15 Photos That Prove Ronda Rousey Should Have Been A Model

Ronda Rousey once said "I don't feel the need to be the hot chick every second of the day. I like to be able to surprise people when I turn it on. I want it to be like the movie 'She's All That' when they unveil her." If that is the case, then get ready because you're about to see the hottest "unveiling" of Rousey's life. Because while she was familiar with the art of the knockout in the ring (unfortunately the both giving and receiving), she may never look like more of a knockout than in the outfits she wears for you below. Or in some cases, chooses not to wear! Because trust us when we say that by the end of this list there is going to be very little left to the imagination.

Whether they're photos of Rousey on the street, promotional photos for the various products she's endorsed or the various times we see her in swimsuits - we're sure you're not going to leave this list disappointed. Included are also some incredibly recent photos, including one at a WWE event that not only features a tremendous outfit for Rousey but hints at what the future may be holding. Regardless of where Rousey ends up though, we're sure she'll arrive there in an outfit that you won't soon forget.

These are the 15 photos that prove Rousey could also have been a model.

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15 Wearing Nothing But Paint

via si.com

Ronda Rousey has several photos in her career where she puts her body on prominent display, but perhaps she's never done anything quite as racy as her swimsuit photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. Especially because the word "swimsuit" is really just code for the fact that she was covered in only body paint. When talking about the experience, Rousey stated "The only time I think I was really self-conscious was, like, you know, they gotta paint all of you. And there was one point where they're like, 'OK, bend over.' There's no not-awkward way to do this. ... It was really weird. But (the artist and I) were really like best friends by the time we got out of there."

14 Showing Off Her Abs

To get the type of body that Ronda Rousey has in the above photo, you're definitely going to need to put plenty of time in the gym. But on top of that, you also need to make sure you're treating your body right when it comes to nutrition. When talking about her routine, Rousey admitted "I just have no patience for partying or anything like that. That’s how I am able to get so much done." Which means you probably aren't going to find too many photos out there of Rousey not knowing her limit at the bar! But it does mean her tolerance is also probably pretty low so she better be careful when indulging herself in public.

13 Looking Fantastic On Fallon

Ronda Rousey's career has never quite been the same after her loss to Holly Holm. But prior to her downfall, she was given the opportunity to appear on television shows - such as Jimmy Fallon's - on a more regular basis. The above outfit was worn shortly before her bout with Holm, and during which Rousey gave some insight on what she thought would happen "She's the type of fighter you have to be very patient with. I feel like she's going to try and keep distance, keep me far away and get frustrated to the point where I will make a mistake and she can kick me in the head, but it's not going to go like that." Oops! Unfortunately for Rousey the fight did go like that. At least Rousey was a knockout with her outfit.

12 Talking About Her "Girls" In Lingerie

via ufcbettingsite.com

Ronda Rousey has several assets that help make her one of the most breathtaking women in the world of sports. And while she may not have the largest chest, it definitely is still evident enough in the above photo to catch your attention.

When talking about her "girls", Rousey admitted "The bigger my chest is, the more it gets in the way. It just creates space. It makes me much more efficient if I don't have so much in the way between me and my opponent." While we aren't going to get into the logistics of that, at least it's clear she knows how to flaunt the body she does have!

11 Showing Off Her Flexibility

via superesportes.com

Ronda Rousey looks tremendous in the octagon, but the above photo from Self magazine proves that she is every bit as comfortable in front of the camera as well. When talking with the magazine, Rousey opened up about how she feels about her body "I love feeling like I'm inhabiting the body of a ninja..like I could rob a liquor store with my bare hands if I wanted to." We're sure if Rousey got in your face and wanted something from you, there aren't too many people in the world who would be willing to stand her down. It's just unfortunate for Rousey that some of the people that can are also women UFC fighters!

10 Hot On The Street

via pinterest.com

Ronda Rousey looks tremendous whenever she knows the camera is on her and can prepare accordingly. But the above photo appears to have been taken as she was enjoying some time on the town. Sure, she's smiling and looking at the camera - but standing in the middle of the street as she is - isn't exactly an ideal place to do a planned photo opportunity! We also can't blame Rousey for finding an outfit that still finds a way to show off her toned abs that are hiding underneath. We're sure when Rousey realized how good she looked in the photo that she had plenty of reasons to keep on smiling.

9 Lying Down For Sports Illustrated

via si.com

There is a photo on our list that Rousey did with Sports Illustrated that features her wearing only body paint. But that doesn't make the time she decided to wear a swimsuit with the company any less amazing! Especially when she also clearly seems relaxed and comfortable as she lounges out for the photo that we've selected.

We're sure that with Rousey's career in the ring now slowing down, she's definitely spent some time considering giving Sports Illustrated a call. Judging by how much fun it looks like she is having in the photo, that call may happen sooner than we think. People might always remember her getting knocked out, but the company clearly knows how to put her best side on display!

