13 Pictures Of Ronda Rousey That Travis Browne Doesn't Want You To See

MMA heavyweight competitor Travis Browne has had a decent time of it in UFC. He’s had some stellar contests, but his career has recently been floundering a bit after a bunch of damaging defeats. He’s also had to contend with problems in his personal life, mainly issues that came about because of his short-lived marriage to Jenna Renee Webb. His time in the octagon may be a little shaky at the moment, but at least his personal life is looking good, is all roses. After he split from Jenna – many people say whilst he was with her – he began seeing arguably the best female UFC fighter in history, former Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. They started seeing each other in 2015, and in two short years, they’ve been through a hell of a lot together, but have remained as solid as ever. A few months back, while holidaying in New Zealand, Browne popped the question, Ronda accepted, and the two are now looking to being a new chapter of their lives.

Browne hasn’t had an easy time of it over the years, and I’m sure there’re things he wouldn’t want Ronda knowing about, things he wouldn’t necessarily want being brought up, want her seeing. But Ronda herself has also had plenty of these moments, moments that because she’s now got a fiancé, would want to forget, would want eradicated from the web. Browne himself must have seen some of the pictures depicting some of these moments, and he couldn’t have been best pleased. He probably wouldn’t have wanted to see them, wished they hadn’t had happened, but he certainly wouldn’t want others seeing them either, as some don’t paint his fiancé in the best light. These are 15 of those pictures, pics Travis Browne doesn’t want any old Tom, Dick and Harry setting their eyes upon.

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15 Dana White Relationship Rumors

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Initially, UFC President Dana White, wasn’t too keen on signing female fighters. But then when he saw Ronda, her capabilities, what she had to offer in the octagon, he just knew he had to sign her up. Even then he was sceptical, but quickly saw her blossom and make a massive name for herself and for the UFC. During these initial periods – some say when he was trying to sign her – there were rumors that the two were actually seeing each other. They were often seen on planes, having dinner, out and about together, and this sparked a lot of rumors. It was basically Dana trying to get Ronda on board, trying to sign her, and they’ve both flatly refused it was anything else. Nevertheless, those rumors and pics like this must irk Travis, and must make him think that people seeing them together – even though they inevitably are going to be seen together – would reignite those rumors, which would understandably piss him right off.


13 Out Of Shape

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Travis Browne would want people to see Ronda at her best, looking hot and fit as a lean, mean fighting machine. What he doesn’t want people seeing – nor would Ronda or the UFC for that matter – is his wife-to-be looking, well, like a slob, like she’s never done a day’s exercise in her life. It’s not a great image for her, being an athlete and all, and Travis – although he definitely wouldn’t say such a thing to Ronda’s face – wouldn’t want this picture being brought up, because it’s certainly not one that will get his libido humming!

Don’t like to body shame, but she does look pretty awful in this pic. Looking at this you’d have no clue she was a champion athlete, one of the best and most loved fighters on the planet.

12 Weigh-In Antics

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Ronda’s an awesome athlete, does all of her talking in the octagon – or should – so there is really no need for her to resort to violence and let’s say questionable antics in the run up to her fights. Travis would want her to have her eye on the prize, and not get swept up in all the hype and goings on beforehand. It also doesn’t paint her in the best light, and isn’t really professional conduct. Sure, a lot of people probably love it, all that trash-talking and Ronda’s weigh-in antics, and it sure does add to the hype, gets people interested, but a fighter as skilled as Ronda doesn’t have to do it.

This pic depicts a moment from the pre-fight weigh-in of her Holly Holm fight where Ronda charged at Holly with her fists. If she’d saved some of that aggression for fight night, she might have had a better time of it.

11 Ronda With Her Ex

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Now, Travis wouldn’t want you seeing this pic for obvious reasons. It’s never great, being engaged to someone you love, just being with someone full stop, and seeing pictures of that special someone with their ex boyfriends. Pretty much everyone, if asked, would say they’re cool with it, but there’s always going to be a little something inside that makes you want to rip those pics to shreds.

Ronda’s ex isn’t just any old guy either – she used to date former MMA competitor, Brendan Schaub. The guy’s been very mouthy since they split and has spoken quite a bit about their relationship, which obviously, Ronda – and Travis because he loves Ronda – would want kept under wraps. But Travis himself has his own beef with Brendan. They’ve had – probably still have – a grudge in the past, and they’ve gone at it in the octagon too, a fight that Travis won, which must have been extremely satisfying.

10 Getting Intimate With Ex BF

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Here’s another pic of Ronda with an ex, this time it’s Henry Akins. The guy’s a 3rd Degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu Blackbelt and used to train Ronda, but they then became more than just trainer and student. They started seeing each other, started dating, and from the looks of things in this pic, things were going really well.

Seeing pics of your fiancée side by side with an ex is one thing, but seeing her in pics with an ex in which they’re both barely clothed is another. Obviously, being in a relationship, they’re always going to be in this type of a situation, but still, for Travis, it’s not really a great thing to think about, to see, and because he’s now with Ronda he wouldn’t want you seeing pics like these either.

9 Her Geeky Side

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There’s nothing disastrously wrong with this pic, there’s nothing abhorrent that would be making Travis bury his head in his hands, but he’d probably still find it a tad embarrassing.

