15 Ronda Rousey Memes That Are Savage AF

A few years ago, the UFC decided to give women's MMA a try. There were numerous promotions throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world that had seen women participate prior to this, but it took the UFC until late 2012 to get on board, and did so by awarding Ronda Rousey the UFC Women's Bantamweight belt after the promotion's acquisition of Strikeforce.

Her six title defenses, good looks (when not competing, of course), vicious armbars, media savvy and of course, intensity, all combined to put women's MMA on the map in the UFC, the sport's largest promotion. While on top, as any outspoken champion will, she earned the respect of many, and the disgust of plenty of people as well. Then, as is the case with any great champion, Rousey had her crown taken away. The was courtesy of Holly Holm's sharp game planning and punishing, precise striking.

Her more than a year off from the sport earned her no new fans, as people wanted to see her back in the octagon, but she went on talk shows and cried. Finally, when Dana White finally got her to fight again, the belt had changed hands two more times, and as we all saw, she got handed her second career loss, and second straight to Amanda Nunes and a 48 second barrage of vicious punches.

Like any major sports star, there has been a Ronda Rousey themed feeding frenzy over the last few years, and that has included plenty of memes. Here are fifteen of the most savage.

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16 Nasty Knockouts

via facebook.com/funnymma

The relationship goals meme is a funny one and can go one of two ways. It can be two people who are in the middle of doing something simple that is awesome, with this caption, serving as motivation. On the other hand, "relationship goals" can be used sarcastically for people in terrible situations, such as the example seen here. The two pictures are of course, Ronda being pummeled by Holly Holm after eating a kick, and up top is the man in her life, Travis Browne, in a similar situation after being rocked by Derrick Lewis. As a couple they are 0-5 in their last five. Fun fact, right? Come on! You know you're laughing at least in the back of your mind at this one.

15 ...No You're Not

via memecenter.com

After her first professional loss, we got to know another side of Ronda Rousey. Prior to the loss of her belt, Ronda was ever-confident, constantly aggressive, and was particularly self-assured even for an athlete. This tweet was just one of many instances of her flaunting her win streak and vowing to leave the sport with a big "0" in the loss column.

Of course, her fight against Bethe Correia was her last win, and came just a few months before her loss to Holly. After that loss we got to see Ronda's miserable, vulnerable, "teenage girl having a bad week" side. Who can forget Rosuey on Ellen talking about that dark place she went to after her loss to Holm?

14 Floyd Weighs In

via nowaygirl.com

A couple of years ago, Rousey said that she thinks she could beat anyone on the planet in a "no rules fight." In particular, she has called out boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. She has said that she would win in a ruleless fight with him, and has also commented on his lack of literacy and his treatment of women.

While the fight between Floyd and Conor McGregor will likely never happen, a hypothetical fight between "Money" Mayweather and Ronda is even less likely. But moving back to the meme, Floyd is still undefeated and even if he did step into a scrap with Conor, he'd almost definitely leave that ring with another win. Floyd will probably die undefeated, which is no longer an option for Ronda.

13 Not Cyborg!!!

via imgur.com

Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino is probably the most feared woman in martial arts. She hasn't lost a fight in over a decade and were it not for a no contest (originally a very dominant 16 second win, overturned because of a failed drug test), she'd be 17-0 since 2005. One of the big stories in the UFC for the last year has been whether or not Cyborg could make 135 lbs for a Bantamweight match. Her weight-cutting struggles are well-documented, and it has been suggested that this has been the primary reason to form a Featherweight women's division.

Fans have also suggested that nobody in all of women's MMA would want to fight Cyborg, and they might just be onto something. If Dana White ever told Ronda she'd have to fight Justino, a hissy fit might be the result.

12 Fan Man Moe

via ebaumsworld.com

This meme is an absolute gem and takes us back to season eight of The Simpsons, in which the episode "The Homer They Fall" features Homer becoming a local boxing icon, and being roped into a fight with champion Drederick Tatum (Mike Tyson). Prior to this final fight, the "Fan Man" shows up, in a parody of a real life event in which James Miller, a stuntman, interrupted a fight between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield.

During the bout, Homer is getting mercilessly brutalized, and is unable to use his "Rope-a-dope-esque" strategy of letting other punchers tire themselves out. When it becomes clear that Homer is in danger, Moe the bartender steals the paramotor from Fan Man and swoops in and saves his friend.

In this case, Moe is saving Ronda after her 48 second embarrassment at the hands of Amanda Nunes. In this case...Herb Dean may have been the closest thing to Moe, getting Ronda out of there before she was hurt, although he did take some heat for what many believed to have been a quick/early stoppage.

11 Three In One

via bjjee.com

What is better than a meme? How about three in one image? It's called efficiency, people (and whoever put this gem together definitely deserves a hand for the tiple dose of laughter). The one on the left is making a joke about the fact that Rousey doesn't have much in the way of boxing skills. The top on the right is an ongoing joke about her being out of MMA in the near future, as many fans no longer see her as even a contender. Finally, as referee Herb Dean was calling the fight, she kind of resembled a "wacky, waving, inflatable arm flailing tube man," often seen as an advertising aid outside stores and popularized by the television show Family Guy.


9 That Was Fast

via usatoday.com

This picture and similar ones floated around the internet shortly after Rousey's loss to Amanda Nunes. The shot is of a banker from the show South Park. In this episode, main character Stan Marsh is trying to open a bank account, but shortly after his first deposit, the teller announces "and it's gone;" a parody of the ongoing financial crisis in the United States back in the 2000's when the episode was created.

