15 Pictures UFC Doesn't Want You To See

Like in various pro sports, the more entertaining it gets, the more the organization needs to focus on cleaning up the sport to the best of its ability. With the UFC currently peaking, it’s crucial th

Like in various pro sports, the more entertaining it gets, the more the organization needs to focus on cleaning up the sport to the best of its ability. With the UFC currently peaking, it’s crucial the company eliminates any negativity due to its abundance of sponsorship deals in the past couple of years. The current message from Dana White is simple, put on an all-out entertaining product in the octagon and during the building of a fight, while keeping things clean outside of the combat sport.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been the case. Thanks to today's technology, it’s almost impossible to get away with anything. This article proves exactly that with various behind the scenes pictures the UFC doesn’t want you to see. The photos include UFC stars partying it up outside of the octagon, fighters in awkward situations and some troubling times that fighters broke the law. For one beloved UFC star, the situation led to a two year suspension which he's still currently serving. We’ll have more on that a little later in the article.

Enough of the chit-chat, let’s get to the pictures. Here are 15 pictures the UFC doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy the list and let us know your favorite pictures!

15 Joe Rogan With Hair & In An Awkward Predicament


We're not sure what’s better in this picture: the fact that Rogan is casually standing and posing for a photo with a nude lady or the fact that he has a full head of hair on his head? We’ll let you guys decide what’s better about this picture.

Rogan has been one of the most valued employees in the UFC since the start of the company. Joe joined the UFC back in 1997 and still remains a part of the organization almost two decades later. Aside from his UFC life, Rogan is a political activist, pushing for the likes of legalizing cannabis in the United States. The outspoken UFC commentator also has a great weekly podcast which is definitely worth a listen. Joe discusses a variety of topics from the UFC, politics and some of the crazier conspiracy theories out there today.

14 Chuck Living It Up


After simply typing in the words “UFC star partying” in Google, we could have done an article on pictures of Chuck Liddell and his numerous nights out on the town. There are numerous pictures online of Chuck enjoying nightlift which various females, as he even has a couple of party pics with some of his UFC buddies. Judging by the photos, the dude loves to have a good time and rightfully so, as The Iceman, along with Randy Couture, helped to put the sport on the map.

Regardless of what Conor McGregor thinks, he should be thanking these pioneers for getting the opportunity to showcase his skills on a platform that these guys helped build. Chuck gave the combat sport some serious exposure, signing various endorsement deals along with making public appearances on shows such as Dancing with the Stars.

13 Georges Caught in the Act With a Bottle of Fiji Water


Oh, Georges St-Pierre, how we miss you. The UFC veteran is still negotiating a potential return to the UFC, but talks haven't gone well according to the former champion. St-Pierre claims he’s been trying to reach out to the UFC as of late, only to get neglected time and time again. This has infuriated Georges who passed on several acting projects for a possible return to the octagon. He was targeting the Toronto event as his huge return, but that no longer looks possible considering the event is set to take place in a couple of weeks. The Rebook sponsorship deal and other factors have halted his return. As fans of the sport, we hope this gets resolved quickly so we can see the Canadian fighter get back in the octagon.

As for the picture, well, Georges isn’t fooling us with his bottle of Fiji water. St-Pierre looks pretty glazed and seems to be recovering while surrounded by a flock of beautiful women. Why does he want to comeback again?

12 Conor The Plumber


Before he became a beloved UFC star, Conor “Notorious” McGregor, he was simply a dude that was working as a plumber (Conor "The Plumber" McGregor). Growing up in Ireland, Conor had two choices, play soccer or fight. He chose to fight. McGregor actually admitted to losing his first scrap against a girl, he also fought his father frequently as well. The two endured a rocky relationship as Conor dreamed of becoming an MMA star while his dad wanted him to stay put as a plumber. Eventually, the Irishman quit his job against his father’s wishes and pursued an MMA career. Wise decision wouldn’t you say?

