Age Before Beauty: 8 Young NHL Players And 7 Veterans - Who Are They Dating?

Let's face it, the NHL doesn't get as much overall recognition like the NFL and NBA, but it's still a well-known professional sports league in North America, particularly Canada and the East Coast of the United States. Well, at least you don't need to be a huge fan of hockey to be a huge fan of the hockey players' wives and girlfriends.

Not all of the hockey WAGs are hot and rich like country singer and former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, but they're pretty much good looking when it comes to the appearances department. Some of them watch their men take the ice against their opponents on a regular basis, while some others are too busy with their own schedules to develop a habit of attending live hockey games.

Anyway, it seems like a lot of hockey WAGs of all the league's teams are the closest knit bunches out of all the sports whene they do attend the games to cheer on their husbands and boyfriends. That's another reason why you should pay more attention to these WAGs when you have some spare time. They appear to be super attractive and down to earth, which is a perfect combination; especially if you're planning to settle down with just one woman and start a family with one, two or maybe even three or more kids.

Let's take a look at this edition of age before beauty: eight young NHL players with smoking GFs and seven veterans who 'still have it.'

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15 Young Blood: Anthony Beauvillier (Florence Vertefeuille)

If you follow the New York Islanders, then you've heard of rookie forward Anthony Beauvillier. There's no doubt that Beauvillier is going to be an up-and-coming star on the Islanders' roster. Beauvillier has a pretty darn good record of 19 points (13 goals, 6 assists) in 47 games played as of Valentine's Day 2018.

With a record like that, Beauvillier has to have an equally good girl by his side. Her name is Florence Vertefeuille and she recently turned 21 on December 23, 2017. She's a year older than her beau.

She's a French-Canadian beauty who has platinum blonde hair and hails from Quebec.

This French-Canadian couple have long first and last names, which might be a pain in the arse to pronounce if they decide to get married one day.

Beauvillier may not be fellow rookie Mathew Barzal, but at least he snagged up a blonde chick who will look good on his arm.

14 Veteran: Dion Phaneuf (Elisha Cuthbert)

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It should be no surprise that we would include Dion Phaneuf on this list thanks to him being married to Elisha Cuthbert, who many feel is out of his league. Phaneuf's had a hectic couple of years recently, as he's now on his third team in three seasons. Phaneuf wa recently traded to the Los Angeles Kings after spending just two years in Ottawa, following a rollercoaster ride in Toronto. Cuthbert must be happy with the move to L.A., as the actress will now be able to stay with her husband while also staying close to Hollywood. As for Phaneuf, the 32-year-old will now be able to play in a market where he can fly under the radar and expectations will be lower, as he will be on a deeper blue line with the Kings.

13 Young Blood: Tomas Hertl (Aneta Netolicka)

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Aside from veteran forward Joe Thornton, the San Jose Sharks are suffering another significant injury of young forward Tomas Hertl, who's currently out with a right shoulder injury.

Hertl could miss some time with his injury, but we're pretty sure that his girlfriend, Aneta Netolicka, a fellow Czech, will have him in no rush to return to action.

Netolicka is a brunette beauty with a slim figure and stylish sense of style. This couple could've already been married, but they aren't, and that raises another question for Sharks fans and hockey fans in general.

Netolicka is a total babe who likely has a lot in common with Hertl. We don't know when Hertl will seize his first ring with the Sharks, but we think that Netolicka might get a ring before that happens. After all, Netolicka's a former gymnast, and gymnasts are a quite attractive bunch in the world of women's sports.

12 Veteran: Thomas Greiss (Brittney Palmer)


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New York Islanders goalie Thomas Greiss has been bad this year, but it's pretty much been a disappointing season for the Islanders goalies in general.

It seems like Greiss is happy to be staying with the Isles and we think that his wife, Brittney (nee Palmer), has helped him deal with the good and bad times on Long Island, New York.

After all, she's arguably the prettiest brunette WAG among the Isles' WAGs.

According to her Twitter, she's a professional horseback rider, former Miss South Dakota 2014 and supporter to the love of her life. Aside from her looks, it shouldn't be surprising that Thomas chose to wed and have a daughter with Brittany as she appears to be a well-rounded person, which is a very good thing.

11 Youngster: Auston Matthews (Jordyn Johnson)

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Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews has come a long way. Matthews was born in California, relocated to Arizona—where he learned to play hockey—and ended up getting drafted first overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2016.

