WWE Sends Chicago Blackhawks Championship Belt; Shot At CM Punk?

Some of the boys posed with the new hardware today. Thanks for the addition, @WWE and @VinceMcMahon! pic.twitter.com/vqw2t9cMmb

— Chicago Blackhawks (@NHLBlackhawks) June 17, 2015

The WWE and Vince McMahon seem to be jumping on the Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon as well. After winning their third Stanley Cup in six years, McMahon sent the team a WWE Championship belt to add to the hardware they had already received for their Cup win. The interesting part of this story comes from Greg Whyshyinski of Yahoo's Puck Daddy. Punk had previously claimed that he tried to get WWE to send the Hawks a belt when they won the Stanley Cup in 2013, but was told "nobody watches hockey. Here was Whyshynski's response:

So @CMPunk said he tried to get WWE to send Hawks a belt in 2013, and they said "no one watches hockey." O RLY?! pic.twitter.com/JMXbJ1Uky0

— Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) June 18, 2015

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