15 Pictures Of Conor McGregor's Sisters That Would Drive Him Crazy

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard of Conor McGregor, an Irish fighter who's currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He's the reigning UFC lightweight champion and a former UFC featherweight champion. This year, he ranks second on UFC's pound for pound rankings. Moreover, he got his start in professional boxing this August through a match against undefeated, 11-time, five-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Despite being defeated in a technical knockout, he was guaranteed $30 million.

McGregor went from a plumbing apprentice to an UFC star after meeting future fighter Tom Egan, who helped him train in mixed martial arts (MMA). He also lived off welfare checks in Dublin, Ireland. While a lot could be said (and speculated) about his personal life, here's something you might not know: he has two sisters, Erin and Aoife.

McGregor's sisters aren't famous, but they ought to be. The 36-year-old Erin trained as a competitive bodybuilder and won several physique and fitness modeling competitions. She's also a mother of two. The 32-year-old Aoife worked at a mini digging hiring company in Dublin before her younger brother rose to fame in the MMA world. Now, she's an Instagram star who gained over 100,000 followers because of her well-known brother. She married her husband, Mark Elliott, in January 2017.

Just like their arguably cocky little brother, Erin and Aoife aren't strangers to the high life. They enjoy the finer things in life like designer clothes, pool parties and popping champagne. Here are 15 pictures of Conor McGregor's sisters that prove he's not the only star.

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15 Aoife - Wifey Material


A post shared by Aoife Mcgregor Elliott (@aoifemcgregor85) on

Aoife made some headlines when she flaunted her slender figure in a red "wifey" swimsuit during her honeymoon in the Maldives. Like we mentioned earlier, she married her long-time boyfriend Mark Elliott at St. Mary's Church in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, on New Year's Eve 2016. Not much is known about Elliott, but he's indeed a lucky man who got married to a stunning blonde.

Aoife appears to be wifey material. She's a dedicated big sister who has been spotted at quite a few of Conor's fights with their father Tony along with American rapper Kanye West and Irish singer Niall Horan. That being said, she must be a loyal woman who stands by her man through the good (and bad) times. Loyalty is a characteristic that all men want in a woman and she seems to be a well-rounded lady who has attractive looks, positive traits and a body we can all appreciate.

14 Erin - Great Genes

# behappy # be healthy,

A post shared by Erin Mcgregor (@erinmcgregor123) on

Erin began to realize the kind of physical exhaustion that her brother goes through when she started taking off in her bodybuilding career. In this photo, Erin's clearly demonstrating how athletic she is in her own right and proves that the McGregors definitely have some amazing genes. Erin's the oldest of the siblings and she's definitely setting a good example with how well she takes care of her body.

Another fun fact about Erin is that her primary career is as a hairdresser and of course, she does her brother's hair. "Everyone loves Conor’s hair and so many men want it," said Erin. "It’s so funny."It’s great to be able to express my creativity through him."

The siblings definitely seem like they're close and their parents should be proud of all of them.

13 Aoife - White Hot

via pinterest.com

Not many women can rock white clothes, but Aoife sure can. She has a slim figure with a pretty face and naturally blonde hair. In this photo, she's dressed in a two-piece body suit with a lace overlay. She looks like a true goddess.

White-on-white looks have always been one of the biggest trends in the fashion world. So it shouldn't be a surprise that Aoife chose to wear an all-white ensemble for a photo shoot. She likely just wants to be in style like her brother. She should also take advantage of her inherited fame while she's at it. She's a ravishing woman with a heart of gold and a sparkle in her eyes.

Aoife is a little too old to become a full-time model, but she still has a chance to work as a part-time model if she needs to find a side job for a couple of extra bucks.

12 Erin - In Top Form

via rsvpmagazine.com

Conor isn't the only child in his family who's aware of competition. His oldest sister Erin is a competitive bodybuilding who's almost as ripped as her younger brother. In an interview with Sunday World, she said, "It was only when I began to compete that I turned to my mam one day and said: 'Now I truly understand how hard Conor works.'"

Erin added, "Whenever I was low, Conor was on the other end of the phone. I remember him saying, 'No-one realises what it’s like until they’ve done it themselves.' We forged this mutual respect that I suppose we never had before."

The physically fit brother and sister duo remain close to each other, despite Conor's newfound fame. He was reportedly overjoyed to become an uncle for the second time after she gave birth to her son Harry in Dublin, Ireland, in August 2016. That's sibling love right there, man.

