You NEED to Watch This Crazy Fan Interview From the Isles Game

One of the main reasons for attending any sporting event is to have a good time - and this Islanders fan did just that during a game back in 1982.

We won't spoil it by giving up the details - plus, only watching the video can do it justice - but we can say that this brazen lady might have been some sort of good omen during the Islanders glory years of the early 80's.

Not sure what's funnier - Joy recounting her "incredible" story or the aftermath of her little "adventure" at an Islanders game all those years ago. Either way, it made for great television, and might prompt networks to do more wild fan interviews in the future.

One thing we are left wondering, though: how does her son feel about all this? And was this the first time he's heard the story?

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