15 Ringcard Girls That Have Us Tuning Into UFC

The idea of a "ringcard girl" - the very attractive woman strutting herself around the ring in very little clothing while holding up a card denoting which round of the fight is about to begin - isn't exactly a new concept. Back in the day, when boxing was one of the most dominant sports in America, you'd see one of these ring girls at every fight. But back then, after they sauntered around the ring and dealt with the usual whistles and cat calls, you never really gave them a second thought. Think about it: can you name one famous ringcard girl from the 1980's or even the 1990's?

Over the past two decades, mixed martial arts (MMA) overtook boxing as the combat sport of choice, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) became the most powerful new combat sports promotion company since the World Wrestling Federation's rise in the 1980's and 1990's. Just like how Dana White became the modern day Don King and/or Vince McMahon by transforming the way title fights are now promoted, the ring girls of the UFC - and other MMA federations - have transformed our previously held notions of the girl who we hooted and hollered at in between rounds and then never heard from again. These modern day ring card girls have parlayed their looks into lucrative modelling gigs and media jobs that sometimes earn them more money than what the fighters themselves make. Even if you're not a fan of MMA, the women on this list are hot enough to make you reconsider.

Presented for your entertainment: the 15 Hottest Ring Girls That Have Us Tuning Into The UFC.

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15 Red Dela Cruz

via si.com

In 2015, the UFC made Red Dela Cruz the first woman from The Philippines to become an octagon girl, after she had won the company's octagon girl search in Asia. But Dela Cruz was no rookie herself to the fight game, having served as a ring card girl for Guam’s Pacific Xtreme Combat. Dela Cruz leveraged that experience when entering the competition, as well as the fact that she had been ranked among FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World for three straight years between 2013 and 2015. After making it to the top five of the octagon girl search, the winner was decided by fan voting, out of which Dela Cruz emerged victorious. That's why it comes as little surprise that she remains very popular among fans these days, with an enormous following across various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Dela Cruz officially made her UFC debut in May of 2015, at UFC Fight Night 66.

14 Jamilette Gaxiola

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The best way to describe Jamilette Gaxiola is "half mexican, half cuban, and 100% gorgeous." A native of Mazatlan, Mexico, Gaxiola competed in Miss Mexico USA as Miss Sinaloa, and because she is of Cuban descent (on her mother's side), she was also able to represent that country in Miss Earth 2009. She also had a role in the short-lived television show "The Shores" on the Television Guide channel. But Gaxiola transitioned over from the beauty pageant world to the UFC world by first appearing on the first two seasons of UFC's reality television show "The Ultimate Fighter," and then eventually as a ring card girl at UFC 180. She appeared in a Maxim magazine featured titled "Tap out with 12 brutally attractive UFC octagon girls." If you're going to lose a fight, there could be many  worse ways to do so, compared to being held tightly by Jamilette Gaxiola.

13 Brittney Palmer

Via: MyMMANews.com

The appeal of Brittany Palmer stems from that "girl next door" archetype. Of course, that presumes that the girl who lived next door to you growing up would end up posing for Playboy magazine. Regardless, Palmer just seems like the type of girl who would challenge you at the gym, blend in perfectly with your guy friends, and then rock your world when the two of you are alone in the bedroom. The two-time ring of the "Ringcard Girl of the Year" award, Palmer has become one of the most popular (non-fighter) female figures in the sport. When she's not working ringside, you'll find her enjoying sushi, going snowboarding, or working on her latest painting for the studio she furnishes and curates on her own. That's probably why she lists "talent" and "ambition" as two of the things she finds most attractive in guys trying to score a date with her. So while she is more than just a pretty face, it's hard to get past just how pretty that face is to start with.

12 Rachelle Leah

via ufc.com

Rachelle Leah is something of an "original gangster" in the octagon girl world. She first got discovered at only 19 years old, when someone at the UFC saw her photo on a boxing website, back in 2003; she was very quickly hired on as an octagon girl after that. Because she was able to get in with the UFC so early, she was able to ride the wave of their soaring popularity, and used that momentum to become something of a multimedia modelling mogul herself. There's the numerous magazine appearances she's made, in publications including Maxim, Vegas Magazine, and of course, Playboy magazine. Then there's the television work she's done, on shows including Spike's "Sexiest NYC Bartenders", Spike TV's Women of Action, Casino Cinema, and Inside the UFC. She's even appeared in the 2009 video game "UFC 2009 Undisputed." Today, she hosts UFC All Access on Spike TV, which airs before every major UFC Pay Per View event.

