15 Photos That Ronda Rousey Should Be Ashamed Of

Professional athletes in the world of sports today have some of the toughest jobs in the world. They have to perform at the highest level of their respective sport while dealing with injuries, family life, and problems that arise for them as well as the common fan. The world of social media today is much more of an advantage to fans than it is players. If a common fan puts up a ludicrous photo, the worst that happens is that they get criticized by family, friends, and ones close to them. But for professional athletes it is so much worse. One bad photo or one photo of them seeming to do something wrong can lead to bad impressions. Look at former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. He kept getting photographed in college and the pros of partying and caring more about his social life than improving on the field. As bad as it is for male athletes, it is even worse for female athletes. One female athlete that has taken some "interesting" photos over the years has been UFC sensation Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey has made a career for herself as a tough, in shape fighter that can take almost anybody in a fight. But for all of the success she had as a fighter, people sometimes want to only talk about how beautiful and sexy she is. Rousey is definitely an incredible looking woman, but she has had her share of risque photos. This list takes a look at some of the most shameful photos Rousey has taken to this day. Athletes take some regrettable photos all of the time, but with Rousey; it seems to make the spotlight brighter. Without further adieu, here are the 15 most shameful photos of Ronda Rousey.

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15 That's Probably Going to Hurt Tomorrow!

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

MMA is one of the most dangerous sports that is popular in the United States today. At any time, a swift kick from an opponent can land right in the nose of the challenger and give them a broken nose or at the very worst: a bloody one. Ronda Rousey had no problem in the beginning of her career being able to land hard punches and kicks to all of her opponents to win her fights. But it seems that toward the end of her career, she was taking shots to the face more than she anticipated. Here we see Rousey getting a fully extended foot right to her face.

The kick landing in Rousey's face symbolized the end of a dominant era. Ronda Rousey also looks like she is scared to take another kick to the face based on her facial expression in this picture. The way Rousey was going, it seemed like she was going to be an automatic bid for being known as the best UFC woman's fighter of all time. Now, with a shameful photo like this one; maybe she should go back and win a few more fights to solidify her legacy.

14 If I Eat This, Will I Get Bigger?

via dailymail.co.uk

UFC fighters have some of the worst luck in the history of sports. They go on these ridiculous training regimes and strict diets to go into a ring and get the stuffing knocked out of them. But that doesn't mean they can't sneak some junk food and coffees into their system every once in a while. Here is a picture of Rousey and beau Travis Browne getting some food at a local spot with coffees in both of their hands and food in the other hand of Rousey. That is not the issue with the photo. The issue is Rousey isn't looking the most slender or most appealing in this photo. If Rousey had a chance to appeal it, she might say something along the lines of "What do I care what you think? I'm with my boyfriend, buzz off!"

She would be right, she is with her boyfriend (now husband) and only what he thinks matters. But if Rousey doesn't want to pack on the pounds, she might want to keep sticking to a strict diet and not display shameful photos like this one.

13 Let's Have Some Fun!

via lazygirls.info

One of the most shameful photo also teaches a very powerful lesson. Here is a photo of Ronda Rousey in her younger days, looking to have a little too much fun with a female friend. Does it look like it could have just been a harmless night? That is very possible. But it goes to show that social media can hurt people especially in the working world. If Ronda Rousey wasn't a professional athlete and wanted a normal job such as a lawyer, or saleswoman, etc., this photo would be the first thing going against her. In fact, she probably would get fired or dismissed from an interview on the spot. Be very careful with who you are around and what pictures get taken of you.

It is one thing to have fun, but it is another to have it pictured and shown for everyone in the world to see. It is this photo that tops them all of the most shameful photos of Ronda Rousey in the world today.

12 Here's a Little Salute for You!

via youtube.com

Professional athletes of all sports are looked at as role models. Most of the time, if they do something; young fans will think it is cool and imitate it. Female athletes pay careful attention to this theory especially with every action they do. Unfortunately, Ronda Rousey doesn't seem to have thought that the theory applied to her. Here, we see her flipping the bird to her opponent at a weigh-in. For most people, this really isn't that big of a deal. But it also speaks a bit about Rousey's character. It proves that apparently she doesn't care very much about what her opponents, loved ones, or the public thinks about her. This could be used as an intimidation move by Rousey to make her opponent feel worthless. But all things considered, Rousey should care a little more about what the younger generation of fans think about her. Imagine a little girl flipping the bird to her parents because she saw Rousey do it? Such a shame this photo had to be made public.