Everyone has things they get up to in their spare time, everyone has hobbies, even athletes. You can’t expect Ronda to be all about MMA and UFC 24/7; she’s got to unwind, and one way she does that is by getting her geek on. Yes, Ronda Rousey, one of the most feared fighters on the planet, is a bit of a geek at heart. She’s seriously into Pokémon, so much so that it’s become an obsession. While she should be obsessed with training, getting ready for fights, she’s said she’s skipped sessions, missed meals and sleep because of this obsession, which isn’t great. It also makes her seem like a bit of a kid, a tad immature, and hasn’t helped that hard-earned tough as nails reputation.

8 Busted!

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This photo kick-started the whole MMA rumor mill, and it’s something that neither Ronda or Travis wanted to come out at the time. Ronda – it might be hard to believe because of everything that’s out there – is actually a pretty private woman when it comes to relationships, and when she and Travis started seeing each other, they wanted to keep their relationship on the downlow. But this pic outed them as a couple. It was taken at Benihana, and someone was taking a pic of this little girl, but they managed to snap the happy famous couple in the background too. It’s pretty funny looking at Travis’ expression. They were sitting some way away from where the picture was taken, but Travis spotted the camera and instantly knew they were in the line of fire. His facial expression says it all – busted! and Ronda looks rather nonplussed.

Travis was a married man at the time, although he was separated from his wife, and that whole domestic abuse scandal was fresh in his memory, which is perhaps why he was being so secretive about his latest relationship.

7 Bruised Up

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Although it may seem ridiculous, because they’re both fighters, Travis wouldn’t want people seeing a pic of Ronda black and blue, all bruised up. It obviously happened during one of her fights, but it’s certainly not a pretty sight – you don’t want to see or want people to see your fiancée looking like that. But that’s not the reason this pic is on this entry. Travis had just gone through hell and back after being accused of beating up his wife, Jenna Renee Webb. He was dropped by the UFC, but was soon reinstated after investigations were found to be inconclusive.

Jenna also warned Ronda against dating Travis because of what she claims he’d done to her, and this pic would just add fuel to the fire, despite it more than likely being from one of her fights or a sparring session, Jenna could have easily twisted things around and attributed her bruised face to his violent antics.

6 Daddy’s Little Girl

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Travis wouldn’t want people seeing this pic, simply because it would evoke a lot of emotions for Ronda, bring up a lot of feelings, and understandably so if you know what she’s gone through.

Ronda’s overcome a hell of a lot to reach the dizzying heights she once achieved. There’s been lots of heartache on her journey to becoming a famous athlete, right from when she was a child.

When Ronda and her siblings were kids, they used to go sledding with their dad. On one occasion Ronda’s dad broke his back, which left him paralyzed from the legs down, and the lower part of his torso too. But he just couldn’t face living life like that, and so he committed suicide. Ronda was just eight at the time. Truly tragic stuff, that’s understandably still going to be very distressing.

5 Crying On Ellen

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I’ve already mentioned how Ronda had a seriously tough time growing up, and her devastating loss to Holly Holm really didn’t help matters. Her dad committed suicide when she was just a kid, his dad did the same, and Ronda has said the contemplated doing the same too in the aftermath of that defeat, her first pro defeat. It is seriously tough for a fighter to take, especially someone of Ronda’s calibre. People thought she was invincible because of how dominant she’d been during the course of her career, but Holly found a chink in her armor, exploited it, and emerged as the outright winner.

Travis of course wouldn’t want you to see this pic as it would bring it all up again – Ronda was in a seriously dark place. At least he was there helping her through it; she’s said seeing him made her want to stay alive…and have his babies.

4 In A Bad State

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When I said that Holly Holm defeat was devastating, I meant it. She just didn’t have an answer to Holly’s striking, and in the end, she was knocked out by a kick to the neck.

You go in the octagon and you’re going to get hit, are going to emerge at the end of a fight looking a little worse for wear, that’s a given. Every fighter expects that, but Ronda really did take a savage beating and looked horrible. She hadn’t looked like that at any other point in her career, after any other fight, and the hurt on her face was evident, as was the significant bruising and battle scars. It must have been seriously tough for Travis to see his girlfriend at the time in that state. It was a tumultuous time for Ronda, and so he wouldn’t want this pic being brought up again, as it might bring up a whole load of not very pleasant memories.

3 In Hiding

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Everything about the first defeat of her career, that Holly Holm defeat, was seriously tough for Ronda to deal with, and for Travis too. Travis was her rock at that point, but he probably wished he didn’t have to be, that she wouldn’t have had those thoughts in the first place. After contemplating suicide, and getting over those thoughts, the dark days still weren’t over. She had to deal with her own mental demons, but then the media – that’s a whole other issue.

Leaving Australia after the defeat was really hard for Ronda, because the media and paparazzi were out in their droves, all wanting to get a snap of the former champion. But Ronda didn’t want to be seen at all, and made every effort to cover up, hide away. It just shows the kind of place Ronda was in after that fight.

2 Loss To Amanda Nunes

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There was so much hype surrounding this fight. After losing to Holly Holm, there was plenty of talk as to whether or not Ronda would even fight again, so when the fight against Amanda Nunes was announced, everyone was delighted, thinking it’d be a chance to get back on the horse so to speak. She must have been eager to get back to winning ways after a year out of action licking her wounds, but it just didn’t happen. If the Holly Holm defeat was devastating, this was even more so. She was trounced in 48 seconds, her second successive defeat, and she’s still recovering from that loss, contemplating whether to continue with UFC. Again, this pic must bring up some painful memories, and so Travis, for his fiancé’s sake, would want to eradicate this photo and any other pics from that fight.


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