11 Amber Nicole Miller

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In terms of the "godmother UFC octagon girls," Amber Nicole Miller is the Joe Frazier to Rachelle Leah's Muhammad Ali. Alongside Leah, Miller was considered to be one of the first girl card girls in mixed martial arts, making her debut back at UFC 40 in 2002. However, she felt that Leah was using her clout with the company to promote herself in ways that didn't please Nicole, leading to a fallout between the two that almost led to fisticuffs of their own at UFC 78. Miller is now a spokesmodel for XYIENCE Energy Drink, but she's still does some periphery work with the the UFC. Her ill feelings are more geared towards her former nemesis than her former employer, as Miller recently said, in an interview with noted MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, that she’d love to make a guest appearance as an octagon girl again if the UFC asked her.

10 Jhenny Andrade

via ufc.com

Though she doesn't compete in the octagon herself, Jhenny Andrade pulled off one of the biggest upsets in UFC history in 2017. She became the first non-American woman to win the "Ringcard Girl of the Year" award at the World MMA Awards presented by Fighters Only. Andrade also broke the stranglehold over the award that fellow ringcard girls Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer had held, as one of those two had won the award for each of the past eight years. The Brazilian bombshell made her UFC debut at UFC 163 in 2012, and her popularity has exploded ever since. Before joining the UFC, Andrade had a recurring column called "The Perfect Girlfriend" in VIP magazine, one of the most prestigious men’s magazine in Brazil, for six years. In that time frame, she learned how to make barbecue, change an electric shower, and play soccer - all of which she had heard from men describing the perfect woman.

9 Vanessa Hanson

via twitter.com

Vanessa Hanson is basically most men's dream come true. She's a self-proclaimed gastronome who's just as happy eating a big plate of nachos as she is filet mignon. She's great in the kitchen (meaning she can make more than just nachos). She loves Tarantino movies, she has a crude and raunchy sense of humour, and of course, she's ridiculously good looking. But before you get your hopes up, she admits to preferring to date guys over six-feet tall... which disqualifies a whole lot of us. She first got her start with the UFC back in 2011, when she won a contest at the U.S. Open of Surfing to be a guest Octagon Girl at UFC 136; ironically, she professes to not knowing how to surf, despite growing up only two blocks from the beach. From there, she eventually became a full-time octagon girl, which also helped her expand her portfolio of modelling gigs and magazine appearances.

8 Mercedes Terrell

via dragzine.com

If you're looking for Mercedes Terrell to walk around the UFC octagon holding up one of the ring cards, you won't find her anytime soon. That's because Terrell is actually a ringcard girl for Bellator MMA Fighting. While a lot of girls have used the popularity of the UFC to springboard their career, Terrell remains very happy being part of the "Bellator family", and doesn't have any intentions of straying too far away from the company or the sport. Growing up in a house with five sisters and no brothers, Terrell was the type of girl who by her own admission would rather take art classes than play a sport. But there was something about the rawness of MMA that absolutely captivated her, and the intricacy and technical-nature of the sport only drew her interest even more. When she's not ringside for a Bellator event, she's doing promo work for Monster Energy Supercross, Superbike races, or Moto GP Championship.

7 Luciana Andrade

via dailymotion.com

Luciana Andrade is the personification of everything you think of when you picture a Brazilian woman in your head: tall, naturally tanned skin, a perfect face, and more curves than a go-kart race track. A native of Curitiba, Brazil, Andrade actually went to law school and worked in the legal field for nine years after that. She also worked as a model during that time frame, so one can only guess how much people were paying attention to her versus what was actually going on in the courtroom. Andrade definitely isn't quite fluent  in English yet, but we don't know if that's a bad thing; in fact, that probably just makes her hotter. Andrade officially made her UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 56 back in November of 2014, and regularly appears with Carly Baker (another hottie on this list) as an octagon girl for UFC fights, especially those that take place in Brazil or other South American countries.

