10 Shameful Pics Georges St-Pierre Wants Us To Forget About (And 5 He Wants Us To See)

One of the most humble and realest athletes in all of pro sports, it’s hard to find anything that GSP has done and regard it as shameful. So please, take these pics with a pinch of salt, we’re just having some fun with the beloved UFC fighter in this article.

St-Pierre returned to the octagon in what seemed to be a fight out of a Hollywood script. Despite being gone for the last four years, GSP looked improved, especially in his standing game. His conditioning took a bit of a beating after the first round, which got fans worried. In a Hollywood type ending, Georges hit a thunderous left hook dropping the former champion. GSP ended the fight via choke, becoming the fourth ever two-weight class champion. Without a doubt, his recent victory is a moment he’ll want us to see for a very long time.

Along with the memorable pics, we’ll also take a look at some of the most shameful GSP pics. These are photos he’ll wants us to forget about featuring alcohol, chicks, partying and even roles in Hollywood films. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. We begin with both alcohol and a chick! Congrats Georges, now let us roast you a bit!

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15 Shameful – Clubs & Bottle Shots

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Throughout his career, the UFC legend has been as clean cut, as clean cut can be. Not only has he put countless hours of work into practicing his trade but with the fans and press, he’s one of the classiest dude’s not only in the world of MMA but in pro sports altogether. Just take a look at his recent post fight interview, he apologized about seven times and was as humble as humble can be in his legendary victory after a four year hiatus.

With all that being said, some would think GSP lives a boring robotic life away from the octagon. However, that’s not exactly the case, St-Pierre is a party animal and if you don’t believe us, this is one of the many pics on this list featuring GSP getting wild in the club. If you got kids that look up to the fighter, don’t show them this pic!

14 Shameful – More Clubs & Chicks

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Something we really don’t know about GSP is his romantic love life. We’ve seen him with many females in the past, particular in settings you see in the picture above as Georges is typically surrounded by lots of women during his nights out in the Montreal area or wherever he finds himself. However, despite all the women he’s been spotted with, there’s never been an actual permanent female in his life. He did take one of his lady friend’s to Miami recently, but we’ll save that one for a little later.

We hate to say it, but GSP is one heck of a player and a dude that just likes to “scout the field”. Still, at the age of 36, he doesn’t appear to have an actual girlfriend, which leads people to believe that he loves to live the bachelor life.

13 Wants Us To See – Teaming Up With Freddie Roach

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One of the greatest of all-time, St-Pierre had few blemishes to his MMA game. However, the one weakness many UFC pundits claimed was that Georges didn’t have the best striking game, usually relying on his ground work, wrestling and submission skills. That was very evident in his final fight before retiring against Johny Hendricks, the fight proved that St-Pierre’s boxing wasn’t up to par.

Returning to the octagon recently, St-Pierre got the legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach on his side. It was the first time Roach paired up with an MMA fighter. As evidenced by his bout against Bisping, GSP’s boxing was a heck of a lot better. His left hook in the third round was the turning point of that fight and the legendary boxing trainer had a big hand in Georges’ improvements.

12 Shameful – The Youth Struggles

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The picture itself of a young Georges isn’t shameful at all, however, his upbringing at an early age wasn’t the easiest, especially socially. During the buildup to his fight against Michael Bisping, GSP compared his opponents to the bullies he faced as a youth. As a youngster, not only was St-Pierre ridiculed on the regular, but he also got his clothes and money stolen on various occasions. Growing up wasn’t the easiest and perhaps you can say that Georges used combat training as a way to cope with the bullies.

GSP would turn to both Karate and hockey during his rough times as a youth. Nowadays, he’s doing his very best to create awareness towards a problem that still exists nowadays. How can you hate this guy!

11 Shameful – Good Times In The Tub

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Just by simply typing in “GSP partying”, a slew of pictures are available online. St-Pierre isn’t alone when it comes to having a good time following a fight or during an off-season, heck look at Conor McGregor.

Nonetheless, things are little different with Georges who’s regarded as a tremendous role model. Rarely nowadays are there athletes that can talk to talk, and Georges is one of the select few making him a huge public figure as a role model to the youth. What he doesn’t want the same youth to see a picture of himself looking pretty tipsy while surrounded by a flock of beautiful women. That same picture can be acceptable once the youth’s turn 18, for now, parents would regard this photo as shameful!

10 Wants Us To See – Knocking Out Matt Hughes At UFC 65

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One of St-Pierre’s most iconic victories took place on November 18th, 2006 when GSP defeated Matt Hughes claiming the Welterweight Championship. Up until that point, St-Pierre had a dominant record of 12 and 1, with his only loss to that point coming via submission against Hughes. Georges would avenge the loss in dominant fashion via TKO in the second round.

He would lose his next fight to Matt Serra but would regain the championship once again with ease defeating Serra in a rematch. GSP never looked back following the victory going on an insane 12 fight win streak before retiring with the championship following his controversial bout against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. He’ll always want us to remember the Hughes fight but as for the Hendricks bout....

9 Shameful – The Johny Hendricks Fight

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Although he won the fight, this is without a doubt still a bout he wants us to forget about as his tremendous legacy took a bit of hit during the fight as simply put, Georges took a beating for five rounds. Hendricks was ready for St-Pierre stuffing his takedown attempts and what really separated the two on the night was Hendricks standing game with a mixed arsenal of strikes connecting on St-Pierre. When the bell went signifying the end of the fight, St-Pierre looked down in defeat while Johny celebrated as if he had already won.

