15 Steamy Instagram Pictures Of Miesha Tate That Knocked Us Out

Rest assured, dear reader, that the research that went into this article was extensively thorough. We left no Instagram post of Miesha Tate uncovered, each one having been closely examined with a magnifying glass. We ensured there was no forgery, photo-shop (but that's debatable in some pics), or blasphemy in these posts. They are all 100% organic Miesha.

Miesha Tate's legacy in MMA will be as a pioneer for women's mixed martial arts. The women who got into the sport before it was in the UFC are those who deserve the credit for making women's MMA what it is today. These women didn't get into it for the money or fame, as neither was available to female fighters at the time.

In many ways, Tate's star-power is what helped elevate Ronday Rousey's. Had Rousey not had a rival who had her own fan-base and her own supporters perhaps Rousey's fans would have been less passionate. It's possible that without Miesha Tate, Rousey would not have been as popular as she was and women's MMA would have never ended up in the UFC. For the above reasons, Miesha Tate will always be one of the most important figures in MMA history.

To celebrate all her accomplishments, let's check out 15 of her steamiest Instagram posts!


15 Chilling On A Rock 

Be who you are, because an original is worth more than a copy

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Here's Miesha Tate just hanging out on some rocks and throwing inspirational words of wisdom into the caption section. Posting motivational quotes is a standard Miesha move on social media. It happens frequently. Perhaps that's because she is such an intense and emotional woman, which also happens to be what made her such a fun fighter to watch.

If a clever meme-expert wanted to create a truly inspirational Miesha Tate quote, however, they could put the words "When Life Gives You 4 Rounds of Frustration" then show a picture of the conclusion to the Tate versus. Holm title fight, followed by the words "Choke That MF-er out in the 5th". It wouldn't have any real-world application, but it would be a cool thing to put up on your wall.

14 Candid Camera

It's #NationalBeerDay!! Cheers🍻 @budlight @budweiser @anheuserbusch

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Here is Miesha Tate getting a few plugs in for Budweiser. The beer company must have loved having a bikini-clad Miesha drinking their product and tagging them in popular Instagram posts.

Tate does seem to love getting out in the sun. She's from Washington State but now lives in Las Vegas, so she's often seen in swimwear and with sunglasses on.

Tate living in Las Vegas is also beneficial for a few other reasons. It's the fight capital of the world and Miesha Tate is looking to transition into a larger role within the MMA media. She hosts her own radio show and is employed by Fox Sports to cover their UFC shows. She officially describes herself as being an MMA pundit. Miesha had previously hosted her own podcast as well but gave that up when she signed on with Sirius radio.

13 Brazil Throwback

#throwbackthursday I 💚 Brasil #tbt

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Here is Miesha at a photo shoot in Brazil. While Miesha would never fight in Brazil, women's MMA has exploded in the country in recent years.

In fact, Miesha only once fought outside the United States. On September 20th, 2015 she traveled to Saitama, Japan and fought Rin Nakai. Her opponent that night is something of a mild celebrity in Japan. Nakai has taken part in some risque, and at times quite bizarre, photoshoots of her own. She didn't last long in the UFC, however, as after losing to Tate she dropped another fight to Leslie Smith and then decided to head back to Japan where the competition wasn't as stiff.

It's too bad we'll never get to see Miesha fight on a big card in Brazil... unless she comes out of retirement that is.

12 Blowing Kisses With Joe Rogan


Here is Miesha Tate at one of our favorite places to find her, the weigh-ins! Miesha Tate may have been a champion inside the cage but she was an absolute legend at the weigh-ins.

She posted this photo to her Instagram on New Years Eve 2016. Evidently, she felt her pose in this picture made it look as though she was saying "so long" to 2016. She mentioned the year was filled with ups and downs for her and that is an understatement. In early March last year she choked out Holly Holm to win the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship. Eight months later she would retire, stating that it was no longer her time in the sport.

