15 Pictures Of Ronda Rousey That Would Drive Travis Browne Crazy

Ronda Rousey finding love seems unthinkable given her "rough" persona she typically exudes. However, since her two recent defeats, the losses may have humanized the former champion as her ego now seems to be in check. Since the defeats, she’s gone quiet, though recently she celebrated one of the greatest moments of her life, getting married to another fellow fighter, Travis Browne. Travis proposed in New Zealand under a waterfall (hey, who would have thought UFC fighters could be romantic?) and the two recently got married a couple of weeks ago in Hawaii. Things are looking good for Rousey nowadays both personally and in terms of work as she’s also slated to make a WWE debut in the near future. We wait in anticipation!

In this article, we take a look at a variety of photos that Rousey’s husband doesn’t want us to see. From bitter defeats to of course, “Not So PG” content, these are photos Rousey’s hubby wants to keep buried in the past, far, far away from our eye balls.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 pictures Ronda Rousey’s husband doesn’t want you to see. Let’s begin shall we!

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15 Flexing Them Abs

via blogspot.com

This one seems to be a throwback shot, if you’ve done your research in the past, you’re well aware that Rousey has a slew of “Not So PG” types of pictures. In this one, she’s flexing those glorious abs, without a doubt, her current husband is the only dude that wants to be receiving such pictures.

Staying in shape has been a priority of Rousey’s since the age of 11 if you can believe. It was at that point when Rousey took on Judo with the help of her mother who served as her mentor. After winning the Olympic medal at the age of 21, she transferred sports to mixed martial arts, at that point, her conditioning levels were upped to another level. Nowadays, she’s likely training just as hard, this time, for a great aesthetic look as she prepares herself for a new career as a sports entertainer.

14 Doing It Vogue Style

via vogue.com

When Vogue is doing features on you in such a dress, that’s when you know you might be quite the stunner and a good looking human. The dress fits Rousey to perfection, looks like her “everything organic diet” seems to working. For what it’s worth, organic foods and normal foods really don’t hold much of a difference in terms of scientific proven evidence, retailers love to up the price of organic foods as new trainees that aren’t aware of the actual differences and will spend extra money on the food type. Damn you Whole Foods, stop brainwashing people!

Anyway, that’s a debate for another time. In this photo, Ronda takes a behind the scenes shot before her red carpet appearance at the Entourage premier. It was one of her most memorable cameos and although the movie got some awful reviews, some of us actually really enjoyed it (if you didn’t watch the series and just watched the movie, re-evaluate your life).

13 Throwback 

via facebook.com

Oh yes, we just cranked the heat in this article with a picture of Rousey rocking a tightly fitted dress from back in the day. And oh, she’s even showing off a bit of cleavage while kind of looking a little glazed over. The last thing people are thinking about looking at such a picture is the fact that she grew to fame by destroying other women inside of a cage.... Yes, she’s a multi-dimensional talent that has both the look and muscle folks.

Growing up, Mrs. Rousey was the youngest of three daughters, as we stated earlier, she grew up in a family that prioritized combat sports as her mother was an established Judo Champion. Rousey would walk in her footsteps dropping out of high school initially to pursue a career in the Olympic sport. Oh how different things could have been had she not made the jump?

12 Let Me Take A Selfie

via pintrest.com

Before she was rocking some of the most stunning attires with the likes of Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine, Ronda was a simple chick doing what most females do when nobodies watching and that’s take selfies. Once again, Rousey is wearing her signature low cut shirt and her grey pants might be a little too low, but hey, we’re not complaining about that one bit. It’s a rare shot of Rousey exposing her lighter side, something we’ve seen a lot more of following her recent defeats inside the octagon.

Prior to the defeats, many believe Rousey’s ego was a little too high and some might say she became arrogant at the top undermining others. Although the two recent loses destroyed her mentally for a little bit, they certainly helped to humanize the former champ, which isn’t a bad thing

11 The Behind The Scenes

via usatthebiglead.files.wordpress.com

More and more than ever before, we’re starting to see female athletes proudly flaunt their goods for magazines like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. The pics are usually absolutely perfect, after all, weeks and weeks of editing go into the photos ensuring the athletes come across looking simply glowing.

Mrs. Rousey was so exception as she made headlines for her appearance in the SI Swimsuit Issue. Rousey cranked up the heat in the spread rocking a bodysuit that was made out of paint, yes, just paint. Fans love the behind the scenes, some, even more so than the actual pics due to the fact that you get a genuine look at the person. This shot has us drooling a little bit as Ronda applies the paint while we get a little hint of booty!

10 Ad Campaign With Another Dude

via youtube.com

If Rousey was married to an average Joe, such a picture really wouldn’t be that bad. But when you tied the knot with a UFC fighter, he likely doesn’t want to see such photos. When you fight for a living, we can assume your fuse is a little shorter than most. We hope the delicate Buffalo model was not harmed in the making of these photos.

Travis didn’t make the cut in this shoot, but the guy with the perfect head of hair did instead. The ad campaign was meant for the clothing company Buffalo, a brand Rousey has worked several shoots for in the past. Judging by some of her other pictures, this one might be the least one of Browne’s concerns. Let’s just say, jean button shirt, with nothing under.....

9 Candid Camera

via pinterest.com

Oh yes, the classic candid picture makes its way onto a Sportster list once again, we just love this type of photo as it portrays the given athlete or celebrity in a realistic light and not one that hides behind the glitz and glamour of the magical editing tool. In this raw picture, Ronda is seen rocking a pair of comfortable pants along with some flip flops she likely purchased at Target. And hey, she’s even wearing a David Bowie top, another item purchased at Target? Perhaps.

