15 Shameful Pictures Of Conor McGregor

There have been stars in Mixed Martial Arts ever since the start of the UFC in 1993. Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie and Dan Severn were all icons in the embryonic stages of the sport. As MMA evolved more multi-dimensional fighters like Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz broke through to become legends. Then it came the Georges St-Pierre/Anderson Silva and bum bum bumm, on come the era of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. While Rousey's time in the sun didn't last very long, "Notorious"has been one of the UFC's centerpieces arguably since 2014. In the past three years, he's been like a vortex that sucks in all the attention of the sport and leaves everyone else (save for his opponents) high and dry.

McGregor's persona, ridiculous antics and extreme fighting ability has given him more money than any MMA fighter has ever amassed before. At the same time, he has driven away some older fans of the sport because of his lack of respect and because of the same antics that have drawn legions of frothing at the mouth fans. With all these shenanigans comes a host of shameful moments in the career of Conor McGregor. Some of these are minor and admittedly are just fun to annoy him about. Other ones are genuinely upsetting and speak poorly to the kind of person that McGregor is. Here are 15 shameful photos of the UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor.


15 Make It Rain


The New York stop of the Mayweather/McGregor press tour was the one where the tide started to turn in favour of "Money" Mayweather. On the two previous stops McGregor had the roar of the crowd in his back fueling his sailboat to victory over the boxing mega star. With a series of gimmicks and stunts (to be fair the whole press tour was a stunt), Mayweather came back. This being the first one we'll showcase.

Earlier in the press tour, McGregor cracked the boxer had 50 strippers on his payroll. Mayweather's response was to turn on some music and make it rain one dollar bills to McGregor as one does to a low class stripper we suppose. We never had the honour. By watching the video you can see that McGregor was chewing gum but the photo makes it seem like his mouth is agape from the money raining down.

If it's consolation prize to McGregor, he did have the best overall line on the tour with his crack about Mayweather wearing a backpack despite the fact that he can't even read. But a picture is worth a thousand words and some of those words state that this is shameful for the Irish star.

14 WWE Tweet


Even if he has thousands of times the fighting ability of the local man at a pub, it truly does feel at times that Conor McGregor thinks of himself as a deity who can fight anyone regardless of size. This led him to say that he could take on the entire WWE roster. You know, a company that for years prided itself on having a roster full of giant behemoths who could eat Conor McGregor as a snack.

His above tweet obviously prompted a host of responses from former and current WWE Superstars. Some of them were admittedly a little lame, some were good but for our money the best one goes to Ric Flair. Not only did Flair invoke McGregor's first UFC loss, but he also correctly called him for essentially stealing his own gimmick. Now Flair shouldn't be one to talk as he stole his gimmick from Gorgeous George and Buddy Rogers, but the diss still stands as a tremendous one.

13 His El Chapo Shirt


El Chapo is a not a good guy. We usually don't feel the need to spell it out, but we will for the Irish lad on the right. Alrighty...

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is the most notorious drug lord in history. His Sinola cartel has connections everywhere around the world. He was wanted for many years due to his involvement in the Mexican drug trade and has admitted himself that he has killed somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 people. That's as brief as we can make but as you can see, it's not somebody who you want to compare yourself to.

But that's exactly what Conor McGregor did. During a press conference with at the time Lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos, McGregor stated that he felt like El Chapo in his prime. Not only was this because of his shirt, but also how he felt like he was controlling the UFC. The handshake in the photo also was supposed to be an homage to Sean Penn's infamous picture with El Chapo. Out of all the powerful people he could have compared himself to, he chose El Chapo.

12 The Bottle Throwing Incident


Out of all of Conor McGregor's rivalries, his one with Nate Diaz has got to be the most gripping. While his feud with Floyd Mayweather was entertaining to a degree, it felt largely fabricated as it was clear both were doing the fight for the money. The Diaz feud by comparison felt more personal. However, that doesn't excuse McGregor's behaviour at a UFC 202 press conference.

As McGregor was answering a question from a journalist, Diaz and some of his entourage entered the room and started talking smack as they do. McGregor responded with a series of "you'll do nuthin" and "shut your foo*in mouth". Then bottles started being flung by both parties. Now getting hit a plastic water bottle is one thing, but the bigger problem came when McGregor decided to throw a monster energy drink can as well into a crowd of people. Now if you want to tell us 'what's the big deal', have somebody throw a can of filled with that stuff at you and see if it hurts. When Dana White has to shut down a presser because things are out of control, you know it's a bad scene.