11 Some Interesting Friends (Aofie)

Pool party #teammcgregor @honeybeeswim thank you for our amazing swimsuits

A post shared by Aoife Mcgregor Elliott (@aoifemcgregor85) on

Even if you're not usually a Conor McGregor supporter, after seeing some of the members on Team McGregor, you're probably getting a little tempted to hop on the bandwagon. Does that mean you can start getting invited to some of these swimsuit parties? Umm, probably not, but this certainly lends some trash talk to other fighters. Aofie is the younger of the two sisters, but is still a year older than Conor, so it's not like she had to seek approval of any choice of swimsuit from her baby brother.

Both sisters have been very supportive of their brother and his mixed martial arts career and like good siblings, they're often flying around the world with Conor to support him for any fight he has. Then again, when your brother has the luxuries Conor does, why wouldn't you stay close to him?

10 Glammed Up (Erin)

Erin may be her own competitive bodybuilder, but she's also a member of Team McGregor. She's an Irish smoke bomb just like her little brother. While we've already told you that Erin is a female bodybuilder, she's also proven in some of these shots that she has her feminine side too.

You may have recognized that she was also in the previous photo shown along with her sister Aoife repping Team McGregor. As expected, Conor got the swimsuits from a luxurious swimwear line called Honey Bee Swimwear. Both Aoife and Erin took to Instagram to post photos of them in those swimsuits, thanking him for the high-priced purchases. If this isn't considered sibling goals, then we don't know what's the legitimate definition of that phrase. It's clear that these three siblings have love for one another. They likely also have love for their parents, who raised them the best they could.

Whether or not she's competing, Erin is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde knockout.

9 Aoife - Another Day, Another Swimsuit Pic

Another day another swimsuit pic😘

A post shared by Aoife Mcgregor Elliott (@aoifemcgregor85) on

Aofie summed up this picture perfectly in her caption: "another day another swimsuit pic". That's likely what a lot of her Instagram followers want and she's just catering to them with this steamy pic. There's nothing wrong with being proud of what you've got and Aofie is definitely comfortable sharing.

It's safe to say that if Aoife's fame continues to increase, we'll be able to see her in movies, TV shows and Netflix series. Heck, she might even become an UFC Octagon Girl with those sizzling looks that likely can make any guy's day. She has a really cool brother and seems to know a couple of things about the popular MMA organization so it'd be a perfect fit. Being family-oriented can work wonders on the lesser known siblings. Hopefully, she'll emerge from the shadows in the near future.

8 Erin - Blowing A Kiss

Kisses for @kathmulhall @the_brow_artist brows by kate and make up by @sophie_luz

A post shared by Erin Mcgregor (@erinmcgregor123) on

Blowing a kiss is a special way to show affection for someone in a jovial way. In this case, Erin chose the right time to show love to her followers as they'd probably like this particular gesture. Her eyes are locked on the camera as she blows a kiss for a selfie. Her long blonde tresses were in gorgeous, natural-looking waves, which don't over power her face. Her neutral makeup also helps since it doesn't make her appear to be boring.

The eyes are the window to the soul and Erin can certainly back up that phrase. It just goes to show that a female doesn't need to go overboard with heavy makeup, false hair and acrylic nails to look good in photos. She may not be a Kardashian, but she'd make you look twice if you were to see her out and about in public. She's blonde and beautiful.

7 Aoife - Even The Nerdy Look Works

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were related to Aoife? No matter what she wears, she's one of Conor's attractive sisters. You likely would fight her in a playful manner (wink wink).

Aoife isn't on the market. She's a fairly new wife to Mark Elliott, who we hope is treating her right because she's a diamond in the rough. She's not scantily clad in this photo, but the pair of big gold glasses make her look like the girl next door. She's also wearing a black and white striped shirt and a black studded leather jacket, which gives the nerdy look a rocker edge. Moreover, nerdy looks don't have to be outdated and tacky.

Librarians aren't often portrayed as hot, but Aoife could pass as one of the few steamy librarians in movies and television shows. It's a look that can't bore most of us.

6 Erin - Sipping On A Drink

Hello weekend 😉........

A post shared by Erin Mcgregor (@erinmcgregor123) on

The lady who sips on a girly drink is the same drinker like any other customer in the bar or club. Erin manages to stay classy with her drink order in this picture. She also remains a feminine, mature and sophisticated woman even though she's drinking alcohol.

