Youth & Revolt: 15 Young NHL Stars That Have GFs That’ll Make You Drool

By now we're all aware of the major benefits of being a professional athlete. You can earn millions of dollars per season - or over $100 million for half an hour of sparring if you're Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor - and you get to enjoy a lavish lifestyle that only a small percentage of the world's population can relate to. In fact, most of us can only read about it in articles like this one; but while we're reading, the professional athletes in this list are enjoying the hell out of their luxurious life. Sure, it's hard work, but the benefits are like no other profession. Another of those major benefits is the ease in which you can date beautiful women. Money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can apparently attract enough beautiful women to help turn that frown upside down when needed.

Hockey players definitely don't have much trouble finding jaw-dropping partners, even the ones that, if they weren't a professional athlete, would likely have a hard time paying for companionship. Women love money, but they also love hockey players, which is certainly evident when you go through this list. What might be most surprising is the fact that these young National Hockey League (NHL) stars could take full advantage of the single life, but have instead opted to be in a relationship. That isn't to say there's no extracurricular affairs going on, but, looking from the outside, it appears these young studs are happy with these beautiful women.

16 Patrik Laine (Sanna Kiukas)


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Let's get right to it. Patrik Laine looks like the illegitimate son of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. That's not a shot as his looks; it's an accurate depiction of who he resembles. Yet, as mentioned, even the least camera-friendly dude who earns millions of dollars can secure himself a good-looking woman. Laine, the second overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft, didn't have to look very far to find himself a beautiful woman.

The 19 year old is currently dating fellow Finnish hockey player Sanna Kiukas and makes no secret of the fact. Unlike some high-profile players who prefer to keep their personal life secret, Laine advertises it on his Twitter account and is often photographed with her on the ice, especially when he played in Finland. Kiukas, like Laine, is 19 years old, and played last season for Ilves of Finland's top-tier women's league.

15 Connor McDavid (Lauren Kyle)

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Connor McDavid is the undisputed best player in the game, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he finds himself high on this list. The 20 year old might be one of the most dull players to interview (although he showed some character by slamming the NHL's decision to not go to the Olympics), but he's apparently interesting enough to beautiful women who want to be with him - and perhaps enjoy his new $100 million contract.

Although, to be fair, you can't say that about his current girlfriend Lauren Kyle, who has been with McDavid since at least June of 2016 and presumably well before then. That's when she first posted a photo of the couple on Instagram, while McDavid has recently been more open on social media about their relationship. One thing is for certain: if she's going to be with McDavid, she's going to be a celebrity.

14 Jack Eichel (Erin Basil)

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We're not sure what it is about the new crop of NHL stars, but they're not exactly the best-looking group of dudes. Patrik Laine doesn't exactly embody the rugged handsomeness that a young Gordie Howe or Maurice Richard had and nor does Jack Eichel. Maybe it's the haircut, but the American sniper who was taken second overall behind Connor McDavid in the 2015 NHL Draft simply looks like a rat; his face is punchable is what we're trying to say.

But give the kid credit because he has a tremendous amount of talent and he also recognizes talent in the opposite sex. Eichel is currently dating Erin Basil, who had quite the popular Instagram account before making it private in recent months. The pair have been together since at least early in Eichel's rookie season.

13 Seth Jones (Augusta Price)

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Seth Jones is a former fourth overall pick in the 2013 NHL Draft who spent two-and-a-half seasons with the Nashville Predators before being dealt to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The 6-foot-4 mobile defenseman had a breakout campaign with the Blue Jackets this past season, but his heart remains in Nashville - not for his old team, but for his stunning girlfriend Augusta Price. Need more, here's a stunning recent post from her Instagram account:

Right after I drowned my side piece..

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The couple keep their relationship private as neither Jones or Price post photos together on social media, but there are photos of the two together online. According to her Instagram, Price is a marketing and event promoter based in Nasvhille, but her photos prove she should be a highly-paid model. She's simply stunning and doesn't mind showing off her beautiful body, even if Jones isn't a fan of showing her off.


