gander on the player in fourth round, 110th overall, lots of GMs are likely scratching their noggins at that late pick – which was the steal of the 2012 draft.

Like his other fellow Red Wings, Andreas keeps a low profile when it comes to his relationship off the ice with Caitlyn Jones. This is a cute photo of the two enjoying some time together.

10 Mike Green (Courtney Parrie)

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Say what you want about Mike Green’s choppy defensive skills but there’s no denying his contributions offensively for a team that was starving for a puck moving d-man. Since the days of Lidstrom and Rafalski, the club has struggled to find any type of d-man with offensive prowess, now Green is none of those two, however he is a dynamic d-man and deserves praise for his play last season and so far this year.

Away from the ice, Green has built an amazing family. His wife, Courtney Parrie is a photographer and let’s be blunt here - a pretty top notch MILF. The two are happily residing in the Detroit area and if you want to stalk their personal life, you can check out Courtney’s Instagram account.

9 Trevor Daley (Kristy West)

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Speaking of undervalued d-men, we now turn our attention to the minute eating Trevor Daley. Having won two cups with the Pens, his value means that much more and the Wings made it a priority in the offseason to sign the blueliner. Some contested that the price tag was it a little too high but given his 20+ minutes a night of services, we’re quickly seeing that the value was worth every penny. In a game that’s all about speed, skill and the ability to move the puck, Daley is a sought after player.

Age 34, the defenseman has a beautiful family off the ice and you can count his wife Kristy West as another MILF to add to this list of Red Wings WAGS. The family is expected to reside in the Michigan area for the next three years, granted Daley isn’t traded.

8 Scott Wilson (Brooke Markle)

Similar to Trevor Daley, Wilson spent the last two seasons as a part of the repeat Stanley Cup victories by the Pens. He wasn’t as impactful as Daley, though he was a great body in the lineup when needed. The struggling Riley Sheahan finally left Detroit earlier this season due to cap issues with the signing of Andreas. The move to the Penguins brought Scott Wilson to the Wings.

His fiancée, Brooke Markle is one of the steamier WAGS on the list given the photos of the two on Wilson’s account. She’s also got a plethora of steamy photos on her own account, which is worth the follow if you love a hot chick and Golden Retrievers. If you hate the Pens however (and you likely do if you like the Wings), don’t scroll down too far.

7 Jonathan Ericsson (Evelina Ericsson)

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Poor Jonathan Ericsson, the Wings blueliner as been a bit of a scapegoat the last couple of seasons for his choppy defensive play. Let’s cut the dude some slack, he played junior hockey as a forward and was picked in the freaking ninth round, 291st overall. The guy being in the NHL alone is a miracle. To his credit, he’s off to a career start in terms of play, solidifying a great partnership with Trevor Daley. Wings fans are hoping Big E can continue his consistent play throughout the season.

A tall Swede with a perfect mustache and well groomed hair, Wings fans likely assumed Jonathan had a smoking partner and that’s exactly the case as you see in the photo above. In terms of MILF status, you can add Evelina onto the list.

6 Danny DeKeyser (Melissa Beurmann)

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Through his Twitter account, Danny DeKeyser has proudly flaunted his relationship with one Melissa Beurmann. His partner is another candidate as one of the steamiest from the entire list, and the American themed photo above is a perfect example of that. Melissa has been spotted at various Wings games during the last couple of seasons alongside other Wings WAGS like Abby’s stunning wife. The two are welcomed sight up in the state of the art Little Caesars lodge sections.

As for DeKeyser, he’s yet to fully find his groove in the league. Wings had high hopes when signing the blueliner and those expectations haven’t been met just yet. He does eat a lot of minutes and usually, the most on the team. Though the Wings are hoping he can take the next step as an elite d-man sooner rather than later.

5 Xavier Ouellet (Liz Ann Kranz)

👮🏻💰X is ready for movember! #happyhalloween🎃👻

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The 24 year old is an underrated d-man with the Wings. He usually plays on the bottom pairings and what makes him so valuable is the fact that you hardly see him on the ice, for a forward, that’s not a good thing but for a d-man, that’s a true blessing. He’s small, but makes up for it as a quick puck mover. Despite his size, he isn’t afraid to drop the mitts either.

Away from the rink, Xavier is living a great life alongside his long-time partner Liz Ann Kranz. The two recently welcomed in their first child and the timing couldn’t have been any better with Xavier recently inking a new deal with the Wings. At the age of 24, Detroit is hoping to morph this player into a potential top four blueliner on the team.

4 Gustav Nyquist (Danielle Barone)

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Gus was yet another draft steal by the Wings taken in the fourth round of the 2008 NHL Draft. You can argue Gus’, the 121st selection overall turned out to be more valuable than selections three, five, six and seven in Bogosian, Schenn, Filatov and Colin Wilson. In a league that is no longer dominated by size, Gus has fit the bill with his speed and high end skills. He hit a wall last season with a disturbing career low of 12 goals, though he’s off to a decent start this year with already half the goals.

Again, Gus isn’t the best looker on the Wings but he done well for himself nonetheless scoring a relationship with Danielle Barone, the beauty you see in the photo above. The photo was posted prior to the Winter Classic between the Wings and Leafs.

3 Petr Mrazek (Sara Olivova)

Mine👮🏼‍♀️😏❤️ @pmraza34 #happyhalloween

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Mrazek was labelled as the future netminder for the Wings. Despite his small stature in the net, he was regarded as a battler, somewhat reminiscent to the great Chris Osgood. However, his play as suffered in the last couple of years and Howard has permanently grabbed the number one position. Judging by is social media photos however, he isn’t losing any sleep over it, especially with such a steamy partner!

When you’re dating a beach volleyball player, you know you’re doing something right. Petr’s girlfriend is a smoking hot blonde that makes a living on the beach diving for balls... Yes that sounded wrong but you get what we’re saying. If you need more steamy images of his partner, her Instagram account will not disappoint!

2 Henrik Zetterberg (Emma Andersson)

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The heart and soul of the Detroit Red Wings, Henrik Zetterberg is still kicking at the age of 37. He continues to lead the Wings and although his wheels (no pun intended) have slowed down, he’s still a breathtaking player with a stunning vision on the ice. When he calls it a career, a future Hall Of Fame induction seems inevitable, we just hope both he and Pavel can get inducted in the same year, boy would that be something?

Of course, the good looking Swede has been off the market for quite some time marrying Swedish TV host and model, Emma Andersson back in 2010. The two got hitched back in Sweden, the couple recently welcomed in their first child named Love back in the offseason of 2015. Good old Z just wins at life.

1 Tomas Tatar (Lucia Slaninkova)

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We saved the best for last in the article - who would have thought that the guy nicknamed “Tuna” by his teammates would have the hottest WAG on the entire team. Along with his hilarious moniker, Tatar is said to be the clown of the locker-room but seriously speaking, who wouldn’t be in a good mood 24/7 when partnering up with such a beauty?

Lucia Slaninkova is a smokebomb, simply put. She’s a model and if that wasn’t enough, a former Miss Universe 2013 runner-up. Her Instagram will make you want to pull your eyes out, with a plethora of “Not So PG” images, there’s a reason why she has over 30K followers. From selfies to bikini pics, you’ll forget she’s with the Wings sniping forward pretty quickly. There are photos of the two to remind you however.

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