Of course, St-Pierre ended up winning the fight in what was one of the most controversial decisions is UFC history. GSP was a mess after the fight at the press conference - he unofficially retired from the sport claiming he needed time off at the presser.

8 Shameful – Losing To Matt Serra

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Georges had another fight he’ll want us to forget about which was a shameful and shocking loss to Matt Serra, a fight that appeared to be a walk in the park for Georges on paper before the bout. GSP has only two career loses, one coming to a respectable opponent early on in his career against the legend Matt Hughes (which he would avenge multiple times), but the other, against Serra was a massive shock.

It was St-Pierre’s first title defense at that point. Matt took the fight in the first round winning via TKO. The Houston crowd was in absolute shock as Serra took the fight in just under four minutes. To St-Pierre’s credit, not only did he defeat Serra with ease in the rematch in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, but he would never lose a single fight again.

7 Wants Us To See – His Recent Victory

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt, Georges’ recent victory will be replayed for years to come. His victory was one of the most heroic in not only his career but in MMA history for that matter. Many fans watched with their hearts in their throats, the bout was seriously something you’d see in a movie.

After being gone for four years, it looked like St-Pierre’s conditioning suffered as he slowed down in the second round. Mix that in with his increased weight, and fans worried following the first as he huffed and puffed to his corner. Then, miraculously in the third round, he connected with a perfect left jab that sent Bisping to the ground. Unable to finish the fight with a ground and pound due to fatigue, St-Pierre wisely looked for the submission winning the fight via choke. We’ll never forget his astonishing victory.

6 Shameful – St-Pierre The Gambler

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Away from the octagon for four years, you figure Georges got a little bored and turned to entertainment away from the combat sport he loves. Judging by candid photos available online of St-Pierre, he isn’t opposed to gambling, being spotted at various Casinos and poker tournaments in the Montreal area in the past. In this one, he looks like your typical gambler undergoing hours of rigorous card work.

St-Pierre was also spotted at a Casino a couple of years back with a female, the two were sniped holding hands as Georges worked the table. Hey, maybe when St-Pierre calls it a career in the octagon he can turn to poker full-time. Now who wouldn’t root for Georges in a future poker career?

5 Shameful – A Stint In Hollywood

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A little known fact about St-Pierre is that he’s stepped out of the octagon a couple of times pursuing a career in the entertainment business. Along with various commercial for multiple companies, GSP was also featured on a couple of Hollywood sets. Given the fact you likely don’t remember a single role makes his contributions in film pretty shameful, sorry Georges.

St-Pierre played in the films Death Warrior and Never Surrender, both being released in 2009. His most notable appearance took place in a brief role during the popular Captain American flick as he played the role of Georges Batroc (The Leaper). He also took part in the film Kickboxer: Vengeance, which had a pretty notable cast as well featuring Gina Carano, Dave Batista and the man himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme - the film as Netflix written all over it.

4 Wants Us To See – A Message From The Canadian Prime Minister

via newsday.com

If you ask Georges what he’s most proud of, one of the things he’ll likely say is representing his country as one of the most popular athletes in the world (he’s both a proud Canadian and proud Quebecer as well).

You know you’re a big deal when the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau sends out a tweet congratulating your recent victory. One can only imagine what such a message meant to St-Pierre. In the tweet, PM Trudeau wrote “ Congratulations Geroges! Like you never left. You’ve made us proud once again”. The real kicker comes at the end of the tweet with a Canadian flag, without a doubt, St-Pierre was one happy Canadian reading such a message from the most influential man in Canada.

3 Shameful – The Miami Retirement Party

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Following his unofficial retirement, many thought we’d never see Georges in the octagon again, heck Dana White himself said St-Pierre returning wasn’t going to happen. Following his exit from the UFC in 2013, GSP was spotted in Miami partying hard in the midst of his decision to step away from the world of combat sports. TMZ caught the fighter living it up in the Miami area, worry free.

Oh how things would change years later. After tearing his left ACL in 2014, a return seemed even more distant. After lengthy negotiation with the UFC that were stalled due to contract terms, both Dana and Georges finally agreed on a deal in mid-February of this year. And like they say, the rest is history. At the end of his career, GSP wants us to remember his return, but not the in between beforehand.

2 Wants Us To See – Two-Weight Class Champion 

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A big part in St-Pierre returning was getting the chance to put his name in the history books as the fourth ever two-weight class champion. The accomplishment is something St-Pierre wanted under his resume and looking at his legacy, fans wanted the accolade on his resume as well.

Booking the fight however wasn’t the easiest. Initially, the bout was set for the summer at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. St-Pierre was unable to make the date due to an eye injury and the fact that he was moving up a weight class. The two would finally set a date for UFC 217, the irony, it was exactly 50 PPVs prior to his final fight back in 2013. St-Pierre ended his return in a heroic manner, becoming a two weight class champion. The last fighter to do so was some guy named Conor McGregor.

1 Shameful – The Miami Girl

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As we stated earlier in the article, St-Pierre and an actual girlfriend hasn’t been the most common of sights, which is why the tabloids exploded when he was caught with a mystery chick in Miami. At the time, St-Pierre was still away from the UFC, though on the beach, a pair of boxing gloves were spotted on his beach chair, perhaps foreshadowing what was to come with Georges getting ready behind the scenes.

Though, the female alongside St-Pierre stole all the headlines and in typical St-Pierre fashion, he remained mute on who the chick was that he brought to Florida. We haven’t seen any signs of a girlfriend recently, leading us to believe it might have been another one of GSP’s casual flings. Shame on you Georges (just kidding we love you).

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