15 Photos The UFC Wants Us To Unsee

Welcome back savages. Founded in 1993, UFC’s annual event would become one of the most electrifying sports programs today. It wasn’t an easy task either. The organization faced harsh criticism from several states and politicians, including New York and Senator John McCain.

McCain would call it “human cockfighting” in 1996 and 36 states would ban the UFC from competing. This backlash led to organizing the sport in a more professional way. UFC’s “there are no rules” and open-weight class features would end by the turn of the century. Labeled as a blood sport, UFC almost went under, however, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and their business partner Dana White, would buy the UFC in 2000. These three men would secure sanction of the sport in Nevada in 2001 and the UFC was well on their way to becoming an international name.

Although UFC won the fight against McCain and others, they still care about their image in the public’s eye. Promoting combat sports isn’t easy and the fighters you hire may have some screws loose. The UFC hopes their fighters don’t commit crimes but it happens. This list is about images that the UFC rather you not see. Whether it looks harmless or not, the UFC is negatively impacted by it.

It’s hard to sell to the world that your organization is professional when you hire people that may have committed a crime. It doesn’t even matter if that fighter has been out of the UFC, the crime still has an impact on their product. Not every image involves crime but the UFC rather you do not see it anyway. Enjoy.

15 The Worst Championship Fight Ever

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When you’re billed as the greatest fighter in the UFC, you better come bring it every time. That didn’t happen when Anderson Silva, the UFC Middleweight champion at the time, faced Damian Maia in 2010. At UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, fans in attendance and those watching around the world witnessed one of, if not the worst championship fight in the history of the UFC.

Silva was a beast during those years but because he was so great, he liked to play around in the Octagon. Maia was and still is an unbelievable Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu fighter but couldn’t take Silva to the ground. Fans saw little action, and the action they did see was Silva dancing around. Dana White was enraged after the fight and promised he would make it up to the fans.

14 #PoopGate Part 1

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Yoel Romero is a beast of a fighter. At 40 years old, he moves around like he’s in his twenties. He was on an impressive eight-fight win streak before losing to Robert Whittaker at UFC 213 for the interim UFC Middleweight Championship. During his winning streak, the Cuban Olympian would face Derek Brunson at UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Philippou in 2014.

During the match, Romero couldn’t hold in his waste and let one go. Fans attending the event and those watching all around the world could see Romero’s purple trunks turn brown. It’s one thing when your opponent is beating you over the head, it’s another when he’s doing it while he has waste in his trunks. The whole situation was hilarious, however, it’s the wrong type of image that the UFC doesn't want their fans to see.

13 Jones In Trouble

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How the mighty fall. Jon Jones had all the tools to be the greatest MMA fighter to ever walk the earth. He could have been the Babe Ruth of baseball, the Michael Jordan of basketball, or Muhammad Ali of boxing. He’s earned tons of awards, titles, and cash since becoming a professional fighter in 2008. He would destroy his first three opponents in the same mouth that year. As a “can’t miss” prospect, UFC would sign him after he won his sixth fight in just four months.

He quickly rose up the ranks and would beat Mauricio Rua for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 128. Today, at just 30 years old, he’s been in more trouble with the law and the UFC than we can count and has been stripped of his title several times. The UFC rather you do not see any of his troubles outside the Octagon.

12 Leaked Photos

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We can’t show you the images that the UFC doesn’t want you to see because they’re too graphic and personal. We rather show you the love between Raquel Pennington and her partner Tecia Torres. Both fought in the UFC and both had their private photos leaked to the internet this year. The photos not only show private poses but drug use as well.

They weren’t the only ones that had their photos leaked, several other women in the MMA community also became victims of the hacking. We guarantee if these ladies ever find out who hacked their private images, they would destroy him in the blink of an eye. Pennington has won four straight fights in the UFC, the last one coming in November of 2016 so we hope we can see her back in action sooner than later.

11 Oceans Murray

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Once a promising fighter, Murray now sits in a Moroccan jail cell. He didn’t just commit any run-of-the-mill crime, but a sophisticated robbery that you usually only see in movies. The only difference was, in the movies, they usually get away with it. Murray’s second to last MMA match would be at UFC 46 against Jorge Rivera in 2004.

The English native would destroy Rivera in the first round by way of triangle armbar. His last match would be against the legend Anderson Silva and he went the distance with him. It was only his 12th match in MMA, so you know he had skills. All those skills became a waste when he tried to pull off the Securitas depot robbery in 2006. Considered the largest cash robbery in British history, Murray and his accomplices stole £53,116,760 in bank notes.

10 The KO Heard Around The World

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Millions of people have seen this image but that doesn’t mean the UFC doesn’t wish you hadn’t seen it. Dana White once said women will never fight in the UFC. Once White got a whiff of Ronda Rousey, that type of thinking went away. Rousey literally took women’s MMA on her back and carried it into pop culture.

We understand there were women before her, but Rousey was the one to convince White to let women fight in the UFC. Rousey was the one that had publications clamoring for an interview. Rousey was the one that got the rating meter moving. When she lost to Holly Holm in 2015, that Rousey train crashed and burned. If you noticed, women’s MMA isn’t talked about or seen as much as it used to be when Rousey was at the top, making this image a hard one to swallow for the UFC.

9 Joe Who?

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What can we say about the shoe thrower in Mike Myer’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery? For some reason, UFC allowed Son to be a participant at UFC 4. He was seen as a cornerman for Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 3 and somehow convinced the company to let him partake in the next event. It was a terrible decision and the UFC rather not let you know about it. Granted, the UFC wasn’t under Zuffa or WME-IMG but it’s still a historical moment.