It was at UFC 93 when Conor finally realized that this was exactly what he wanted to do. He also got himself a great photo with the legend himself Chuck Liddell.

11 Silva Wears an Interesting Shirt


Here, we have another UFC legend with a picture the UFC doesn’t want you to see. His relationship with the UFC was somewhat rocky over the course of epic run in the combat sport, as Dana White and Anderson Silva have gotten into it in the past because of Silva’s attitude. The fighter is very flamboyant, but some of his antics have seemed disrespectful more than anything else. Despite that, he was a tremendous draw and had one of the greatest careers in UFC history.

This picture basically sums up his UFC journey, arrogant, but effective. Despite his demeaning shirt, the woman seems to be all over him as Anderson watches on looking rather uncomfortable. Chances are, he probably didn’t even know what the shirt meant and just threw it on. Despite that, judging by the picture, it seemed to be a big chick magnet on that night.

10 A Young Ronda showing it Off


Just because she fought and wrestled her entire life doesn’t mean that Ronda didn’t have fun growing up. It was actually quite the opposite, as Rousey has several pictures of herself living it up with her friends. This picture shows Ronda unveiling some skin after a long day at the beach. By the looks of it, we assume alcohol was involved - lots of it for that matter.

Rousey actually has a surprising history of being surrounded by alcoholic beverages. After she quit judo at the age of 21, Rousey began to work three jobs in order to support herself, along with her dog, as Ronda worked as a bartender and cocktail waitress at several bars and restaurants. She would leave the scene in 2010 and join the world of MMA, winning her first amateur bout in 23 seconds via armbar.

9 Rampage in the Club


In terms of characters, Quinton"Rampage" Jackson is one of the greatest in UFC history. Rampage could not only beat you down in the octagon, but he could abuse the hell out of you verbally, becoming one of the most entertaining fighters in history. His way with words would eventually land him a career in the world of Hollywood, as he'd appear on several TV shows and films, like The A-Team, alongside actors like Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel. He would even appear in the world of pro wrestling, using his microphone skills for both WWE and TNA at different points.

Aside from his life in the public eye, Rampage also lived a great life outside of the octagon. The guy made boatloads of money and was often seeing partying it up at various clubs. This picture simply shows Rampage being Rampage, enjoying the view as it seems.

8 One More for Chuck


Okay, we promise this is the last Chuck Liddell picture. Seriously tough, we couldn’t help ourselves, as the guy's absolute gold and has a ton of hilarious pictures floating around on the internet. This picture once again shows Chuck getting a little "handsy," while enjoying some “quality time” with the ladies. After looking at all his pictures, we're not sure why The Iceman never got his own reality show.

The boat for that show has now officially sailed. Chuck married Heidi Northcott in November of 2010. The couple have had two children together, Charles David Liddell Jr. and daughter Guinevere. Chuck also has two other children from his prior relationship to MMA fighter Casey Noland.

7 UFC Legends Going to Bellator

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Although Dana White seems like a good boss, he's had some taxing relationships with a bunch of fighters in the past. Tito Ortiz was one of them, who claimed to have retired leaving the UFC in 2012 after his last contractual bout. Ortiz would later get inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, only to see his name removed due to the fact that he returned to action outside of the UFC with Bellator.

This wasn’t the first time such an event went down and it certainly won’t be the last. Even UFC legend Randy Couture had a bitter falling out with the company which caused the legend to join Bellator. To this day, Dana and Randy aren’t even on talking terms, which is alarming considering everything Randy did for the company. It seems like Dana just wants to sweep these names under a rug....until they leave Bellator that is.

6 The Controversial Arrests


Like other sports organizations, the UFC is no-nonsense when it comes to touchy subjects like arrests. With various sponsorship deals from high profile companies, the organization can't tolerate any negative publicity.

