15 Naughtiest Confessions Ever Made By MMA Fighters

Ever wondered what drives an MMA fighter? Is it their passion for their sport or something far more profound? Some will argue that they are bloodthirsty, troubled souls that find it hard to separate the cage from their home life – and some are. Take the tale of War Machine and Christy Mack as a brutal example. But, even between those twisted sheets a form of love still existed. Mack and the Machine shared an infatuation with each other. That is until War Machine started playing rough.

Some even say that behind every MMA champion stands an even stronger rock – their partner. Conor McGregor AKA ‘The Notorious’ is but one heartfelt example. Notorious says if it was not for Dee Devlin he doubts he would be where he is today. He is not the only one. Many other MMA fighters talk about their loves being their driving force, helping them make the humble fighter within them turn into the victorious gladiator who tears down their opponent limb-from-limb.

Now while there are sounds of ‘aww’ resonating through the growing crowd, many who have gathered are just longing to hear about those naughty MMA confessions. Those little secrets that MMA fighters share only with their partner or when they do not think anyone is watching or listening (or so they think). The voyeur here at The Sportster has other ideas. So, let’s climb under the MMA bed and listen to what these fighters have to confess. Shhh… we do not want them to know we are here.


15 Georges St-Pierre

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Being bullied for years as a child led to Georges St-Pierre taking up Karate. This path began his MMA fighting career, with him now acclaimed as one of the greatest ever. Years later St-Pierre saw his childhood bully begging in the street, and after giving him a few bucks, he told him to get a life. The bully actually listened and got a job, changing his direction.

However, this isn’t the only good deed St-Pierre has done. Apart from his charm and good looks leading to many calling him a sex symbol, St-Pierre also started a crazy chest pinching ritual pre-fight. Why? Well, according to some ancient fighting myths pinching the "sensitive darker areas" on the chest is supposed to bring good luck. Now, other fighters have started pinching (if it is good enough for St-Pierre then it must work, right?)

14 Ronda Rousey

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Married in 2017 to fellow MMA fighter Travis Browne, Rhonda Rousey accumulated 12 consecutive wins in the bantamweight class. She is also the first woman fighter to sign with the UFC and is notorious for quick finishes. Knocking down her opponent fast, Rousey earned herself a place in ESPN's Impact 25.

But, that is not the only "impact" title Rousey has earned. Known for being outspoken, Rousey confesses to going wild in the bedroom pre-fight and getting "active" as much as possible. This ritual, says Rousey, helps a girl raise her testosterone levels so that she fights with greater strength and conviction. Rousey also says that she doesn’t put out Craiglist ads or anything, but if she had a steady, then she’d be like, “Yo. Fight Time’s coming up.” No doubt this is just one of the reasons why Travis Browne proposed.


13 Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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Looking to get herself in shape, Joanna Jedrzejczyk who is now the MMA Women’s Strawweight Champion decided to start fighting in 2002. After doing Muay Thai for a decade, she and her assets then turned pro. With baby blues that captivate and a body to match, this fighter sure makes a tee and jeans look great.

So, what is her confession? Well apart from her and her boyfriend Przemyslaw Buta, a footballer, sharing a food fetish (they love getting all hot and sweaty in the kitchen together), Joanna who proclaims that she is very comfortable in her skin also has a thing for shoes. Not just those eye-popping heels (she smolders in a dress), but also runners. It sounds a little kinky, doesn’t it? But hey, it makes sense because this girl is fast on her feet and enjoys getting physical.

12 Carlos Condit

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Mexican-born MMA fighter Carlos Condit gets in the cage because he loves it – going through a battle and trembling as the adrenaline rushes through his body. Being in pain and feeling it is his addiction says Condit. Pushing his body beyond where he thought was possible, Condit believes that before he fights everything in him starts to freak out. A self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Mexican-born Carlos Condit has a rigorous MMA cardio training regimen. Of course, Condit and his wife, Seager, a personal trainer, do sessions together here and there.