11 Crime Against Fashion


We're sure that the coat was (insert any pro wrestling heel line about their monetary worth here). We're sure that those pyjama pants that he's wearing to his UFC 205 press conference must be super comfy to sleep in. But the fact of the matter is that McGregor looked like an absolute clown in this get up.

Not only was his outfit laughable, so was his behaviour at the event. He eschewed any clever trash talking for a parade of f-bombs and was triggered by his opponent Eddie Alvarez pushing a folded chair across the floor in his direction. He then "tried" to take a steel chair to Alvarez' head in something that prompted groans across MMA fans.

Conor McGregor's might be of a badass MMA fighter with tons of cash, but this photo made him look more like a Santa Claus cosplayer who didn't quite the colour scheme right.

10 His Treatment of Dennis Siver


We're going to be honest. When Georges St-Pierre returned to the sport back at UFC 217, it was such a breath of fresh air. It feels like for the past few years we've been gorging ourselves on disrespect and anti heroes that when a genuine good guy like GSP came back it was refreshing. This photo is just a small sample of what we got from McGregor's time atop the UFC.

Before his featherweight (wow that feels like a long time ago) match with Dennis Siver in January 2015, McGregor had already taken things too far in his trash talking with Siver by calling him a Nazi. Why? Because he's German. For somebody who prides himself on creative trash talk, that was remarkably low ball and pathetic of him.

The final act of McGregor's disrespect to the quiet and unassuming Siver was just before their fight. Typically fighters bump fists before as a sign of respect sometimes even when in a heated rivalry. Instead, McGregor flipped off Siver. Real nice.

9 Storming The Cage


When you reach the level that Conor McGregor has, it's easy to think of yourself as invincible and above any regulations. However, he is still a human like you and me so he can't just do whatever he wants without push back.

"Notorious" found this out the hard way at Bellator 187 of all places. Just moments after his teammate Charlie Ward won his fight in the closing seconds of the first round, McGregor was overcome with passion to the point where he climbed over the cage and celebrated with his training partner. The problem was that he wasn't an officially licensed corner-man for the fight so he cannot be in the cage. So as officials tried to stop him, McGregor shoved him out of the way and ran up to Ward. This led to a big fracas where referee Mark Goddard is trying to get McGregor out of there as Goddard attends to Ward's concussed opponent. McGregor gets into a shoving match with the ref.

Not only was shoving an official bad enough, but imagine if he injured his teammate from the tackle. Ward barely had a second to react after all.


8 Gay Rights Supporter or Nah?


Without context, you may not understand why this photo would be shameful at all. It's just Conor McGregor comforting teammate Artem Lobov who just lost a fight. But the video where this photo is taken from shows McGregor uttering a homophobic slur to describe Andre Fili, the man who defeated Lobov by decision just minutes prior.

Is Conor McGregor a homophobe? Pretty sure he's not as he lobbed to push for gay marriage in Ireland back in 2015, but that just makes this moment even more regrettable. McGregor should know better than to use a word like that if he cares so much about the LGBT community like he says he does. The Lightweight champ was quick to apologize for his poor choice of words so at least we can give him respect for that. Not even close to the worst thing he's done, but still not a proud moment for the proud Irishman.

7 His Awful Tattoo


So there's a faction of folks, let's just call them old people, who are all against tattoos. Well we aren't, because there are tattoos that are genuinely creative, mean a lot to the person wearing them or are just cool as hell. Sadly, McGregor's gorilla tattoo fits none of these criteria.

We'll leave aside the fact that McGregor has a tattoo of his last name (presumably if he wakes up without his memory one day and has to remember his identity), his nickname and a tiger on his body. For this entry, let's dissect his gorilla tattoo.

First of all, he admitted himself that there's no meaning to the tattoo in an interview with Conan O'Brien so that takes away any excuse that it's sentimental. It also looks hideous and for some reason the gorilla has a crown on its head. Maybe Conor McGregor is a big Gorilla Grodd fan? We doubt it.

To top it off, McGregor said that getting the tattoo was the worst pain he ever experienced in his life. It wasn't worth it man, just wasn't worth it.

6 Thievery


Before Conor McGregor flattened Jose Aldo in a scant 13 seconds, people were questioning whether or not he was truly the one to defeat the man who sat atop an entire division for as long as there was a UFC Featherweight division. Thus, his actions at a press conference in the lead up to their scheduled match at UFC 189 (Aldo got injured so it was delayed) was seen as a huge act of disrespect.

