15 Pictures You Need To See Of Conor McGregor Outside The Octagon

Who da fook is this guy? That’s Conor McGregor, one of the greatest MMA practitioners of our time. He’s brash, confident, and has the wit to slay his competitors before they even step into the octagon. McGregor has been praised for his technique and physique, however, the average person is starting to notice how strong his psychological game is.

Sure, many people have been vitriolic towards him because of his pontificating nature, but the guy backs it up with his fists. Even though he lost MMA fights before coming to the UFC, his biggest hurdle was getting past his crushing loss to Nate Diaz. McGregor would beat him in a rematch and then went on to win the UFC Lightweight Championship, becoming the first dual champion in the history of the UFC.

Since then, everyone has been wondering what’s next. Rumors have been swirling around for months that he may step into unknown territory and have a professional boxing match against the greatest fighter of our generation, Floyd Mayweather. Just like Mayweather, McGregor is a master at staying relevant in pop culture and the news without having a fight lined up. This match could be all smoke and mirrors, but that fact that it’s even being talked about speaks volumes to the success of McGregor, both inside the octagon and out.

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15 Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword

via lockerdome.com

The rumors are true and McGregor will appear in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones this summer. The showrunners must have seen this photo and thought he would be a perfect fit for the show. If you didn’t know, GoT has a lot of battles involving swords, maces, and bow and arrows, so McGregor would fit right into the show.

If there ever would be a sequel to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, just come knocking on McGregor’s door, as he looks like he can wield a long sword pretty well. His friend behind him is also a lucky guy, Imagine McGregor having your back in a scuffle at some bar. Let’s not even talk about all the alcohol on the dresser. This is what a king of MMA looks like ladies and gentlemen, soak it in.

14 Who's The Champ?

via themaclife.com

It’s good to be the champ. We aren’t placing any wagers, but it would be a pretty safe bet to suggest McGregor could convince one of these ladies, if not all, to have a fun time in the bedroom. This is what a modern gladiator looks like on a “PG” level. Back in the Roman times, the top gladiators were knee deep in crazy group actives involving adult fun.

Today, the closest thing you’ll get to see is a photo like this, unless there’s a leak that comes out. Of course, all the girls were there to promote a product or business, but that wouldn’t stop the champ from courting a friendship. The only person that could possibly stop him is his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his unborn baby.

13 Making Bank

via dailymail.co.uk

After a 67 second knockout of featherweight Marcus Brimage in his debut for the UFC, McGregor held up the microphone and said, “Dana, 60 Gs Babayyyy [sic]!” McGregor went from earning $60,000 to becoming one of the highest-paid athletes ever in the sport of MMA. He’s on the right track to be a multi-billionaire and this photo basically sums it up for you.

McGregor was posing with a fellow training partner, Artem Lobov, for his tour promoting UFC 189 against then UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo. There are also other photos of him posing in a similar way that boxing legend Muhammad Ali did for Sports Illustrated in 1964. McGregor may not be on the level of Ali just yet when it comes to transcending the sport and his brand, however, he’s on his way.

12 McGregorMania

via yahoo.com

This photo is still fresh in the minds of many McGregor fans. It’s not a secret the champ loves professional wrestling, but it was a surprise to see him pick up a chair and threaten to hit then UFC Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. McGregor would come late to the UFC 205 press conference to promote the match, however, when he did arrive, the fireworks began.

Not only did he pick up a chair, but while Alvarez was backstage, he took his belt and posed with it. UFC 205 wasn’t just your ordinary card either, it was the first time the UFC ever had an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City. McGregor would destroy Alvarez in their match and win the UFC Lightweight Championship.

11 Just Another Day For The Champ

via motor1.com

McGregor is one of the few people that can wear a hoodie, jeans, and beanie while still looking like a million bucks. That beautiful car behind him is his BMW i8 which can cost up to $140,700 dollars. Since McGregor’s net worth has skyrocketed, the champ hasn’t been frugal with his money. His collection of vehicles includes the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Cadillac Escalade, Roll-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, BMW 730 M Sport, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, and a Mercedes-Benz S500.

He hasn’t reached Jay Leno status when it comes to car collections yet, but give the gentleman some time.

10 An Epic Face-Off

via dailymail.co.uk

Do you see the energy that’s coming off the physiques of these two powerhouse athletes? If either one touched the other, it’s possible the energy would have exploded into a nuclear event. We joke around, but seriously, this is one epic photo of two legends in their respective sports. After Cristiano Ronaldo laid waste to his competitors in the UEFA Euro 2016, he decided to take a vacation in Las Vegas.

He ended up at McGregor’s pre-UFC 202 training camp. The Irishman was getting ready to avenge his stunning loss to Nate Diaz and decided the two should take a photo in the ring. If Ronaldo didn’t grow up with a God-like ability to control a soccer ball and he applied his natural gifts to MMA, it’s possible he could have been a great fighter. Soccer kicks to the head anyone?

9 Las Vegas Pool Party With The Notorious

via sportsjoe.ie

Can you spot the Irishman? After you’re done playing “finding McGregor,” let us just take a moment to soak in what happens when you become a champ. Many people may not know this, but before McGregor was cracking skulls in an arena, he was a plumber. From simple plumber to one of the most prolific MMA fighters ever, McGregor’s tale and legacy will be told for decades to come.

It’s got to be hard for someone to stay single while all these women flock to you. McGregor’s girlfriend of nine years is due to have a child this year, so let’s hope he doesn’t slip up. As of now, things seem to be going well as Conor's been taking some time off to help with the birth of his child.