Matthews set a high bar in his rookie year in 2016-17 and has been scoring and producing more offense in his second season. Matthews also set a high bar when it comes to NHL girlfriends.

Before Matthews' current girlfriend Jordyn Johnson, he dated an Arizona State University student named Emily Ruttledge, who was a tan blonde beauty.

Both ladies are hot in their own ways, but we're sorry, Johnson has the upper hand as she's an Arizona-based model who's currently signed with Ford Models. Johnson is a unique brunette hottie that Leafs fans and men in general will drool over for years to come. As long as Matthews stays hot, Johnson will stay in the limelight.

10 Veteran: Mike Fisher (Carrie Underwood)

George Walker IV/The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK

Divorce rumors came out of left field between Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher and country singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood. Many wondered if Fisher's recent decision to return to the NHL was due to a marriage on the rocks, but Fisher recently came out and squashed those rumors.

Despite having played over 17 seasons and 1,088 games in the NHL, Fisher appears to be indecisive as he became the first Predators captain to retire with the team in August 2017. However, Fisher came out of his retirement to return to the Preds to help them make another Stanley Cup run.

Fisher likely wasn't indecisive when he gave Underwood a chance though. Underwood is an all-American gal with blonde hair and a sweet smile. Underwood also has a rare combination of beauty and brains as she's the breadwinner of the family with a net worth of $70 million. That being said, Fisher would be a loser if he let go of Underwood.

9 Youngster: Jack Eichel (Erin Basil)

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Without a doubt, Buffalo Sabres' alternate captain and center Jack Eichel is a member of the rising class of young talent in the NHL. When he was 17 years old, Eichel was described as the new face of American hockey. Eichel received the 2015 Hobey Baker Award, becoming the second freshman to win the award and first since former left wing Paul Kariya in 1993.

Eichel signed an eight-year, $80 million contract extension with the Sabres in October 2017. This high-paid contract is scheduled to begin at the start of the 2018-19 NHL season.

Eichel is not only winning on the ice, he's also winning off the ice with his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend, Erin Basil.

Not much is known about Basil, but as far as we know, she's a smokin' hot blonde who graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, last year. Basil definitely looks good on Eichel's arm, which makes the relationship a win-win situation.

8 Veteran: Justin Abdelkader (Julie Leshkevich)

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As you may already know, the majority of Detroit Red Wings players land some of the hottest women on this planet. This includes alternate captain and left wing, Justin Abdelkader, who has an amusing last name, but can still find himself a good woman...with an equally tongue-twisting last name, that is. So, it's safe to say that similar folks can and do find each other attractive.

Abdelkader's wife is his longtime partner Julie Leshkevich. Leshkevich does a pretty good job avoiding drama and staying out of the public eye, but her ravishing looks continue to help her get her shine on at all times. Leshkevich doesn't post a lot of photos and snaps of herself on social media, but it's all good. The lovely couple got engaged in November 2016 and tied the knot in July 2017. Congratulations to the newlywed couple that deserves a lot of happiness in their lives!

7 Youngster: Viktor Arvidsson (Moa Norberg)

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Viktor Arvidsson is one of the most well-known Nashville Predators players and that's the main reason why the team re-signed him to a seven-year, $29.75 million contract with an annual salary of $4.25 million, avoiding arbitration.

Like other Swede hockey stars, Arvidsson is dating a fellow Swede with striking blonde hair.

Arvidsson may not be New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, but his girlfriend Moa Norberg looks like an innocent version of Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

Arvidsson's game is strong on and off the ice. In the 2016-17 NHL season, he had 61 points (31 goals, 30 assists) in 80 games for the Predators. His girlfriend is a blonde stunner with an elegant sense of style and a delectable palate. Hopefully, they'll stay together for a long period of time. They're a Swedish power couple consisting of millennials.

6 Veteran: Jonathan Toews (Lindsey Vecchione)

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As you should already know, Jonathan Toews serves as the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks aren't Stanley Cup contenders this season, but they've won three cups in five odd years (2010, 2013, 2015) and that's a darn good feat. The Hawks must rebuild after an impending disaster.

But in the meantime, let's take a look at Toews' girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione is a blonde bombshell who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Vecchione is a model, hairstylist and former lingerie football player for the Chicago Bliss.

