15 MMA Women Who Are Hotter Than Ronda Rousey

Few athletes around the world have looks that are proportional to their ability in their sport. Ronda Rousey is part of that select group of gifted athletes. She is a former Olympian who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, something not a lot of people in the world could say. However, the Olympics weren’t the biggest challenge for Rousey as she decided to change a little bit from her usual job as a judo fighter. She not only became a mixed martial artist, but she also excelled at it. Even though she is apparently done with the sport, for the time being, her record was nothing less than 12 wins and two losses. None of her fights ever went to a judges’ scorecard decision, with only two ever getting past the first round. It doesn’t get much more entertaining than that in the world of mixed martial arts.

Still, as impressive as her mixed martial arts record is, we decided to take this list a little far from the stats of wins and losses, and a little closer to the abstract realm of ranking how some of the beauties who also graced octagons and rings compare to the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Some of the names on this list are women who had the pleasure, or displeasure, of facing off against Rousey in the octagon, and some never even fought her. But when it comes to how good they look when the cameras are around, these are 15 women in mixed martial arts who we believe are hotter than Ronda Rousey.

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15 Kyra Gracie

via youtube.com

It has to be one of the toughest things in the world to go into a sport knowing that you are related to one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. The last name Gracie is well known throughout the world of martial arts. You will never meet somebody who is a fan of mixed martial arts and never heard the name Gracie.

That was just a bit of the responsibility Kyra took with her once she became a full-fledged fighter. She is a five-time grappling world champion and is getting ready to start her career in mixed martial arts. Kyra is already a pundit of the sport on Brazilian television and will have a lot of backing once she decides to enter an octagon. Oh yeah, she also did a pretty spicy photo shoot for a Brazilian magazine not too long ago.

14 Felice Herrig

via gotceleb.com

Who said strength and beauty couldn't walk hand-in-hand? Felice Herrig has to be one of the strongest women in mixed martial arts. Nevertheless, she is not at all shy about showing off her muscles on Instagram, and her fans love her for that.

Before she entered the world of mixed martial arts, this lady out of Illinois was a beast in the kickboxing world. She finished her career as a kickboxer with a record of 23 wins and just five losses. Once she started fighting MMA, however, she was not as dominant as she was in kickboxing, but was still impressive. Her current professional record is 12 wins and six losses. A fun fact about Herrig is that during her professional career she was never knocked out or submitted, but finished her fights on five different occasions.

13 Jordan Nicole Gaza

via awakeningfighters.com

Out of all the backgrounds on our list, Jordan Nicole Gaza’s has to be the most unique and interesting one. While some of the other women on this list have been fighting and training ever since they were young, this lady was too busy being a cheerleader. Yeah, we are not kidding, she was a cheerleader before she was a mixed martial arts fighter.

That being said, she was also an avid athlete who practiced a bunch of sports like cross-country, basketball, and even volleyball. Luckily for fans of mixed martial arts, she decided to leave aside most of those other sports and follow the passion for the savage science that is MMA. Her last fight happened over four years ago when she submitted Kathina Lowe in a bout for the Xtreme Fighting League.

12 Rachael Cummings

via fightcluboc.com

Rachael Cummings is without a doubt as hot as she is savage. She has five fights under her belt as a professional mixed martial artist with three wins and two losses. Only two of those fights went to a judges’ decision. One was her first fight against Norma Rueda Center, which she lost. And the other was her latest victory against Slavka Vitaly.

Nevertheless, fighting is not the only concern in Rachael’s life. She is also a fairly successful model, and one or two pictures of her in that secondary career will be enough to put a real doubt in your mind if you ever again think that there are no women in mixed martial arts who are hotter than Ronda Rousey. One thing we know for sure is that we can’t wait to see her in the octagon.

11 Amber Stautzenberger

via facebook.com

How awesome is having a nickname like “The Apex Predator”? Well, that is the nickname of American strawweight fighter Amber Stoutzenberger. A 29-year-old mixed martial artist with a professional record of six wins and four losses, she is not as successful in MMA as Ronda Rousey, but when it comes to looks, she might very well have the upper hand.

A relatively average fighter, she never stepped foot in a UFC octagon but did have the chance to fight against one of the biggest names in women’s mixed martial arts when she faced off against Paige VanZant back in 2012 in a TPFP event. She ended up losing the fight, but she did manage to go all three rounds against VanZant and only lost by the judges’ decision.

10 Laura Marcusse

via promotingwomen.blogspot.com

Do you know one thing that Ronda Rousey is not anymore in the world of mixed martial arts? Undefeated.

She has lost her last two fights and doesn’t seem to be willing to fight again anytime soon. That is not the case with Laura “Fancy” Marcusse. This MMA beauty only has one fight in her professional record, and it was a second round submission win over fellow American Cassie Robb. This fight happened all the way back in 2013 at the Invicta FC 4: Esparza vs. Hyatt event. Just for clarity sake, let’s just say that the latest Invicta event was the Invicta FC 23.

So yeah, Laura Mancusse might have been away from the game for a while. But as we are not exactly ranking fighters on their ability and records, she does look very good in the top 10 of this list.

9 Angelica Chavez

via kiumodelos.com

Another fighter who has been away from the spotlight for a while is Angelica Chavez. This American out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, seemed very promising when she started her professional mixed martial arts career. She was on fire with four consecutive victories in her first four professional fights. However, she hit a slump and doesn’t seem to have ever recovered from it. She lost three fights in a roll, and to this day her professional record sits at four wins and three losses. The last of those losses came in September 2014 in an armbar submission against Stephanie Skinner.