11 I Have to Do This...Right Here?

via oasisamor.com

The worst feeling somebody as a person can experience is losing their dignity. The way a person can lose their dignity varies. It can be something as simple as losing a friend, a family member, even clothing. Imagine the scene of stripping off clothes in front of a large amount of media people and writers until you are down to your underwear. That is the feeling Ronda Rousey must have been feeling based on the reaction of this photo. She is in great shape, there is no doubt about that. But now, she is in her underwear for all to see. Now, it is very typical for weigh-ins to be done in underwear which the common UFC fan will understand. But that still is cringe-worthy enough to be ashamed of. Especially with the woman in the background checking out Rousey with a smile on her face.

It is very horrifying for Rousey to have all eyes on her when she is in her underwear. Good for Rousey to be able to handle it with some grace and class, but it is still a shameful position to be in; athlete or non-athlete.

10 Losing is a Shameful Feeling!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Losing is one of the worst feelings in the world. Whether it is a big playoff game, a regular season game in the beginning of the season, or a fight in this case; losing is the worst. It is even worse when your opponent gets praised for their win right in front of your face. That is what happened to Ronda Rousey when she faced Amanda Nunes in the ring. Nunes ended up winning the fight and was getting praised for her efforts right in front of Rousey. We also see Rousey putting her head down in complete disbelief and shock. She knows just how bad she lost the fight and put her head in shame.

It is truly sad just how bad of a feeling losing is for somebody like Rousey who is definitely not used to losing a lot in her life. This is one of the lesser shamed photos of Rousey in her life as a whole, but still noticeable enough to make this list. Rousey will hopefully never feel like that again in her whole life, but she is still young and anything can happen!

9 Why is it so Cold In Here?

via pinterest.com

Sticking with the theme of minimal clothing, our next shameful photo of Ronda Rousey once again comes from a UFC fight weigh-in. She stands in front of the camera in her black UFC bra with a pair of bright pink panties. Ronda looks incredibly good in this photo, that isn't up for debate. But isn't it kind of strange how these boxers and fighters have to keep standing in their underwear? Once again, we understand it is a proper representation of the fighter's weight. But there has to be a more dignified way to do so. The only worse thing for Rousey would be to stand butt naked in the middle of the room, which a lot of fans probably would not be opposed to, it definitely looks like she is a little bit cold as well standing up there with two garments of clothing covering her. Rousey will be more clothed in most of the next pictures, but they are still even more shameful than this one.

8 How Do I Get This Off of My Face?

via youtube.com

Acne is one of the worst experiences a middle school or high school student will ever go through. A girl will get ready for the big dance and notice she has a huge pimple on the side of her face. Ronda Rousey isn't the girl going to the dance, but she is the girl who was getting interviewed after a fight; which is probably worse. The number seven most shameful photo of Ronda Rousey comes in the form of this picture. As fans can see, the left side of her face is covered with a few blemishes on an otherwise angelic face. Wouldn't there be plenty of acne creams to help cover that up well? Or better yet, couldn't Rousey have put a band-aid or tape over those spots to make it look a bit more acceptable?

She also is caught again with her mouth open, not the best look in the world. Also, fans have to wonder what she is talking about or thinking about. Whatever way you want to view it, it is just a really shameful picture that should have never made it onto the internet.

7 Can We Do That Again?

via mmaweekly.com

It is most of the time required by professional athletes to do pre-game or post-game interviews for everyone to see. Sometimes they have to do it directly after a game when they are sweaty and smelly. But a good majority of the time, they will do it when the athlete is fresh and ready to go. In this particular picture, Rousey is giving an interview to Fox Sports. However, she doesn't seem to be particularly enjoying her current state or the questions being asked. This is just a case of a wrong place at the wrong time kind of picture. Her face seems disinterested in the reporter and her mouth seems to be making a weird shape that isn't typically photographed. Rousey definitely has had her better moments out of the ring. But this photo is one that Ronda would probably love to take back in a hot second. C'mon Ronda Rousey, the fans know you can do better than this. For you, this is a shameful representation of you!

