15 Dark Truths About Ronda Rousey That Will Change The Way You See Her

Ronda Rousey is one of the most accomplished female mixed martial arts fighters in the world. Rousey is a former Strikeforce and UFC women’s bantamweight champion and the first ever female champion in UFC. She successfully defended the UFC women’s bantamweight title six times before losing it to Holly Holm two years ago. Rousey won the first 12 fights of her career with ease, defeating fighters such as Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufmann, Liz Carmouche, Cat Zingano, and Bethe Correia. However, she has lost her last two fights against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes via devastating knockouts. Her future in the sport of MMA is in doubt and she has been linked to the WWE.

Despite her recent fall from grace, she has already cemented her legacy as one of the greatest female athletes in history. Besides her success in MMA, Rousey is also the first American woman to have won an Olympic medal in judo. She earned a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing in the 70-kilogram division. Not only did Rousey become successful in MMA, but it translated to Hollywood. Rousey has appeared in movies and television shows such as The Expendables 3, Furious 7, Entourage, Fighter in the Sky, and Blindspot. She will also star in the film Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg sometime next year.

Ronda did not accomplish her success and accolades without hiccups and personal problems. She also has some secrets that have been revealed from her past. Here 15 dark truths about “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey that will change how you see her.

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15 Depression And Dark Thoughts

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Ronda Rousey had a rough childhood after her father, Ron, took his life when she was eight years old. It had an effect on Rousey and it was even one of the causes of her substance abuse, as well as her eating disorder. She was able to overcome it with the help of mixed martial arts but her depression came back and got worse after her loss to Holly Holm.

In an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rousey revealed that she contemplated taking her own life after her first career loss. She thought about it because she felt no one cared about her after she lost. However, Rousey was able to fend off her depression because of her then-boyfriend, now her husband, Travis Browne. She felt that she needed to stay alive in order to have a family with Browne.

14 A Controlling Partner

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Before Ronda Rousey tied the knot with Travis Browne, she was in a relationship with another heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub from 2013 to 2014. Schaub revealed in an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2015 that Rousey was a very controlling girlfriend. He claimed that Rousey wants a man who is easy to control and will let her “run the show.”

Schaub added that Rousey surrounds herself with “YES” people that will tell her what she wants to hear. Their relationship broke down because he often clashed with Rousey and he was “too much of a man” for her. But despite his claims, Schaub praised Rousey for not being materialistic despite becoming an instant millionaire due to her success. Schaub also expressed concern for Ronda before her loss to Amanda Nunes, saying she was not ready mentally. He was right.

13 Travis Browne (Alleged Abuse)

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Ronda Rousey married Travis Browne last August 28 after two years of dating. They are currently a happy couple despite Rousey’s MMA career being in doubt and Browne on a four-fight losing streak. The two confirmed their relationship in October 2015 but it was full of controversy because Browne was still married to Jenna Renee Webb.

Webb accused Browne of cheating on her with Rousey, and it was one of the reasons for their divorce. She also accused Browne of domestic violence and he was put under investigation by the UFC. Browne denied all the allegations and he was very cooperative during the UFC’s seven-week investigation led by an FBI veteran. Browne also denied that he cheated on his wife with Rousey and they only started dating during the investigation.

12 Apraxia

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On February 1, 1987, Ronda Rousey was born in Riverside, California with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Rousey nearly didn't make it due to oxygen deprivation and it caused her to suffer slight brain damage. The incident resulted in apraxia, a neurological childhood speech/sound disorder and she struggled with it in the first six years of her life.

Rousey was not able to speak words until she was four years old and she only managed to speak full sentences when she was six years old. The family had to move from California to Jamestown, North Dakota to be closer to an intensive speech therapy specialist. She was able to cope with her apraxia and become judoka at the age of 11 with the help of her mother, AnnMaria, who was a decorated judoka herself.

11 Dangerous Games

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Raisinets are a very popular candy made from California raisins coated with milk, chocolate or dark chocolate. It is a favourite treat for many kids and adults around the world. However, Rousey has avoided Raisinets ever since an incident in her childhood that resulted in her being rushed to the emergency room. As revealed by her sister, Maria Burns Ortiz, they were making faces one night with candies.

Ronda pushed a Raisinet up her nose and it went so far that even their mother could not get it out. They had no choice but to rush the young Ronda to the emergency room where doctors revealed that she does not need any medical help. The heat from Rousey’s breathing melted the chocolate and the Raisinet just fell out of her nose on its own. The event traumatized Ronda so much that she avoids Raisinets “like the plague.”

10 Pulpuslacerataphobia

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What on earth is pulpuslacerataphobia? Pulpuslacerataphobia is the fear of paper cuts and Ronda Rousey is suffering from it in a big way. She revealed in an interview that she hates paper cuts and it causes her chills for hours when she gets one. Even talking about paper cuts makes her uncomfortable and she prefers getting injured in her fights rather than suffering from a paper cut.

If that does not sound crazy to you, Rousey has suffered a lot of injuries during her judo and MMA career. Besides a paper cut here and there, she has dislocated her elbow, suffered a broken jaw, a broken neck, a concussion, and more. Just a tip for Ronda or anyone who will suffer a paper cut, it might be painful at first but just rinse it with soap and water before wrapping it with a bandage.