To her credit, she’s all fuelled up with what appears to be a green tea or spinach type of beverage (cause its green) and some water in her purse to wash it down. She looks none too pleased judging by her reaction but when you chose to reside in Venice, California, that’s the reality you chose!

8 The Defeats

via thenypost.files.wordpress.com

Yup, we needed to add this octagon photo, it’s not all about the “Not So PG” photos. Ronda and her husband experienced some big time heartbreak following Rousey’s back-to-back defeats. Her first loss to Holm was a huge shock as Rousey was a massive favorite in the matchup. Her return was highly anticipated, though again, it ended on a bitter note, this one, even worse as she was destroyed within seconds of the first round. In all likelihood, her most recent loss might be the last time we see Rousey inside of a cage.

Following the defeats, Rousey hit a huge depression. Her husband Travis Browne was a huge part in building her backup. Nowadays, the couple is in an excellent place hoping to keep those tough times in the past.

7 Airport Disaster

via craziestsportsfights.com

We promise we’ll return to some “Not So PG” content in the next entry, but for now, we need to cover another embarrassing moment both Ronda and her husband want us to forget about. Following her first shocking defeat to Holly Holm in November of 2015 (almost two years have already gone by!); Rousey chose to go in hiding following the fight. To make things worse, she resides in LA so one can imagine the furry of paparazzi she was walking into following her first ever loss.

Rousey was clearly having none of it and decided to hide her face with a pillow as her husband followed along. Looking back, this is a moment Ronda wants to forget about and if she could have done it again, we believe she would have taken a more “proud” route than covering her face like a sore loser. Sorry Ronda, but that was not a good decision.

6 Booty In MMA Gear

via pintrest.com

MMA fans are likely salivating at the sight of this picture, for that reason, poor Travis would rather we didn’t ogle on his wife in such attire. Rousey poses for the picture in a rare “back shot”, a type of pic we really haven’t seen that much of from the former champion.

With her glutes sticking out and actually smiling, this photo is truly wallpaper worthy. Heck, even her new boss Vince McMahon is likely impressed at the photo. Oh and by the way, if you haven’t done so, check out Sportster’s 15 pictures Vince McMahon’s PG WWE doesn’t want you to see of Ronda Rousey! We’ve got some good ones in that piece as well. But that’s for after, for now, just ogle at this picture a little longer.

5 The Weigh-In Magic

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

For dudes, the weigh-in is a good chance to sell a fight and trash talk just a little bit more before the actual clash. We saw it with McGregor and Floyd recently as the two hype machines took things to another level in terms of trash talk. McGregor was even talking down to Floyd as the dude weighed himself in front of a packed house. Now that’s some good television folks.

The ladies of UFC attempt the same as the men, though in truth, the male demographic are secretly ogling during this portion of the festivities. Mrs. Rousey has stolen are attention several times in the past including this shot as she rocks an ultra small bottom, while sporting a magnificent thin physique. Get your chin off the ground, it’s time to move on to the next one. You know what, actually keep it on the floor cause the next is just as steamy!

4 A Drink & Smoke

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Since he entered Rousey’s life, Travis Browne has been very protective of his girl and to his credit, helped her a lot when she was down. Without a doubt, Travis knows how crucial it is to protect the image of his now wife. Such pictures from the past certainly don’t help her cause especially with the younger demographic that looks up to the former MMA Champion.

Before her viral fame, Rousey loved to party it up with her friends and this is one of the many forgettable pics available online. On the bright side though, the drink is yellow, so hey, maybe kids might think she’s enjoying a glass of orange juice before bed. And we can say her friend is sucking on a modified inhaler to better her lungs...

3 Rousey & The Diaz Brothers

via youtube.com

Ah yes, the classic situation of your new chick (or in this case wife) having some close friends from the past that your likely not a big fan of. After all, we can make the assumption as the Diaz bros aren’t the most popular athletes on the planet. Though, oddly, both Nick and Nate managed to form a great friendship with Rousey, one that some speculated was a little more than a friendship, particularly between Ronda and Nick.

Obviously, such pics and speculation is better left in the past for Browne, especially due to the fact that it was all rumors with no concrete evidence, although Nick did admit Rousey got him to drink alcohol, which is a hell of an accomplishment. Nick says Rousey was huge in teaching him how to calm down and get a little more loose... we’ll leave that to your imaginations.

2 The Actual Ex-Boyfriend

via fightstate1.devise.netdna-cdn.com

Rousey didn’t have a slew of ex-boyfriends, however, she did have one that was well known and a former fighter. At one time, Rousey dated UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Ironically, the two broke up after Travis Browne knocked her ex-boyfriend out in a UFC bout. So basically, it was a "Ronda Rousey on a Pole" match, WCW style.

Ronda also dated another unnamed fellow she referred to as “Snappers McCreepy” in her tell all autobiography. This relationship was very abusive and ended on disturbing terms when the dude attempted to take creepy pics of Rousey without her knowing. Rousey is happier than ever nowadays however recently tying the knot with Browne during the end of August in his home state of Hawaii.

1 Hold My Beer – Let’s Take A Pic

via myspacecdn.com

Oh yes, the Four Horsewomen of the MMA world have been together for quite some time, enjoying the party life outside of the octagon. In almost all of Rousey’s pics from the past, one of the members is present in the photo. In this one, we see Ronda cuddling up next to Marina Shafir as the two pose in a “Not So PG” photo. Also present in the picture appears to be Shayna Baszler, WWE fans might know her for the recent appearance during the Mae Young Clasic losing is the finals to the great Kairi Sane.

Obviously, nowadays, all four have massive links to the WWE. Marina’s partner Roderick Strong is with the NXT brand, Shayna basically has a foot in the door and Rousey along with Jessamyn Duke continue to attend events. The writing is basically on the wall, book it Vince!

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