6 I Let Everybody Down!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is as shameful of a picture of a Rousey defeat as fans have ever seen. It is tough enough to lose on national television, but to have the opponent Nunes put her to shame like she did is hard to watch. Here we see Rousey putting her head down knowing she lost the fight and feeling like she let a lot of loved ones down. That isn't even the most shameful moment in the photo. The most shameful moment of this photo is Nunes smiling bright, knowing she took down an opponent as good as Rousey was. That has to bother Ronda Rousey to this day! How can a day go by where she is not ashamed of the way Nunes embarrassed her with that wide smirk on her face?

It is a shame Rousey couldn't rematch Nunes because she probably would have won the second matchup and gotten her revenge. But unfortunately, this is the shameful photo that will always be associated with Ronda Rousey in her fight against Amanda Nunes.

5 Do I Look Too Big In This?

via youtube.com

Ronda Rousey is a very strong, fit woman. She knows the proper training necessary to be a successful UFC fighter as her winning record would show. But isn't there a point when sometimes a woman can look a little too big for the liking? That seems to be the case in this photo of Rousey. Here she is showing her love for Reebok by wearing one of their sports bras and smiling away from the camera. She might be a little too big for the liking in this photo. Luckily, her boyfriend is a UFC fighter and trainer so he probably doesn't mind it. In fact, he is probably happy with the results that she displays throughout her body. But wouldn't the common fan want to see more of her curves and slenderness? It is scary to think that if you were out one night, saw Ronda Rousey, and said the wrong thing to her; she could knock you out with one punch or kick! Hence why this would be a shameful photo for anyone looking!

4 Ronda Losing A Fight? What?!

via tmzsports.com

Throughout the course of her career, Ronda Rousey knew how to win in almost any manner possible during her fights. What fans didn't see very much was when Rousey was being out maneuvered and had less stamina in her later fights. Here we see Rousey hiding her face following her defeat to Holm at the airport. Rather than taking her defeat with class, Rousey looked like she had just committed a crime by losing.

First of all, Rousey looks ashamed. Second, it shows that her career was coming slowly to an end. Time gets the best of all athletes no matter what sport or what type of body a professional athlete has. When it is time to hang up the gloves, there is no turning back. Unfortunately for Ronda Rousey, her time may have come earlier than she had expected which is a real shame to all those who loved to watch her fight.

3 PDA: Everyone Hates This!

via mirror.co.uk

Public display of affection can make most people feel uncomfortable, especially if it is in the open. But for Ronda Rousey, she doesn't mind showing Travis Browne the love he deserves. The number four most shameful photo of Rousey shows her in two parts. One part shows Browne and Rousey holding hands while the second part shows them sneaking in a little kissing session against the car for all to see. This is shameful for the simple sense that it is in public. Rousey has said before she likes to be sexually active for the adrenaline factor the night before a fight. But keep it in the bedroom where it belongs! Rousey and Browne probably wouldn't like it if an ordinary couple was getting hot and heavy up against a car for all to view. So what is the difference with them? Does the fact that they are famous have anything to do with? Maybe. But Ronda Rousey once again must show she can be a good role model for young women and avoid the urge to have some fun in public; and show shameful pictures like this one.

2 Better Not Show This to Anyone!

via si.com

The number three shameful photo shows more than she probably anticipated. Here she is laying down in a very see-thru top and very skimpy black bottoms. Ronda Rousey will always be one of the sexiest female fighters of all time, that will never be questioned. But the thing that can be questioned is: can she be a role model to the younger generation? Her breasts are clearly on display so basically she is wearing only bodypaint for the camera.

She is sending a mixed message here by saying it is good to display your beauty but you have to do so in minimal clothing. Now fans know professional athletes do these types of shoots all the time. But that doesn't mean they can't do it in a classy sort of way. This is shameful for that reason alone. It also should be pointed out that Ronda once blasted Miesha Tate for doing essentially the exact same thing, in posing for various magazines with minimal clothing.  Beautiful photo by Ronda Rousey, but still could find a better way to cover herself up a bit more for the younger eyes out there.

1 How Far Should I Pull?

via totalprosports.com

The beach is one of the most romantic and calming places in the world. She could have very easily just taken a photo of her in a one piece bathing suit, smiling, and everything would have been good. But Rousey took it a step farther to further expose herself to everyone that can google her. She is pulling on her bathing suit so her twins are partially exposed and a little too much of her stomach is showing for parents' liking. She also is showing a very serious and tense look in her face. At least smile if you are going to show yourself like this, Ronda Rousey! You are on the beach, with plenty of money and without a care in the world; and you choose a pose like this? It is definitely a confusing call on the part of Rousey.

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