8 Late Night Fun

via thesun.co.uk

If you’re at a party with Conor McGregor, don’t be surprised if he starts to take off his clothes and walk around in his purple briefs. With a bottle in one hand and the camera in the other, McGregor literally lives the life that most of us have fantasized about.

The seriousness in his face just tops if off because you know that huge grin came back once the camera was done flashing. The guy has a massive entourage and it seems like none of his buddies are complaining that they get to hang out with the champ. The dude in the back holding up the bottle certainly looks like he's enjoying the ride. Can you blame him?

7 McGregor The Jockey

via paulickreport.com

When you’re the champ, doors to new opportunities open up for you. McGregor has dipped his toes into television as well as the video game universe and he even will appear on the epic HBO series Game of Thrones. McGregor on a horse naked is usually something you thought you would never see, but it happened, sort of.

The Notorious would appear in an episode of the Pegasus World Cup Invitational’s 13th Jockey series and instead of wearing the proper jockey attire, he wanted to ride the horse in the nude. The production team does a great job giving the illusion he’s in the nude, however, other photos have come out that he was wearing beige underwear. Maybe when McGregor is done destroying fighters in MMA, he'll move on to the horse tracks.

6 There's A First For Everything

via youtube.com

A picture tells a thousand words and this is one of the funnier ones to ever be taken in the MMA world. During a press conference to promote UFC 189, McGregor would do something no other UFC fighter has ever done. He would literally take the champion's belt and raise it as if he was already the winner. It was an epic stunt that only helped build McGregor’s brand. McGregor would have to wait until UFC 194 until he could dethrone the UFC Featherweight Champion.

Just like the photo with Eddie Alvarez, you can see McGregor doesn’t hold back when he’s in the room. Dana White doesn’t get enough credit for being the referee in all these heated stare downs at press conferences. It’s a guarantee something like this will happen again down the road with McGregor.

5 Who Runs New York City?

via bjpenn.com

Hall of Fame legends Randy Couture and B.J. Penn have held titles in two separate weight divisions, however, they never held the titles simultaneously. Conor McGregor became the first ever duel UFC Champion when he defeated Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight Championship at UFC 205. In front of the bright lights of New York City, McGregor destroyed Alvarez in the second round by way of TKO.

A few weeks later, the UFC would strip McGregor of his Featherweight Championship so he could focus on the Lightweight Division. Don’t expect McGregor to move back down to Featherweight because the weight cut did take a toll on his body, but you can expect him to stay in the Lightweight Division, as well as taking on possible “super fights” with Georges St-Pierre and UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.

4 Sparring With A Mountain

via pinterest.com

Technically these are stills from a video and not a photograph, but let us not quibble about it. That huge man is none other than 6-foot-9 Hafthor Julius Bjornsson. Before he played the role of The Mountain on HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, he was a professional strongman and even dabbled in professional basketball in his home country of Iceland. If UFC Lightweights were crazy enough to fight a Heavyweight, McGregor would be the one to do it.

Too bad UFC isn’t like the good old days when weight was a non-factor in their tournaments. It all started with a photo op at McGregor’s gym in Ireland and the next thing you know, these two were sparring against each other. It’s also a safe bet to suggest Bjornsson gave him the right contact information so McGregor could be an extra in next season’s Game of Thrones.

3 One Legend Meets Another

via mmajunkie.com

If you have never seen this picture of legendary UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell and Conor McGregor, we’re glad we can be the one to show you. A 16-year-old McGregor met Liddell at his first UFC event twelve years ago. The photo is an epic one because it’s literally one living legend meeting a future living legend. The facial expressions on both faces are also classic and probably will forever be circulated through the MMA community.

Liddell’s probably asking himself, “Who is this guy?" Liddell has always been one of McGregor’s favorite fighters and the Hall of Famer has shown that same respect back. If you didn’t know, Liddell’s nickname is “The Iceman” because nothing would faze him in the octagon, the same can be said for McGregor.

2 Someone Is Having Fun

via googleusercontent.com

Before McGregor was given the national attention he's getting now, the champ was still enjoying himself in every way possible. This photo popped up sometime after his second win in the UFC, with Interim UFC Featherweight Champion, Max Holloway, with a torn ACL. You read that right, McGregor tore his ACL in the second round of his bout with Holloway and still went on to win the match, that’s how tough he is.

This photo took place at a strip club in Las Vegas and apparently McGregor didn’t read the do not touch signs. Former NFL offensive lineman and Hall of Famer, “Nasty” Willie Roaf was also seen partying with The Notorious on that night. After looking at this photo, who wouldn’t want to party with him?

1 Dirty Rumors

via viralthread.com

You would think McGregor wouldn’t care about someone taking a picture of him at a party, but the talented Irishmen is actually very protective of his private life. “People think he likes the limelight; he doesn’t. He just likes fighting and promoting fights,” said his longtime trainer, John Kavanagh, in a recent interview. Not only does this picture show McGregor’s distaste for being photographed in a private setting, but the story surrounding the photo went viral as well.

The woman who took this photo posted a lengthy story allegedly claiming McGregor fools around with ladies of the night and snorts an avalanche of drugs on weekend benders. She also claimed McGregor didn't like her taking any photos, as you can see in the picture. Most people wouldn’t care what the champ does in his spare time, however, his girlfriend since 2008 may have raised some questions. The couple seems to be on the same page because they’re expecting a child later this year.

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