Still, those professional bumps on her career do not take away from how beautiful she is in comparison to the competition. If they put the two together in an octagon, Ronda Rousey would probably submit her, but in a photo shoot, we’re taking Angelica.

8 Kristi Lopez

via bdaradio.com

Some women just like fighting. Kristi Lopez, however, seems to have almost too many passions. Her last MMA fight was in 2014 when she defeated Katie Castro, and raised her professional record to two wins and zero losses. But being an undefeated fighter is not all there is to this lady. She went to college on a water polo scholarship to Cal State Monterey Bay. Then she went back to school again after graduating, this time in Puerto Rico to study nursing, a passion that she seems to have followed as she even started an all-natural skincare business with her mother.

As for her MMA skills, she has a good reason for why she learned how to fight. This beauty grew up with three brothers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that that might have helped her develop skills that culminated in her undefeated professional record.

7 Miesha Tate

via gotceleb.com

At the number seven spot, we have the woman who is arguably Ronda Rousey’s biggest rival in and out of the octagon. With a professional record of 18 wins and seven losses, she is one of the most recognizable names in women’s MMA. Her feud with Ronda Rousey is particularly interesting. Miesha Tate was the first woman to ever stay with Ronda Rousey inside an octagon for more than one round. She ended up losing by submission in the third round, but it was still impressive at the time since Rousey was a borderline unbeatable goddess of mixed martial arts.

Even though she has yet to defeat her nemesis inside an octagon, Tate sure gives Rousey a run for her money when it comes to their modeling outside of the octagon.

6 Jordan McDonald

via fightstate.com

Jordan McDonald is not the first name that pops into people’s minds when they think about women in mixed martial arts. That is because she was only an amateur fighter and never got to show her skills in a professional setting. But even though she never stepped foot in an octagon, it only takes one look to realize that this beauty out of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, could very well put 99 percent of the professional mixed martial artists on the deck if looks were enough to win a fight.

Still, her amateur record is respectable considering how much heart it takes for one to win an amateur mixed martial arts fight. With that in mind, we are fairly impressed at her five wins and three losses.

5 Lena Ovchynnikova

via ebaumsworld.com

Finally, we have arrived at our top five. And let’s just say that this is a top five that would attract a large crowd even if these women were competing in a beauty pageant. At the bottom of the top five, we have the Ukrainian featherweight Bellator fighter Lena “Hunter” Ovchynnikova. Like a few of the other names on our list, Lena has a kickboxing background, but her accolades in other disciplines are impressive. She has international titles in Muay Thai, karate and, of course, kickboxing; all the while not compromising a single bit of her good looks. She is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful fighters to ever grace any combat sport.

As for her professional mixed martial arts record, she has 12 wins and four losses on her resume.

4 Anastasia Yankova

via pinterest.com

If you don’t believe in God, one look at this 26-year-old Russian beauty should be enough for you start believing. At 5’5” and 125 pounds, Anastasia Yankova is a mixed martial artist that could very well become a top model the second she decides it’s time to hang up the gloves. We almost feel sorry for Ronda Rousey because of how "normal" she looks when put side to side with this Russian beauty. Nevertheless, her looks are not the only thing hot about Anastasia.

Still in her mid-20s, she is shaking the world of mixed martial arts like a storm. So far she has five fights under her belt, and all five of them were victories. The latest of which was a unanimous decision win over Elina Kallionidou during Bellator 176. Hopefully, we will get to see many more of Yankova’s fights as she climbs her way to the top.

3 Michelle Waterson

via  forums.sherdog.com

Michelle Waterson is someone we can call a classic martial artist. And that is because the first discipline she learned was karate. Yeah, Lyoto Machida style. She began studying karate when she was ten years old and holds a black belt. Not only that, but she is also trained in disciplines like WuShu as well as the traditional mixed martial arts disciplines of Muay Thai, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing, and wrestling.

Her professional mixed martial arts record is 14 wins and five losses. And she already held the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship belt. But more than those professional records, she is the very definition of a beautiful fighter. Not only are her martial arts skills a beauty to watch, but she is also a beauty to look at when she is not fighting.

2 Gina Carano

via youtube.com

Gina Carano might be the only name more recognizable than Ronda Rousey in women’s mixed martial arts. There are two main reasons for why she might be more famous than Rousey. The biggest one is that she is already an established movie star. Carano landed parts in movies like Fast and Furious 6, Heist, Haywire, and the biggest of all, Deadpool, where she played Angel Dust. Just be honest with yourself, how awesome was her superhero landing?

But more than that vast movie resume, she is arguably one of the most successful mixed martial artists of all time. It might be true that her last professional fight was in 2009, and it was a loss, but it was her only loss, and it was to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.

Even with the loss, Carano’s professional record is seven wins and one defeat. Besides, she is one of the few fighters who outshined ring girls during a preflight weigh-in.

1 Paige VanZant

via maxim.com

Finally, we’ve reached the number one lady on our list. It was a close race against Gina Carano, but Paige VanZant takes the cake. Seriously, this multi-talented lady is not only a hit in the octagon. She can do anything. Just take a look at her reality TV resume. She competed on season 22 of Dancing with the Stars, where she finished up in the runner-up spot.

So we have fighting, and we have dancing, what else does a lady like this need to conquer every guys’ heart?

Yeah, fellas, she can cook too. VanZant participated in the Food Network show Chopped and showed off her cooking skills against other athletes. So yeah, Paige VanZant is a dream woman, and she is definitely hotter than Ronda Rousey. By the way, did we tell you that her professional record is seven wins and three losses?

Well, in our books Paige is an undefeated champion.

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