Erin has been living the high life since Conor's UFC debut in April 2013. Yet, this picture gives the impression that she's a down-to-earth girl as she's casually wearing a green flower print dress, a gold and silver watch and a low-key makeup look. As usual, her long blonde hair makes a positive difference.

Some of Erin's followers may call her out for drinking when she has two kids, but she has the right to do what she wants. It's not like she's a bad mother who doesn't take care of her kids. She's just a hot mama who's living life to the fullest.

5 Aoife - Leopard Fur Coat


A post shared by Aoife Mcgregor Elliott (@aoifemcgregor85) on

When worn correctly, a leopard fur coat is every fashionista's must-have clothing item. The feline inspired piece has always been a prominent trend on and off the catwalk. It's certainly an enduring trend that has helped women ease into the fall season.

As the sophisticated lady she is, Aoife was sporting a leopard fur coat in a selfie. She was also flashing her wedding ring. This particular trend appears to be an equal opportunity win as she's eager to invest such a coat to look good. Those who are a part of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) may object to her coat, but does it really matter? She's a hard worker and has the money to buy whatever she pleases.

Again, Aoife's eyes are absolutely captivating. She definitely wore the coat the right way. It didn't distract any of us from her photogenic face and signature blonde tresses.

4 Erin - Purple Velvet

via tumblr.com

Okay, so maybe Erin is hot in a strange way by being a little too ripped, but she's still a hottie.

We don't know who snapped this photo, but she's a blonde stunner like her younger sister. Ignore the flat screen television and other furniture in the sort of outlandish background. She rocked a purple velvet long-sleeve shirt along with a matching skirt. She completed her eccentric ensemble with a pair of dangling earrings, a bright red lip shade and a pulled back hairstyle. Despite showing some skin, she kept the outfit simple and stylish, which was the right choice.

Conor has a couple of championship belts to put on display on the mantel next to Erin's first place medal. Both of these siblings are very ripped and possess exceptional looks. They're likely not going to settle for anything less when it comes to the needs and wants in their personal lives.

3 Aoife - Beautiful Bride

via clearskin.ie

Aoife looked every bit the beautiful bride in her strapless white lace gown. The church was ready to see her walk down the aisle with her soon-to-be husband Mark Elliott and we couldn't blame the guests in attendance for feeling that way.

Of course, Conor was seen standing next to his older sister as he snapped a photo from the wedding with a brief caption: "My sister Aoife!" He also uploaded a second photo of him and his father Tony with a longer caption: "My father and I, at the wedding of his daughter, and my sister Aoife! What a time to be alive! God bless and happy New Year to all my family, my friends and my fans! We are going to toast tonight!"

Conor was right. Not did his sister fall in love, she also received tons of love from her family, friends and followers. She's a blonde beauty that Elliott is lucky to have.

2 Erin - Competitive Gal

via thesun.ie

Erin is best known as Conor's eldest sister, but she's just as competitive as him. She's a competitive bodybuilder who has participated (and won) several physique and fitness modeling competitions. She often shares photos and videos on her Instagram account, which shouldn't be a surprise. She looks just fine after having two children—a teenage daughter named Taylor and a toddler named Harry—with her baby daddy Terry Kavanagh (aspiring ring announcer).

Erin is also a loyal fan of Conor, whose family usually attends his fights. Though, she missed his UFC victory over American fighter Chad Mendes, but he still bought her a brand-new white BMW. She took a photo of the car and tweeted, "I've the best brother ever. Thank you Conor McGregor." She's also a huge fan of her brother's fans. In an interview with Sunday World, she said, "The Irish fans are just amazing, they are with you 100 percent, every chant, every scream. Their energy alone gives you goosebumps...Vegas is unbelievable when the Irish there. They won't know what to do with us."

1 Aoife - On A Balcony

via instagram.com

Aoife caused a stir on Instagram after she posted a bootylicious picture of herself. And no, it's not an x-rated picture. Aoife was photographed staring out to the sea while on a balcony as her long blonde hair flows down her back. It's undeniable that she has a nice derrière.

What's even more mind-blowing? This photo was taken during Aoife's honeymoon in the Maldives. Not much is known about her husband, Mark, but he's fortunate to land a lovely lady like her. Hopefully, he'll take good care of her because he's blessed.

Both of Conor's sisters are smokin' hot, but we're sorry Erin, Aoife has the upper hand in the genetic lottery.

So there you have it; Conor McGregor has not one, but two attractive sisters and we're sure it's a source of trash talk in the octagon.

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