Condit supports his wife’s interests as she does his. He will even hold Seager’s pads and give her some training. Then, occasionally he will go to hot yoga with Seager to build up his core strength - though Seager has her suspicions that he is more interested in the girls in tight pants. But, looking at Seager, we doubt it.


11 Llima MacFarlane AKA 'Eliminator'

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The youngest of six kids, Llima MacFarlane was the Hawaiian state wrestling champion in high school. Although, she never dreamed her childhood fights would lead to an MMA career. MacFarlane, proclaimed to be one of the most gorgeous MMA female fighters, recently ran a competition where the winner got to go on a date with her. Of course, it was a sponsor promotion where competition entrants had to buy a piece of merchandise. But during this promotion MacFarlane confessed that relationships just did not work out for her in general. She also said that she does not discriminate - guys, girls, trans, virgins, jiujitsu nerds, republicans, foreigners, you name it, were all welcome and she would consider it.

10 Angela Lee

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MMA’s atom-weight champion Angela Lee recently got engaged to her heartthrob and fellow MMA fighter, Bruno Pucci. Lee who professes to have found ‘the one’ and says she is over the moon. Sharing how lucky they were to find each other now, Lee also said she was not taking her eye off the cage, not even for a minute. In fact, she said there was no better motivation for her fights.

Lee confesses that she loves sensual massages in her free time, so Pucci better start getting his skills up to speed. She also loves music. It starts out soft and melodic, but this usually changes through the night from something that is happy to a more upbeat tempo that gets Lee hyped (Sounds like you have yourself a real fire-cracker there Pucci).


9 Cody 'No Love' Garbrandt

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Growing up just outside of Cleveland in Uhrichsville – a small town nicknamed 922 (because when you wanted trouble, you dialed 922), Cody ‘No Love’ Garbrandt grew-up tough. Fighting became a way of life. So, it made sense that after a wrestling career he moved onto the MMA. Taking out the Bantamweight championship in 2016, Garbrandt has an undefeated 11-win record.

2016 was a big year for ‘No Love’, the self-confessed hot-head fell in love with model Danny Pimsanguan, and this is when he revealed another side. Big on visualization, Garbrandt squeezed his assets into a super tight (leave nothing to the imagination) S and M leather body suit, complete with collar and leash. ‘No Love’ and Pimsanguan say it was for Halloween, but we have our doubts.

8 Ann ‘Anthea’ Osman

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Malaysia’s first professional female MMA fighter, Ann ‘Anthea’ Osman, who has a background in Muay Thai, says being a winner is all about having a positive mindset. Osman, who descends from Sabah’s Dusun head-hunters, believes if you think big you achieve even bigger things. This belief is why she pushes herself in MMA, a game she feels is male-dominated.

Osman confesses that other women who dare to make a change inspire her. Maybe this comment is what provoked the social media frenzy when she and Aya Saeid Saber moved in for what looked like a kiss during a weigh-in. On this topic, Osman, who wants to prove that women can fight, says it is a guy thing (they are supposed to think fierce, but instead they think feisty). After all, there is nothing more exciting than two women getting it on, right guys? Just look at the photo and you be the judge.


7 Jennifer Clausius AKA ‘The Macho Miss Jenny Savage’

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With an infectious personality and looks and locks to match Miss Savage is the real deal with the full package. In the flyweight class, this 24-year-old rising MMA talent professes to bust her ass training and working in construction, and she has the body to prove it.

Apart from MMA cage fighting, Miss Jenny Savage confesses fellow featherweight MMA fighter Adrian Thomas and Shilajit have her hooked. Say what? Now while it sounds like some kinky love triangle fetish, Shilajit is actually an ancient herbal tonic that comes from decayed plants. Now while that doesn’t sound overly tasty, this amazing concoction does increase energy and vitality (which is excellent news for Adrian). Plus, it also helps in the recovery from strenuous activities (we are not just talking MMA here). Maybe she's subliminally telling us that she can really go!