Tate didn’t have the same drive in her fights with Nunes and Pennington that she did against Holm. Perhaps after winning the title she no longer had the motivation she needed.

11 Dressed To Perfection 

Looking classy Miesha Tate! The quote Miesha has in the caption is sort of interesting considering the timing. She says that she knows where she's going and she knows the truth, and then she would retire two months later.

The quote is sort of interesting considering the timing. She says that she knows where she is going and she knows the truth, and then she would retire soon after. It appears Miesha is going with a bedazzled purple look with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins-esque streaks in her hair, how stunning! We don't normally see Miesha all dolled up. She tends to be more of an on-the-beach in a bikini kind of girl.

Miesha would later say that she knew during the first exchanges with Raquel Pennington in her last fight that she was done. She would say that she lost the competitive edge she needed in order to punch people. In a sport like MMA, you can't lose that edge or you are done.

10 Ab Game Strong 

Let's do this #UFC200

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Miesha Tate's retirement is tragic in that it means we no longer get her pre-weigh-in selfies. That we don't get to see her weighing in is also a shame.

You have to wonder if a promoter somewhere couldn't just make some money by scheduling Miesha Tate for weigh-in performances for fights that never happen? Another option is the UFC could just have Miesha Tate weigh-in for all the big fights even though she's not fighting. They could really start to turn those weigh-ins into a money-making project for the promotion.

Miesha may never fight MMA again, but she has competed in grappling contests and has said she's open to doing more in the future. Just months after her loss to Pennington, Tate defeated Jessica Eye in a grappling contest for Submission Underground.

9 Smoking Selfie 

Miesha Tate is so confident here with her puffed out her chest in the mirror selfie. That's confidence. It's also a great picture! Miesha Tate's love of taking mirror selfies has probably helped increase her popularity in the years she's been active on Instagram.

There is a reason Tate is so confident in this picture. Three months after she snapped this picture she would choke Holly Holm unconscious to win the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship. The hashtags she uses in the captions tell the story of how she won the title. The hashtags are all about hard work, being a "goal digger" and, of course, she refers to herself as the #FutureChamp. Never has a hashtag been more correct. Unfortunately, she would lose shortly after winning the title.


8 Hiking In Fight Gear


Here we have a picture of Miesha Tate going for a spring hike somewhere just outside of Vegas. It appears she decided to wear her fight gear for this hike. That's sort of an odd choice of hiking gear isn't it? Imagine you're off for a hike and you run by somebody like Roy Nelson in fight shorts, would that seem right to you?

Miesha goes for hikes all the time so perhaps it was the only gear she had clean. In September of 2016, Miesha made some headlines when she helped carry a six-year old girl with a broken arm down a hiking trail. The girl had broken her arm while walking the trail and her mother was having trouble carrying her down the hill. That’s when Miesha showed up and saved the day.

7 Miesha Looking Into Space

Miesha's quotes sometimes sound like they're lyrics to a boy band song, but they seem important to her so we won't judge.

Here she is back at the weigh-ins looking fit and strong. This would have been before her fight with Jessica Eye in the summer of 2015. This was a controversial fight in Miesha's career. Although it had not been confirmed by the UFC, it was assumed that whoever won would get the next title shot at Ronda Rousey. Tate won the fight but didn't get the shot at Rousey. Rather than give Miesha her third shot at Rousey, Dana White and the UFC opted to give that opportunity to the ninth ranked fighter, Holly Holm.

After not getting the title shot, Miesha threatened to retire. When Holm beat Rousey, she was the next in line for the title opportunity.

6 Batwoman 


Miesha mentions in the caption that she had to make a costume in under two hours and this was what she came up with. The good part about that is it means she already had the Batman underwear and top, as well as the golden flap on the back.

It's not clear if there was ever a Bat Woman, Bat Girl, or Bat Person who wore anything resembling what she has on in the picture. If they did, it would be an entirely different kind of superhero story, one not appropriate for children.