Aldo had previously made a comment that he was the real king of Dublin. Proud Irishman that he is, McGregor wasn't going to take this well. So in front of a crowd of hometown brethren, McGregor leapt to his feet and snatched Jose Aldo's belt from across the table holding it away from him like a school yard bully holds up your lunch money. This got a lot of attention as does anything McGregor does (seriously he could buy eggs and it'd make news at this point), but it wasn't cool to steal something he didn't earn... yet.



It's never a good look for a man who prides himself on being a master of press conferences to be out gimmicked by his opponent. I mean, he already lost the battle of who has more money right from the start, but losing in a game of promotional work? Unacceptable!

At the New York stop of their press tour, Mayweather was deep into his monologue about how he was going to beat McGregor and why he was better blah blah blah when the weirdest to thing to ever come out of his mouth came out. "Yo! Form Voltron!" A couple of seconds later, a group of lesser enemies from an old school Super Nintendo beat em up appeared and surrounded McGregor. It got even worse because McGregor was out of power ups and couldn't possibly fight off the vast number of foes on screen. One could argue that this just made Mayweather look like a wuss and that may be true, but McGregor is supposed to be a master at this stuff. He should have known better.

4 Tasting Defeat 


Riding high off his defeat of Jose Aldo at UFC 194, the whole planet thought that McGregor was invincible including himself. After all, he had just dispatched the Featherweight kingpin of over five years (if you count Aldo's WEC reign) in mere seconds, why wouldn't he be able to handle the eternally disappointing Nate Diaz? Especially a Nate Diaz who days before he was called last minute to replace McGregor's was partying on a yacht doing shots in Mexico. Too bad for McGregor it was UFC 196 where Diaz decided to make history and hand the featherweight champion his first loss in the UFC.

Not only would he lose, but McGregor would be roughed up on the feet to the point where he had to attempt a double leg takedown on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu savant Diaz. This proved to be a horrible mistake as Diaz quickly reversed positions on him, took his back and forced a tap out. McGregor would barely win the rematch later that year so if we don't get a final trilogy-making fight between these two, it will be a damn shame.

3 Getting Smacked Around

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, Floyd Mayweather should have ripped Conor McGregor from pillar to post in their circus like boxing match back in August. In reality, McGregor actually took a couple of rounds from the greatest boxer this world has seen. But as the fight progressed on and on, it became clear that an MMA fighter no matter how talented cannot enter into boxing and roll over the best boxer.

When you talk as much trash as these two did, whoever loses the fight is going to have some egg on their face. We're sure though that McGregor would have preferred to have a delicious unborn chicken on his grill rather than Mayweather's left fist. Mayweaher landed plenty of shots to Mystic Mac's dome and torso over the course of their 10 round fight (181 to be exact). While he wasn't knocked clean out, McGregor was obviously spent and stumbling on spaghetti legs at their end of the bout. But he made enough money for several lifetimes, so who really cares eh?

2 McGregor Goes Berzerk


So earlier we saw Mr. McGregor storming into a cage when he wasn't invited. But what if we told you that he also ran OUT of a cage to ringside when he wasn't uninvited? Yeah we know, we just blew your mind.

We've seen some athletes do some crazy things after winning a fight. Sometimes they're disgusting like when BJ Penn licked the blood off his gloves after defeating Diego Sanchez or sometimes they look freaking cool like when Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson does an acrobatic trick like a Tekken character and lands with a fist to the ground. McGregor's celebration after defeating Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 doesn't fall into either category. His fits more into caveman.

As he runs out and screams in Jose Aldo's face, a number of things happen at ringside. First off it looks like a concerned mother pulls her daughter away from the foaming at the mouth mad man that her daughter is trying to touch. We also see Aldo just laughing at McGregor's attempt at badassery. McGregor did get the final laugh in their actual fight, but at this point McGregor just looked like a fool.

1 Tough Guy McGregor


As you saw in the previous slide, there is precedent for Conor McGregor talking a bunch of trash behind the safety of security guards. However, you could make the excuse that he was just building up interest for a fight he was for sure going to get against Jose Aldo. But this incident doesn't get the same benefit of the doubt.

Backstage during a press event, McGregor thought it was a good time to start talking smack to the UFC WELTERWEIGHT Champion Tyron Woodley. The same Welterweight champ who looks like he has to rip out internal organs in order to make the 170 pound weight cut. So as McGregor screams at him and calls him a woman because he has a camera phone (uhhh good line dude), Woodley just laughs at him with his crew.  That fight is likely never happen especially since McGregor STILL HASN'T DEFENDED ANY OF HIS TITLES GAHHHHH!!!!


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