9 Fedor Emelianenko Obsession

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One of the most surprising secrets of Ronda Rousey is her obsession with Fedor Emelianenko. Rousey revealed in an interview a few years ago that she has a crush on the Russian MMA legend. She even went as far as jokingly telling that she wants to have 57 babies with Emelianenko, who is considered by many as the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

Unlucky for Rousey, Emelianenko is married and he has two daughters, one with his first wife, Oksana, and one with his second wife, Marina. Currently, he is married to his first wife again after remarrying her in 2014. As for Rousey, she got married to Travis Browne last year but it is interesting to note that Emelianenko and Browne are both bald heavyweights. Coincidence?

8 Hangriness

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Training is one of the most difficult things MMA fighters have to endure. Ronda Rousey is not a great person to be around during training, according to one of her sisters in an ESPN article. Rousey is reportedly miserable to be with because she is cutting weight for her fight, which means she suffers from hangriness, a combination of being angry and hungry, two weeks before a fight.

Rousey is also known for having so much stress before a fight that only her trainers are allowed to be near her. Nevertheless, there will always be a payoff to Rousey’s two-week hangriness because she loves eating Buffalo wings after a win. Rousey said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she eats a lot of Buffalo wings as a reward after a long, miserable training regime.

7 Nerd Alert

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Ronda Rousey might be a bad ass inside the ring but she is also a nerd just like most people. Rousey is a huge fan of Pokémon and she was even a Pokémon forum moderator during her teenage years. She is also a big fan of the anime show Dragon Ball Z and she’s a regular in events dedicated to the show wearing a Goku hoodie.

If that does not make Ronda the ultimate nerd, she plays the video game World of WarCraft during her free time and her favourite character is a Night Elf. She’s also into Game of Thrones but she does not like hearing about spoilers. Finally, Rousey wrote an Animorphs fan-fiction story when she was a kid and she still has her copy saved on a floppy disk.

6 Schediaphilia

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As noted earlier, Ronda Rousey is a big fan of Dragon Ball Z. Her favourite character is Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyan race and one of the main characters of the anime series. Not only is Vegeta her favourite character, Rousey also has a crush on him. What do you call that? Schediaphilia, or the feeling of love, arousal, or emotional attraction to an anime or cartoon character.

“Vegeta is where it’s at. He was my cartoon crush. I would’ve gone cartoon for him. I would,” Rousey said in an interview in 2013. Rousey was not kidding in her obsession with Vegeta. She wore a Vegeta "It’s Over 9000" t-shirt during her WrestleMania 31 appearance in 2015 alongside The Rock when they confronted Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

5 Lacklustre Boxer

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Remember when some people said that Ronda Rousey can conquer boxing after she obliterated Bethe Correia? Well, those people are wrong since she showed in her last two fights against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes that she’s not a great boxer. Rousey was schooled by Holm during their fight while Nunes just destroyed her with punches.

Rousey’s longtime coach Edmond Tarverdyan is obviously at fault here. There is no doubt that Rousey has potential as a striker but she’s more dangerous when she’s using her strength and Judo skills to put the game on the ground. Rousey won ten of her fights via submission using an armbar. Ronda’s mom, AnnMaria, even called out Tarverdyan who she called a terrible coach, a bad person, and a fraud.

4 WWE Smark

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Even though Ronda Rousey is a legitimate mixed martial arts fighter, she loves the sports entertainment world of the WWE. For those who do not know, Rousey is a big fan of professional wrestling and she got her nickname “Rowdy” from WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Pipper. Rousey even dedicated her win against Bethe Correia to Piper after his death in 2015.

Rousey even appeared at WrestleMania 31 with The Rock to confront Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. There was even talk of Rousey wrestling a mixed tag team match but it never came to fruition. With Rousey’s MMA career possibly over, she’s been training at the WWE Performance Centre and there’s a possibility that she is going to make her debut at WrestleMania 34 next year.

3 Bulimia Nervosa

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Before Ronda Rousey became an accomplished judoka, she had to battle an eating disorder called bulimia nervosa. It involves ingestion of an unusually large amount of food in a short period of time but it is followed by purging to avoid gaining weight. It is a psychological eating disorder that could be fatal. Rousey started her battle with bulimia nervosa during her adolescent years when she was starting her judo career.

It started because of her training regime of fasting to maintain or move down a certain weight that resulted in her being unsatisfied with her body. However, Rousey was able to overcome her disease by maintaining a healthy weight rather than having a sudden binge or purge. She also started a charity to help people with mental health issues concerning their body image.

2 Substance Abuse

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Besides an eating disorder, Ronda Rousey also had to overcome substance abuse during her early adult life. Rousey revealed this dark secret in her autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight, and it was part of a very bad period in her life. It was after she won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics wherein she decided to take a year off to party.

Rousey was heavily consuming a certain herb, alcohol, and Vicodin. She even revealed that she started her day off with a cigarette and vodka espresso. After a year off, Rousey lost all of her earnings and she had to work as a bartender to support her addictions. She was on a path to self-destruction when she found out about mixed martial arts that eventually saved her life.

1 Domestic Violence

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In her autobiography, Ronda Rousey revealed that she assaulted her ex-boyfriend two weeks before her first fight with Miesha Tate in 2012. The attack happened after Rousey found out that her boyfriend she called “Snappers McCreepy” in the book took nude photos of her without her consent. Rousey said that she slapped him so hard that her hand hurt.

The ex-boyfriend did not fight back but he jumped in her car after she left. Rousey beat him up even further before making sure that the photos were deleted on his phone and hard drive. However, there was still fear in Rousey about the photos leaking so she decided to pose for ESPN’s Body Issue that same year. Despite her admission, Rousey told ESPN in an interview last year that she was anti-domestic violence.

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