11 Filip Forsberg (Jennifer Persson)

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Filip Forsberg has been a budding star for the past three seasons as a member of the Nashville Predators, but the Swedish center rose to prominence last spring as he helped the team reach its first Stanley Cup Final. Despite his growing popularity in the heart of the country music scene, Forsberg has stayed true to his native country by dating Leksands native Jennifer Persson. And, after taking a look through her Instagram account, it's hard to blame him.

Persson operates her own Swedish blog that appears to be about fashion and her day-to-day life. We can't understand any of the language on it, but it contains some stunning photos of herself, which we can certainly appreciate. This brunette babe could give any blonde a run for her money.

10 Aaron Ekblad (Dayna Mastronardi)

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Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad may have had a disappointing season last year, but the 21 year old Canadian still has plenty going for him. He hasn't quite progressed as expected, but he's still a former first overall pick, former Calder Memorial Trophy winner, and he's also dating Dayna Mastronardi, who we can assume he's known for quite some time given they're both from Windsor, Ontario.

Whereas many young stars might take advantage of the stardom they've earned in the NHL and seek out beautiful women around the world, it's a little refreshing to see someone still dating a girl from his hometown. Hockey players are typically more down to earth and humble than other athletes, so it isn't all that surprising, but we'll see how long it lasts. Looking at Mastronardi, it doesn't appear as though Ekblad is missing out anyway.

9 Matt Murray (Christina Sirignano)

There has been few NHL players that have had a better start to their career than Matt Murray. Although he doesn't have the individual awards, Murray is a two-time Stanley Cup champion and his career has only just begun. He rose to stardom in the 2016 playoffs as he came in for Marc-Andre Fleury and guided the Penguins to its first Stanley Cup since 2009. When he did so again this past season, it cemented his legendary status within the city.

However, like Ekblad, the goaltender likes to keep a reminder of his hometown nearby. Murray is currently dating Christina Sirignano, who he first met in his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The couple even attended prom together at their high school, while Sirigano's Instagram has a recent #TBT photo of them from 2010.

8 Mitch Marner (Stephanie LaChance)

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Okay, maybe we were wrong about athletes taking advantage of their stardom to meet beautiful women from around the world. Or maybe these players simply aren't old enough to understand the opportunities afforded to them; or haven't been around long enough to screw it up. Regardless, like the above two players, Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs is still dating his high school sweetheart Stephanie LaChance.

The couple have been dating since Marner played with the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League, but it's easy to forget they're both only 20 years old. Regardless of that, they've been living the life, traveling and vacationing often with Maple Leafs veteran Matt Martin and his beautiful WAG Sydney Esiason. LaChance keeps her Instagram private, but she's a frequent supporter of Marner's on Twitter.

7 Marko Dano (Petra Polakova)

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It might be a stretch calling Marko Dano a young star in the league, but his girlfriend Petra Polakova is too beautiful to not include in a list like this. Dano, a 22 year old native of Austria, is a former first-round pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets, who has already been traded twice and now plays for the Winnipeg Jets.

Polakova is a European beauty and former finalist of Miss Universe as the representative of Slovakia. We won't trash Dano the way we did some of the previous entrants on this list, but it's clear he's dating way out of his league as Polakova is a solid 10/10. She has over 2,500 followers on Instagram, which might not sound like a lot for a beautiful woman these days, but that might be because she's dating a mediocre player from the Winnipeg Jets.

6 Peter Holland (Sasha Sheiman)

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If Marko Dano was a stretch to include in this list, then including Peter Holland as a "young star" is an insult to your intelligence. But hear us out. Holland is a former first-round pick and, although he hasn't quite found his footing in the league, he's still a relatively young player with room to grow. But more importantly for the purpose of this list, he's dating a stunner in Sasha Sheiman, a Toronto-based model he presumably met while playing for the Maple Leafs; he's also from Ontario, so they could have known each other before he joined the team.