She took this photo on Halloween in 2015, which was a bizarre time for Miesha. Just 15 days after Miesha went to this Halloween party, Holly Holm would break Ronda Rousey's jaw, opening things up for Miesha to get her title shot.

5 After Party Pose

Join me at noon pst today for a live Q&A with @seattletimes, link is in my bio

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If you're ever in Las Vegas the weekend of a big fight, you might want to check out if Miesha Tate is hosting one of her after-parties at Sapphire. Miesha regularly hosts big events at the club after high-profile UFC events. Those are the kinds of gigs that Miesha can land in her retirement simply for being Miesha Tate. The same opportunities just will not be presented to most MMA fighters.

How often Miesha will take part in risque photo-shoots or UFC after-parties at strip clubs remains to be seen, however, things are looking good if she continues her working relationship with Fox Sports. Should Miesha want to transition further into mainstream media, she might not be able to throw parties at Vegas strip clubs. Here's to hoping she's not that into being a big-time media honcho!

4 Sunday Selfie 


Miesha Tate is just lounging here before her big fight against Jessica Eye. This photo was posted just six days before the fight.

Tate would go on to win that bout, her fifth in a row. At the time, it solidified Tate as the best fighter in the division not named Ronda Rousey. The problem was that Rousey had already defeated Tate twice before so the UFC wasn't confident that a third bout would draw much of a buyrate. You have to remember that at the time everyone assumed Ronda was unstoppable. They were worried fans wouldn't believe Tate even had a chance in the bout. The odd part is the fans did believe Tate could beat Holly when that bout came around.

Miesha's looking pretty relaxed out there at the pool. She looked fairly relaxed when she defeated Jessica Eye later in the week as well.

3 Protein Shake & Glutes 

The great thing about Miesha's trip to Brazil is that she spent the vast majority of it in skimpy swimwear. It's hot in Brazil, and evidently, Miesha decided that undressing was the best way to cope. Speculation is her fans will be starting a kickstarter campaign to pay for her to travel there more often.

She is also plugging the MateFit bottles which appears to be a detox program. It's most likely the case that Miesha signed an endorsement deal with them to promote their products on her social media. You keep hustling Miesha!

Even now that fighters can't obtain fight kit sponsors because of the UFC's deal with Reebok, Miesha can still bring in the sponsors for when she is outside of the cage. Considering the way she looks in the above post, it's no surprise she has as many endorsement deals as she does.

2 Throwback Booty

#TBT my first photoshoot (for #FightMagazine) June of 2009 #ThrowBackThursday

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We're starting off this article strong with some solid booty short action by Miesha Tate here. The photoshoot above, as Tate references in the comments, was from her first photo shoot for Fight Magazine in 2009. She put the pic up on her Instagram in 2015. We're glad she did!

Women's MMA was in a much different place in 2009. Rousey hadn't yet become a Superstar, and talk hadn't even yet begun of bringing women into the UFC. Tate must have believed at the time that her only real option to make good money was through modeling.

What's interesting about the above pic is that it was for Fight Magazine. How did a fight magazine ask a female fighter to pose? In high heels and with booty shorts wedged so far up her backside we can see her bathing suit tan lines.

1 Boats and Swimsuits

Here's Miesha hanging on a boat by the lake after training. She's got her MateFit bottle in her hand for a little sponsorship plug as well.

This photo was taken in the summer of 2015 after Tate had defeated Sara McMann but before she defeated Jessica Eye. She was on a three-fight win streak since her last defeat to Rousey. If only the Miesha in this picture knew the crazy year she was about to have.

With over a million followers, it isn't too hard to see why she has so many fans ogling at her pictures on the daily. We'll leave up to your personal taste if Tate is to be considered the steamiest UFC fighter off all-time. Judging by these photos, she's definitely in consideration! 


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