We waited over a year to see Ronda step back into the octagon, and when she did, she was put away in under a minute after a brilliant onslaught by Nunes. She was back for 48 seconds, and as we all know, she's now gone again. Who knows when we'll see her in the octagon again?

8 It Is Fine...

via facebook.com

The picture used here was actually taken when Ronda was on a talk show discussing her first loss and the emotional roller-coaster that came after.

Travis Browne and Derrick Lewis squared off in early 2017, and Lewis had mentioned the fact that he came from a broken home and had seen his mother abused by his father in his youth. He also said he used this as motivation for his fight against Browne, as Browne's ex-wife had said that Travis was abusive during their relationship.

After he won in dominant fashion, Lewis infamously asked "where's Ronda Rousey's fine ass?" This meme was born and it is a total gem. We'd be scared too, Lewis is an intimidating looking dude.

7 After the First KO

via theboxhouston.com

This shot was taken after the Holm fight, and Holly, being a decent sport 9something Rousey hasn't quite llearned in her professional and likely never will), is showing Ronda some due respect. Rousey looks messed up, and like she is still half asleep, with a look on her face that can only result from a punishing head kick. She's also probably holding back tears and more than a little dizzy; possibly having trouble standing up. It was a terrible situation for her, but she handled it fairly well at this point. The caption however, is hilarious and about as savage as one can get looking at a post-fight picture like this.

6 That's Unflattering

via youtube.com

If you look around online, you'll see plenty of examples of Ronda Rousey looking absolutely stunning (in fact, Rousey has been considered by many publications to be one of the hottest women currently on the palent). When she's dolled up, she's very pretty, no question. But she's not trying to look hot when she's competing, and while doing so, she looks like a whole different person. This shot is an unflattering angle, an unfortunate look on her face, it is post-fight and of course there is a lack of makeup. Does she look like Sloth from The Goonies? Well, not normally, but the resemblance is undeniable here. Savage, how unfortunate.

5 We Can't Forget...She's Hot

via memesuper.com

We couldn't throw up a picture comparing Ronda to Sloth without making sure we put up one of her looking sexy. It wouldn't be right, and while we love these tasteless, savage memes, we don't want to be too tough on a legitimately impressive fighter who has been huge for women's MMA.

This meme showed up after her incredible win over Cat Zingano back in early 2015. Zingano tried to throw a few strikes in the first few seconds of the fight, but Ronda dodged and took her down, managing to secure an armbar and get the tap at just 14 seconds in the first round.

Like the meme says, we probably wouldn't last that long either with Ronda looking like she does there...if you know what we mean.

4 High AF

via onsizzle.com

This is a before and after shot of Ronda getting punched in the head by Amanda Nunes (remember all the hype behind this fight. All that build towards the bout? All that Rousey trash type and emdia frenzy?). Some internet-savvy genius photoshopped a bong in there so it looks like she's taking a huge rip and then reacting to that. Instead, she was being knocked out in an impressive display of aggressive punching by Nunes. Honestly though, the faces she made while getting destroyed in that fight were pretty funny. Whatever Ronda is smoking, we'll pass, it hasn't done her any favors.

3 It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference

via latintimes.com

Ronda Rousey has never been one for a whole lot of sportswomanship. She said numerous times that she wasn't into sports to make friends, and didn't care for certain things like touching gloves before a scrap. This is of course a shot of that infamous kick from Holly Holm that knocked her out. Whether Ronda bothered to touch gloves before the fight was pretty much irrelevant, as she was very outmatched, having not encountered a gifted striker like Holly before in her career. She could have touched gloves beforehand (as many fighters do as a sign of respect), but with hindsight being 20/20 this fight should have been an easy one to call. It likely wouldn't have made any difference, but this savage meme is still a funny one.

2 Rush Hour

via sportige.com

This shot is taken from the classic comedy flick Rush Hour, featuring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. In this scene, Tucker is getting acrobatically kicked by some Asian gentlemen and then demands to know which one of his was actually doing the kicking. This meme is also a perfect one to reuse anytime there is a devastating knockout.

This scenario works perfectly for a disoriented Ronda in response to Holly Holm's punishing kick that sent her crashing to the canvas a year and a half ago. It looked like a nasty one and we all know it hit clean, and she even commented that she thought some teeth were loose in the right side of her face for months after the bout.

1 Great Coaching, Edmond!!

via youtube.com

We can't make a list of Ronda Rousey memes without at least mentioning her head coach, the legendary Edmond Tarverdyan. We say legendary, but we most definitely use this word ironically.

Tarverdyan is famous for all the wrong reasons, and many fans and analysts consider him to be a major reason for Ronda and Travis having gone 0-5 in their last five, as we mentioned earlier. He does have significant striking experience, but pinning down his actual Muay Thai record is difficult. He's the head coach of Glendale Fighting Club, for those who aren't familiar, and this meme was born out of his very poor coaching of Ronda during her most recent fight against Amanda Nunes.

For most of the 48 seconds, he shouted the words "head movement" like a broken record, later begging Ronda to try to clinch with Nunes, followed by shrieking "NO!" a few times when Nunes started landing bombs and quickly put the fight away.

Between his financial problems, his identity theft arrests, and the fact that Rousey's mother Annmaria De Mars has said that he is both an "idiot" and also a "fraud," we are not alone in wondering why any fighters still train with Edmond.

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