8 Stunning You With A Tight Swimsuit

via si.com

The above swimsuit definitely isn't the most practical thing in the world. I mean just imagine the awful tan lines that it would leave? And if we're being even more upfront, the swimsuit is also kind of rocking a "suspenders" type look. But we're definitely not left complaining because Rousey is absolutely rocking this look.

The photo was taken with Sports Illustrated and published in their Swimsuit issue. Rousey had plenty of gorgeous women to compete with in the magazine, but her steamy photos definitely were what left people talking about online. Though to be fair, Rousey looking gorgeous in an outfit that shows off her body shouldn't be all that shocking!

7 10 Minute Look At Mae Young Event

Let's hope that if you're a fan of the WWE that you also don't mind seeing Ronda Rousey. Their paths have crossed in the past and it seems inevitable that they're going to be linking up again in the near future. Rousey recently attended the Mae Young Classic and along with looking stunning, she also filmed a segment where she was confronted by Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch. Seeing Rousey in a WWE ring would definitely get a huge reaction from fans, but this look proves she should be a model. Rousey shared her stunning look to Instagram and added the caption "Hair and makeup by me in about 10 minutes". If that's all the time it takes to get Ronda looking absolutely stunning, then modelling was definitely her true calling.

6 Modelling For Buffalo Jeans

via twitter.com


What better way to help prove the point that Rousey should be a model than to see her in pictures where she is literally working as a model? Rousey has had several different promotions, but one of her best may be when she landed a deal with Buffalo Jeans. While she definitely spends (or at least spent) a large portion of her time in athletic gear, it's clear that Rousey also looks tremendous when taking it easy with a pair of great jeans. Though the tied up shirt also isn't hurting things!

In the past when talking about her ideal date, Rousey described a situation where jeans may be her go-to option "I just want to tailgate, drink beer and hang out in the middle of nowhere in a pick-up truck. That's my ideal date."

5 Dropping Your Jaw With Her Expendables Premiere Outfit

When staring at the above photo, it's clear that Ronda Rousey spent some serious time getting ready. I mean it definitely makes sense, considering she is at the premiere for Expendables 3, but you may be surprised to see her so dolled up when we are so used to seeing her looking more tough and ready to fight.

This look definitely isn't a bad thing though! Rousey's appearance in the film may be entertaining, but not as entertaining as the story we have for you. When talking about the film, director Patrick Hughes admitted that Rousey punched him in the stomach (to try and release some of her nervous energy) but the blow left him with a broken rib! Yikes. It looks like you just can't take the fighter out of her no matter what she's doing.

4 Caught By Surprise In Blue Bikini

via pinterest.com

Ronda Rousey may not be looking at the camera in the above photo, but that definitely isn't detracting from the level of heat that is coming off of this photo! The photo was sneakily snapped by the paparazzi back in August 2015 when Rousey was enjoying a day on the beach in Rio.

You shouldn't be too shocked to see Rousey in sunglasses though. Especially because in a past interview, Rousey stated "I wear sunglasses almost all the time outside - not because I think I'm really really cool, but because of the rays." It just so happens that her wearing sunglasses is both practical and a great fashion statement.

3 Her Winning Look At The Espys

Ronda Rousey did plenty of winning in the octagon, but that wasn't the only place where she felt on top of the world. ESPN also recognized her accomplishments back in July 2015 when they announced she was the Best Female Athlete in the world. Perhaps Rousey knew her name was going to get called and that's why she wore such a stunning dress!

During her acceptance speech, Rousey made sure to give a shoutout to her Mom "Mostly I wanna thank my mom who, you did so much. [You] put up with so much for me to get here, and I really appreciate it." Her mother was the reason Rousey got into Judo in the first place, but maybe she should have sent Ronda to a Modelling agency instead!

2 Before Her Last Win

Ronda Rousey looks tremendous in the above photo, but you don't have to take our word for it. Just check out the guy in the back who is clearly enjoying getting an up-close look at Rousey's exquisite body, especially considering he's looking down (and not to see the numbers on the scale). After uploading the photo to Instagram, Rousey captioned it"Exactly on weight #likeapro - now for the fun part". The fun part was definitely an accurate assessment as Rousey defeated Bethe Correia in 34 seconds and was awarded performance of the night for her knockout punch.

1 Looking Delicious For Carl Jr's

One of the biggest sources of tension that some couples may face is that they aren't able to agree on how to eat together. Forming a coherent dinner plan, executing it and making sure the tasks are split evenly is no easy feat.

But for Rousey, perhaps you could win her over if you suggest getting some Cinnamon Swirl French Toast from Carl Jr's! The above photo was taken as part of a promotion for their latest sandwich. Though the idea of wearing workout gear to chow down on some fast food probably doesn't seem like the most logical connection in the world. Nobody is going to blame Rousey for taking an easy payday though!

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