6 Kahili Blundell

via sporthot.gr

Kahili Blundell, might be named after a Hawaiian flower, but she's definitely not Hawaiian, and she's definitely not a delicate little flower. The Australian-born Blundell was bit by the modelling bug early, as her mother was a former model as well. Her first break in the modelling world was when she won the Ralph Swimsuit Model of the Year in 2011. To keep in shape, presumably because she spent a lot of time not wearing clothes, she was a dancer all her life. When she began working as a personal trainer on the side, her workout regimen started incorporating much more combat sports exercises. Coincidentally, she learned of the opportunity to become octagon girl for UFC through a friend, and was eventually hired by the company to work UFC events in Australia (as well as other parts of the world).

5 Ashley Piccone

via cffc.com

Ashley Piccone is a relative newcomer to the UFC octagon girl, but she's definitely a welcome sight for anyone who's laid eyes on her. The brunette Jersey girl worked as a ring card model for Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) for quite some time, before graduating up to the "big leagues" of mixed martial arts. Not surprisingly, she made her official UFC debut at an event in Newark, New Jersey, in the spring of 2015. In between UFC events, Piccone spends her days in her new home of Las Vegas, working as a cocktail waitress at the uber-popular Wet Republic Ultra Pool club by day, and then at Jewel Night Club in the evenings. And in case anything happens to you while you're enjoying some time in either venue, you don't have to worry too much while she's "on duty," as Piccone is a Certified Medical Assistant. We'll go ahead and leave you alone with your "beautiful nurse" thoughts now.

4 Carly Baker

via mymmanews.com

It's somewhat ironic that one of the most popular UFC octagon girls hails from one of the tennis capitals of the world. Born in Wimbledon, England, Carly Baker became the UFC's first European-born octagon girl. Though she started modelling before her UFC career began, like most of the girls on this list she's become very well known worldwide thanks to the exposure this position has gotten her. She's done everything from appearing as the lead actress in a music video as well as a whole slew of commercials, to modelling in nearly all of the "lad rags" in the United Kingdom, like FHM, ZOO, and Daily Mail among others. She even appeared in something of a "cosplay" role, when she portrayed the part of Sonya Blade in trailers for a new Mortal Kombat video game release. Baker made her debut at UFC 200, in July of 2016, and has been a fixture at pay per view events ever since.

3 Chrissy Blair

via mmamania.com

The UFC octagon is a far cry from the pages of nursing catalogs, where current octagon girl Chrissy Blair first began her modelling. Then again, modelling seemed like a far cry from a future profession, considering she grew up as something of a beach bum with little interest in makeup or fashion by her own admission. She actually won a modelling competition after entering it on a dare from her friend, which led to her modelling in Milan, Italy, and eventually being named a model for L'Oreal, posing for Sports Illustrated magazine, and being selected as one of the girls for the Guess clothing line. But most of those modelling gigs didn't last long, as she joined up with the Strikeforce fighting promotion company which led to her current role with the UFC. Blair is also the co-founder of Kalumi, a line of all-natural, model friendly, and travel ready food and supplements.

2 Camila Oliveira

via the mmacorner.com

Brazilian Octagon girl Camila Oliveira is about so much more than strutting her (perfect) body in a tiny pair of shorts between rounds at a UFC fight. Don't let the raven-haired beauty fool you: she's as passionate about the sport and the fighters as any ring card girl in the industry. She spent nine years studying Capoeira growing up and later took up muay thai kickboxing. That lifestyle focused around training and dieting led her to start dating another fighter (Erick Silva). She's proud of the advancement of the women's division of the UFC, though she has no intentions of competing in it anytime soon. She actually cried at UFC 162, when fellow Brazilian Anderson Silva lost his championship belt after getting knocked out by Chris Wideman. She's also very involved in the social responsibility initiatives of the UFC as well.

1 Arianny Celeste

via ironmanmagazine.com

You could call Arianny Celeste the "heavyweight champion" of UFC ring card girls, although heavyweight would probably not be anywhere near the top of the list of descriptions to use with her perfectly toned and well-maintained body. Want to see for yourself? Go find the November 2010 issue of Playboy magazine, in which Celeste posed nude; that issue was one of the magazine's top-selling issues of the year. A six-time Ringcard Girl of the Year" award-winner, Celeste has parlayed her popularity in the UFC into a whole slew of modelling and media gigs, making her among the highest paid non-athletes in the UFC today. That actually led to to some public admonishment from former UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey, who publicly groused that either "ring card girls are paid too much, or the fighters aren't paid enough." Regardless, Celeste's personal and professional stock keeps soaring upward, which isn't surprising after you take one good look at her.

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