6 Julia 'The Jewel' Budd

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Said to be a powerful MMA fighter, Julia 'The Jewel' Budd is a Muay Thai kickboxer that’s very easy-on-the-eye. Often asked how she keeps her good looks as a fighter, The Jewel responds by laughing it off.

Married to her trainer, Lance Gibson Jr, a former MMA fighter, Budd says while he is her best friend, he also pushes her performance (we bet he does). Confessing that the pair is together day and night, Budd says Gibson is her boss and coach first when they are in the gym working out together. Budd says that love keeps her all fired up. Love of the sport. Love of competition. Love of training. Love of martial arts. Love of her husband, especially when she gets nervous before a fight.


5 Amanda 'Lioness' Nunes

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Brazilian born Amanda ‘Lioness’ Nunes is a bantamweight MMA fighter who has won 15 out of her last 19 fights. Described by many as a champion in the making, Nunes and her partner Nina Ansaroff, an MMA strawweight fighter, are super-glued together.

Long term partners, Nunes confesses that she and Ansaroff do everything together (and we mean everything). Fishing and training are their most celebrated loves, after each other. Of course, one of their greatest enjoyments though is sparring, with the pair often playing rough. Sometimes they go at it a little harder, then they smile afterwards. The best thing about it says Nunes is we do not need to talk about it. We know what is up and we get it out of our systems.

4 Guilherme 'Bomba' Vasconcelos

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Bellator MMA snapped up Guilherme 'Bomba' Vasconcelos after he won four of his five fights as a member of Team Sonnen in the Ultimate Fighter. Earning his nickname ‘Bomba’ because he was explosive and powerful, Vasconcelos confesses that he does not focus on his opponent when fighting. Instead, he looks to improve his striking and game play.

Bomba, who likes to feel the warmth, professes that he is very good with people and understanding body language. It is an art that he has perfected over the years, he says, and one that he uses daily in his professional and private life (there is nothing better than understanding the body, Bomba). He also says that he can teach very well. It is something he likes to do, and it makes him happy. Plus, if he can make your day better, then that makes his day better.


3 Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor

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Featherweight and lightweight MMA champion Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor says he owes everything to his girlfriend, now wife, Dee Devlin. Without her, he confesses, he would not be where he is today. She worked hard for him when he had nothing and was looking to make his name as a fighter. She worked very hard, says Conor, she now deserves me to take care of her.

Conor, who says he met Devlin at a nightclub, said he thought she was a nice girl, and he likes good girls (he likes them a lot). Describing himself as cocky, Conor says that he is putting his body on the line for his woman. He also likes to whoop butts, especially if it means he can be on top.

2 Jon 'War Machine' Koppenhaver

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It is a tragic tale, the love story between Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver, a Bellator welterweight MMA fighter, and film star Christine Mackinday or ‘Christy Mack.’ But it was not always that way. War Machine, whose career spanned from 2004 through to 2013, shared three beautiful months with Mack. Christy says that she and War Machine worked together, and she found his energy, passion for everything, and his tenacity captivating.

Today War Machine, who is in prison for assaulting Mack, confesses that he is finally happy, he has nothing but joy inside. Now feeling released from the torment he felt, War Machine says he feels blessed, because he has found God, who is real and can heal and complete you deep inside. That doesn't undo the terrible things he has done though.


1 Donald Jacob Hager AKA 'Jack Swagger'

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WWE wrestler 'Jack Swagger' has jumped ship to become Jake Hager the MMA cage fighter. Signing with Bellator as a heavyweight, Hager will debut in 2018.

Hager, who is married to Catalina White, also a former WWE wrestler, says the two share an understanding of the physically demanding nature of the business as well as pre-fight rituals. As Jack Swagger, Hager confesses that he needs his hoodie before a fight as it helps him warm-up and break a sweat before he fights (we think Catalina may have enabled him to achieve this as well). Hager also says he gets the blood going by bouncing around during his warm-up to let a good, serene feeling develop in his head (Oh boy, what a magic way to go into a fight. We like his style!).


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