Now that we know Toews' girlfriend is Vecchione, we're actually not sure who scores more: Toews or Vecchione? They're both successful people in their own rights. They deserve each other. When she's not modeling or styling hair, Vecchione cheers on her boyfriend at the United Center. Oh and did we mention that she looks really good in Hawks' red? It surely compliments her hair color and skin tone.

5 Youngster: Aleksander Barkov (Maria Doroshina)

Aleksander Barkov really has it all doesn't he? He plays in a market where there's absolutely no pressure on him, he gets to show up to his hockey arena in shorts and he happens to be dating one of the most beautiful women you'll find on this list.

Maria Doroshina is a Finnish model and she seems to be quite popular over there, as she has just under three million Instagram followers.

There aren't any pictures of Barkov on her Instagram feed, which is probably what helped her attain so many followers; her feed is basically her posing in some very steamy shots. It's a good thing Barkov plays in a warm climate because when his girlfriend comes to visit him, she doesn't have to bundle up in countless layers like she would if Barkov were to play in say, Edmonton or Winnipeg.

4 Veteran: Alex Ovechkin (Nastasiya Shubskaya)

If you follow the NHL, you already know who Alex Ovechkin is. The Capitals are a top-tier team who just happens to suffer bad luck in the annual postseason or are just chokers, depending on who you ask.

Despite the Caps' unfortunate setbacks that prevent them from winning their first Stanley Cup, Ovechkin is winning on and off the ice.

Ovechkin was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players of All-Time. Ovechkin also represented Russia at three Winter Olympics and 11 World Championships. Ovechkin's wife is Nastasiya Shubskaya, an aspiring actress and model and the daughter of the late actress and producer Vera Glagoleva (1956-2017).

Shubskaya is a pretty brunette from Russia, a country with plenty of pretty brunette women. You'll likely want to learn more about Russia after stumbling upon this entry.

3 Youngster: Kasperi Kapanen (Annika Boron)

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Kasperi Kapanen is a forward who currently plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Kapanen previously played hockey in his native Finland with the KalPa of the Finnish Liiga. Kapanen was initially drafted 22nd overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2014 NHL Draft.

Kapenen switches gears from the Leafs to their AHL affiliate, the Toronto Marlies, from time to time, but he has plenty of time to hone his offensive skills on the ice, so he shouldn't be too concerned about his professional career right now.

Anyway, Kapanen is dating an Instagram model named Annika Boron, who's a total smokeshow. Boron's Instagram is straight fire. Even if you don't follow hockey, you'd probably want to give this blonde babe a follow to see more photos and videos. Boron is too hot for the average guy to ignore. No matter what happens with the Leafs, Kapanen is already a champion in life.

2 Veteran: Evgeni Malkin (Anna Kasterova)

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Pittsburgh Penguins alternate captain and center Evgeni Malkin is a three-time Stanley Cup champion (2009, 2o16, 2017). Malkin has also won the Conn Smythe Trophy (2009), Hart Memorial Trophy (2012), Art Ross Trophy (2009, 2012) and Ted Lindsay Award (2012). Despite Malkin's success in the NHL, he remains in the shadow of Penguins captain Sidney Crosby.

Malkin's married to a fellow Russian, Anna Kasterova, who's a broadcast journalist, model and mother. Yes, she's a mother to the couple's one-year-old son, Nikita, who was born just one day before Game 2 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Final. It's hard to believe she can juggle three different roles on two different continents, but she manages to pull it all off — all while being a hot mama! She can probably rock any outfit in any color in any setting, even if it's a hideous brown or green shade in the middle of an alley on the streets.

It's just sad that Kasterova and Malkin don't get as much recognition as they should.

1 Youngster: Brock Boeser

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In case you haven't already hard, Vancouver Canucks right winger Brock Boeser is a superstar rookie who might actually help the team make the playoffs sometime during the next couple of years.

If Boeser can maintain the same pace he had in 2016-17, he'll finish 2017-18 with more than 40 goals and nearly 90 points. We'll have to see what happens as there two months left in the NHL season. Good luck to Boeser on trying to become the best Canucks rookie in franchise history.

Boeser is reported to have a girlfriend, but there weren't a lot of details scattered around on the internet about her name and her whereabouts.

Well, whatever her name is and wherever she works (if she's working), she's a blonde beauty who looks good, no matter what. Even if she's dressed up as the blue Power Ranger to match her beau's costume of a red Power Ranger for Halloween.

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