Regardless, Holland has since moved on and now plays for the Montreal Canadiens, but fortunately for him he's still dating the blonde bombshell. Sheiman posted a photo of the couple together at a wedding in August and they've had quite the summer judging by her Instagram account. Holland might have been a failed project in Toronto, but he's still one of the luckiest dudes in the league.

5 Alex Galchenyuk (Chanel Leszczynski)

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Alex Galchenyuk has had an up-and-down career with the Montreal Canadiens, but he's still a promising young forward with tremendous potential. If he can find chemistry with the recently-acquired Jonathan Drouin then the Canadiens can become a legitimate threat in the NHL's Eastern Conference. Off the ice, Galchenyuk has had to deal with threats in another manner; his girlfriend, Chanel Leszczynski, was arrested in early 2016 for assaulting him at a party.

The beautiful blonde reportedly broke Galchenyuk's noise in an altercation, but we have yet to hear anything about the couple breaking up. Hopefully they have patched things up and nothing like that has happened since. It's tough to imagine staying with someone following a situation like that, but they've been together for awhile, and, as evidenced above, you can probably understand why Galchenyuk might be reluctant to end things.

4 Nikolaj Ehlers (Louise Theriault)

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One of the league's most flashiest and exciting young player, Nik Ehlers is a 21 year old native of Denmark who is on the verge of making Winnipeg a legitimate contender. He recorded 64 points in 82 games last year in just his second year in the league and could certainly break out again next year alongside Patrik Laine. Despite his growing popularity, he hasn't cashed in and scored himself a model girlfriend; instead, he's still dating Louise Theriault, a University of Moncton nursing student who could potentially consider a career in modeling herself.

Ehlers presumably met Theriault while playing junior hockey for the Halifax Mooseheads, a team that frequently plays rival Moncton and is located just two hours east of the New Brunswick city.

3 Aleksander Barkov (Maria Doroshina)

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A former second overall pick in the 2013 NHL Draft, Aleksander Barkov has 171 points through 252 career games and, although he hasn't been the dynamic force many expected through four seasons, he constantly appears to be on the verge of becoming of the league's most prolific players. If it's because he's a little distracted by his off-ice habits you could certainly forgive him as he's dating supermodel Maria Doroshina, who is undoubtedly the curviest lady on this list.

Doroshina has a chest that she doesn't mind showing off on Instagram, where she is followed by an incredible 2.8 million people. She also has a fantastic booty and that signature curve in the back that makes her all the more enticing. To be honest, it's surprising Barkov can maintain the level of talent and focus he already has.

2 Petr Mrazek (Sara Olivova)

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A Czech Republic-born goaltender who starred for the Ottawa 67s of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), Petr Mrazek struggled last season after being given an opportunity to become the starting goaltender of the Detroit Red Wings. He had a career-worst 3.04 goals against average (GAA) and gave way to Jimmy Howard toward the end of the year. However, the fact he's dating Sara Olivova may have made the year a lot easier for him.

A Czech-born 5-foot-11, long-legged blonde beauty, Olivova is an American Volleyball Coaches Association All-American who recently completed a four-year beach volleyball career at Georgia State University. The couple has been dating for at least four years now and one might think they would be nearing marriage now that Olivova has completed her college career.

1 Auston Matthews (Jordyn Johnson)

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Connor McDavid is the better overall player than Auston Matthews right now and that probably isn't going to ever change, but, at least for the time being, Matthews can lay claim to having the better-looking WAG, with no offense to Kyle or any of the other beautiful women on this list. Even if McDavid remains the better player, Matthews has more of a Superstar persona about him and seems to embrace the spotlight that comes with being a high-profile American player playing in the biggest hockey market in the world.

For now, however, he's dating an Arizona local, who he presumably met while growing up in the state, though Jordyn Johnson is slightly older than Matthews. The Arizona-based model first appeared in one of Matthews' Instagram posts this offseason and her follows shot up significantly to nearly 12,000.

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