Fighters like Jason "Mayhem" Miller are exactly what the UFC wants to avoid, hence his retirement from the sport. Miller was making headlines on the regular for his reckless behavior. As a matter of fact, he’s still up to his old antics, recently getting arrested a couple of days ago for assaulting an officer. The picture above shows his very worst arrest and one the UFC surely wants to sweep under the octagon ring. Miller had a five-hour standoff with a SWAT team outside of his house. While this was going on, Miller was tweeting the entire event. His other charges include sleeping naked in a church and a bunch of domestic abuse incidents. Don’t expect to see any Mayhem Miller footage from the UFC in the future.

5 Jon Jones in Court


One of the greatest fighters in UFC history, Jon Jones has dealt with some tough times recently. The UFC superstar put the company in an awkward situation in April of 2015 when it was announced that Jones had been arrested for a hit-and-run charge. The former UFC Champion ran a red light, crashing his rental car while two other cars crashed as well. Jones fled the scene and authorities later found a marijuana pipe in the vehicle.

The process turned out to be pretty brutal for Jones, as he had to make various court appearances. Jones took to social media to apologize to his fans. UFC came down hard on Jones for his offense, stripping him of his championship and suspending the fighter indefinitely. After all the dust settled, Jones was charged with 18 months of supervised probation.

4 The UFC 200 Disaster


Once again, Jon Jones is on the wrong side of things. This time, the situation was pertaining to the biggest event in UFC history, UFC 200. Jones was slated to main event the biggest show in company history to take on Daniel Cormier. Recent headlines indicated that Bones was set to make an “eight-figure” payday, but ultimately that did not happen.

Just before the highly anticipated bout, Jones would test positive for a banned substance. Jones was immediately taken out of the match and suspended for an entire year. It was later revealed that they found hormone altering drugs in his system, which were banned from the sport. It's tough to see one of the UFC’s greatest of all-time undergo such troubling times. Naturally, the UFC would probably agree.

3 Ronda's Flight Home


It’s clear that Dana White has his favorites and good on him for not trying to keep it a secret. Looking at his connection with some fighters, it’s rather obvious which ones he truly loves and Ronda is certainly at the top of that list. Rousey helped bring the UFC to another level and she is now regarded as one of the greatest female athletes on the planet. We can only assume Dana has no problems with that.

With that in mind, there's no way the UFC would want fans to be reminded of this picture of Ronda Rousey after her long plane ride home from Australia after UFC 193. She's seen covering her face with a pillow here, as he lost her fight to Holly Holm by a large margin and didn't want anyone to see the damage Holm did.

2 Dana & His Favorites


As we just discussed, Dana has his favorites and he makes it pretty obvious. Another person you can add to the list of fighters beloved by Dana is The Notorious Conor McGregor. Just looking at how much entertainment Conor brought to the table at last week's UFC event, it’s pretty clear the guy is absolute money and taking the sport to another level with his entertainment value, which seems to be unmatched when looking at any era within the company. Even Dana looked like a little kid with his eyes sparkling while watching McGregor cut a promo at the press conference or hold up two titles while dropping constant “F” bombs after the fight. White loves entertainment and that’s exactly what Conor brings to the table.

In a perfect world, Dana will watch Ronda Rousey climb back up on her throne and the end of 2016. It would be perfect for White if Conor held two titles while Ronda became the newly crowned champion.

1 Conor Exposed


The wild child of the UFC got caught in a sticky situation, as you see in the picture above. According to witnesses, McGregor cheated on his long-time partner at a party. Apparently, witnesses claim Conor was completely out of it at the party, consuming a heavy amount of drugs, which included cocaine. McGregor was apparently in a private room and demanded nobody pull out their cell phones while he was around. Conor was said to be acting very erratic and claimed to be “untouchable,” yelling at the top of his lungs. Reports later surfaced that he had hooked up with the young woman you see in the picture above.

The allegations slowly winded down and Conor is now set to have a kid with his partner. He also plans on taking time off to stay with Dee Devlin throughout the experience. He’s living quite the life nowadays!

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