Son claimed his “Jo Son Do” could stop anyone but it didn’t. Keith Jackney, a legit fighter, destroyed him in the first round of the tournament. In 2008, Son would be sent to prison due to vandalism. His DNA would be linked to a 1990 gang rape. Son and his accomplice would plead guilty to the rape and torture of the victim. That’s not all, this year, Son was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. Apparently, he didn’t like his cellmate, a convicted sex offender.

8 McGregor's Privacy

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Every celebrity loves their privacy, especially athletes. They have enough cameras pointing at them for most of their careers and we understand when they’re at home, they don’t want to be bothered with. Although he loves the limelight, McGregor is one of those people who can be very private at home. These photos were taken during a party a little while back.

The lady who took these photos said McGregor was very paranoid and was participating in drug use for days. The UFC doesn’t mind their athletes partying but would rather not have the public see their champs in such a vulnerable moment. To make matters worse, McGregor was still with his long-time girlfriend when these photos were taken. Whether he cheated on his girlfriend or not, photos like this terrify any sports organization.

7 The Demise Of Thiago Silva

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Mugshots can be interesting to see but the UFC rather you not see their former athlete’s mugs. Silva is a beast when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He never won a championship in the UFC, however, he always put on entertaining fights and hovered around the top of the rankings. The Brazilian native would join the UFC in 2007 and went on a four-fight winning streak. He would be stopped by Lyoto Machida at UFC 91: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2.

After his first loss with the company, Silva would become very inconsistent. His luck began to change in 2013, he would be on a two-fight winning streak, however, in 2014, all that came to a crashing end. His wife was involved in an affair with Pablo Popovitch, so he decided to show up and threaten him. Charges were eventually dropped but the UFC still released him.

6 #PoopGate Part 2

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We have all the respect in the world for Justine Kish but UFC definitely doesn’t want to be associated with this photo. It’s not easy being a professional MMA athlete and accidents do happen. We’re not talking about accidents where you slip and fall, oh no. We’re talking about accidents regarding bowel movements.

The Muay Thai and Kickboxing specialist would have a match with Felice Herrig at UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Lee earlier this year. She was riding a six-fight winning streak but couldn’t beat Herrig. Not only did Kish lose, she also lost a pound or two. Unfortunately for her, millions of fans witnessed her accident live on television. She wasn’t the first to have this to happen to her in the UFC and she won’t be the last.

5 Mayhem Bringing The Mayhem

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As you can tell by the image, Miller has lived up to his nickname, Mayhem, multiple times since becoming a well-known MMA athlete. The North Carolina native started training at an early age and had his first professional fight at 17 years old in 1998. Through the years, he would fight some of the biggest names and legends in the sport, such as George St- Pierre and Robby Lawler. He practically fought in every big league promotion, including the UFC.

Mayhem was never shy to talk trash but he started to become more controversial at the turn of the decade. In 2010, he would be involved in a nefarious brawl with Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and the Diaz brothers at Strikeforce: Nashville. In 2012, he was arrested for sleeping in a church naked. In the photo above, Miller was in a five-hour-long standoff with a SWAT team at his home. The UFC rather you do not know they hired him multiple times.

4 UFC 151

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Usually, when the UFC has a main event fighter bow out of the match they either promote someone to fill in his place or promote the co-main event as the last fight on the card. That wasn’t the case for UFC 151 and it’s one of the biggest failures the company has ever had. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, was supposed to defend his title against the legendary Dan Henderson.

When Henderson said he couldn’t go, the UFC scrambled to save the event. Jones wouldn’t fight Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva said he would fight but it had to be anyone besides Jones. The worst part was Henderson kept his injury hidden for three weeks before telling the UFC he couldn’t fight. The entire event was canceled, showing how unprofessional UFC can be.

3 Rampage Being Rampage

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When Rampage Jackson went on a Rampage, Dana White had his back. It’s rare for a company to support someone who clearly did something very wrong. Jackson is beloved by millions and has transcended into pop culture through Hollywood. All his success and fame didn’t stop him from tearing up the pavement with his Ford F-350.

Ten days after losing his championship to Forrest Griffin, Jackson would take police on a wild car chase. He would be booked on suspicion of felony reckless driving and felony hit and run after damaging several vehicles. It was determined Jackson was neither on drugs nor drunk. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and one felony count. Jackson would complete 200 hours of community service and the judge dismissed the charges.

2 The Abusive Grispi

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As we mentioned in the intro, an employee’s actions can reflect on the company and employer. Granted the UFC uses a loophole so all their fighters are independent contractors and not employees, it still matters to them when one of their fighters gets in trouble with the law. The UFC rather you do not know about Josh Grispi. His last fight with the UFC would be in 2013 and the next year he would find himself in hot water.

Grispi would be arrested for multiple counts of improperly storing firearms near minors and assaulting his wife. After making bail, he allegedly assaulted his wife again, leading to police searching his house. They would find 20 marijuana plants and 15 grams of cocaine. His wife then claimed Grispi had been abusing her for over two years. In 2017, he was convicted on 25 of 29 charges and received a five-year sentence.

1 A Psychopath Named War Machine

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Pretty much everyone in the MMA community and adult industry know about the story of War Machine and Christy Mack. The couple were dating for a while and became quite the celebrities in their industries. War Machine would become famous as a participant on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra in 2007. Known as Jon Koppenhaver at the time, he would legally change his name to War Machine in 2008.

You can say changing your name to War Machine was foreshadowing a darker turn in his path. He was in and out of trouble before, but in 2014 he would commit a terrible and violent act. Mack ended the relationship with War Machine in 2014. He would visit her house, find her with another man, and proceeded to beat the living hell out of both. This year, he was convicted on 29 felony counts, including kidnapping and sexual assault with a weapon.

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