15 Steamy Pictures Of Conor McGregor's Girlfriend Dee Devlin

It’s amazing to think that Conor McGregor’s still in his 20s. It seems as if he’s been around forever, and he has been a pro in the octagon for around a decade now. Over these we’ve seen him blossom into one of the best, most ruthless fighters on the planet. He’s ruled supreme in the octagon, the world of MMA, for a good few years now, and is regarded to be one of the greatest fighters of all time. He’s certainly the best fighter when it comes to drawing in the crowds, pay-per-view events. He’s brash, a pro at trash talking, has the tats, that beard, just oozes star quality, and backs everything up when it’s fight night.

Conor’s also got a beautiful lady on his arm, the woman behind his success. He may have a solid crew behind him, but there’s one woman who’s been a constant in his life, way back from the time he had nothing, from the point in his life where he was a brash immature adolescent trying to make it work, to the point where he is now, a global superstar. That woman’s Dee Devlin. His long-time love is his number one fan, always in his corner, and they’re rock-solid, have just added a kid to their family. Oh, and Dee’s pretty smoking too. Here are some sizzling hot, Not So PG pics of the dashing Dubliner, Conor McGregor’s queen, Dee Devlin.

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15 Gym Time


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Dee’s probably accompanied Conor to a few gym sessions over the years. But judging from her physique, she’s not one to just sit on the side-lines and ogle at her man. She’s obviously no stranger to getting in the trenches, getting a sweat on herself, as is evident from this pic. Dee looks absolutely stunning. She’s definitely one of these people who are fashion-conscious when in the gym, knows what to wear to accentuate her fabulous figure, her Not So PG assets. If Dee works out in the gym like this, I reckon she’d be hampering everyone else’s gym workout; people aren’t going to be concentrating on pumping iron when she’s in their eyeline, dressed in that sultry gym attire, squatting and whatnot. Dee’s lean, toned, and has curves in all the right places. Conor’s a very lucky guy!

14 All Smiles With Conor

via coed.com

Conor’s tasted a huge amount of success over the years, and someone who’s been there by his side enjoying it all with him, is Dee. They really have been through everything together, the good and the bad. Conor being the global megastar that he is, there’ve been plenty of good moments. Dee’s probably gotten glammed up for a night on the town on a ton of times over the nine years they’ve been together. There are always going to be lavish dos, special events, and Conor’s had the gorgeous, glamorous Dee on his arm for all of them. Here’s a pic of the happy couple dressed up for some special occasion or other.

Dee looks amazing. Whoever was snapping this pic – perhaps it was Conor – knew what they were doing. We’ve gotten a real eyeful of Dee’s set of twins, which provides some distraction from Dee’s beautiful, cute smile. It seems as if it was a special night.

13 Sizzling At A Vegas Pool Party

Pool party!🎉

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

These two know how to let their hair down. Although Conor looks mightily dapper in a suit, and Dee looks like a goddess when she’s all glammed up, it’s not always sophisticated dos for this star couple. Sometimes, it’s about letting loose, surrounding yourself with good company, letting the booze flow. Although they probably have a number of spots where they can get up to such shenanigans in Ireland, there’s no place to let your hair down in quite like Vegas. Here’s a pic of Dee with the main man himself and a couple of buddies got into the shot too. Dee’s not really a woman who’s prone to stripping down and taking pics of herself in very little clothing too regularly. She’s more conservative than most WAGs, even though she’s got the figure. This is one of those rare times that she’s allowed herself to be photographed in skimpy clothing. Those legs, those twins – Dee’s got it, and I’m sure you’d all agree, should definitely flaunt it, those assets more often!

12 Bountiful Assets

via coed.com

Like I wrote in the previous entry that Dee’s got amazing assets and should definitely show them off more frequently – this is a pic that proves that. This pic also proves that you don’t necessarily have to strip down to your bare essentials to showcase your physique. We can see plenty of Dee in this pic, even though she’s all covered up. When I write plenty, I meant plenty, plenty of that rack. Her twins really do look humungous in this pic. They’re popping alright, look like they’ve swollen to epic proportions. They’re so big and bountiful, that even someone who’s pretty conservative – in comparison to the other WAGs – just had to snap this pic, if anything, keep it for her records, for Conor. Luckily, she wasn’t selfish, had the decency to show them off to the rest of the world too!

11 Definition Of Beauty


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

It’s nice to see for us fans that Dee Devlin is prone to taking a mirror pic or two. Her home, hotel, or wherever she was, looks a bit bare, and Dee stands out like a shining light. She really is a woman of beauty, and looks super-stylish in this pic. Obviously, she was getting ready to go out for a special event. She appears to have made a real effort; no doubt when she left the premises, heads would’ve been turning. Those high heels show off her calves, her gorgeous pins are on show, that white little number fits perfectly around her curvy behind, and those twins – that top’s just about keeping them under wraps. Dee is elegance personified in this pic – elegant yet Not So PG all the same.

10 Super-Cute Mirror Pic

It's a good day to have a good day 😊

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Super-cute – you can see why I used that term. Dee somehow manages to pull off that Not So PG look while still looking like the girl next door, while still looking absolutely adorable. That smile, oh that smile and that cute little tilt of the head. That’s sensual seduction right there. The eyes are also drawn to down below, that tight-fitting top, hugging her twins, just about keeping them in check. Dee took this mirror pic because she looks fabulous. But once everyone’s done lapping up the main attraction, the eyes wonder to the background. Is that really her bathroom? You wouldn’t bet against it seeing as how much cash her man’s raking in. It’s a bathroom fit for a queen alright, and Dee Devlin’s just that.

9 Stealing The Show At The VIP Style Awards

#VIPStyleAwards #Excited

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

This is a seriously stylish pic of Dee if ever there was one. She’s just sizzling in that red dress, and looks utterly amazing. She's showing some leg, but it’s all about her Not So PG asset – her hot set of twins. They’re pretty big and bountiful, and Dee’s using them to keep those dress straps in place. They’re placed provocatively over those twins – one slip and they’d have been on show for everyone to see! Dee had to amp it up that night, because her and her man were invited to a pretty big event, a special occasion. It was the VIP Style Awards, and so Dee turned up, stylish to the core. And she actually won! She won the Most Stylish Newcomer of 2016 – set your eyes on her and it’s easy to see why.

8 Stunning Pose Before Hitting The Town


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Here’s Dee getting ready for yet another night on the town. It looks like she’s preparing to go to a pretty sophisticated do, because that’s one hell of a stylish dress, something that’s sure to get Conor salivating. She looks absolutely fabulous in that beautiful black dress, which fits her body perfectly, and again, puts all the focus on those hot sets of twins. I wonder who’s taking the pic? Could very well have been Conor, who just felt he had to capture his woman looking like a model. Dee looks amazing, but the actual shot isn’t anything to rave about. They’re obviously not a couple who worry about the correct lighting, the background, when taking a snap. But hey, it doesn’t detract from Dee Devlin in all her splendor.

7 Not To Be Upstaged By J-Lo

Happy Birthday @jlo!! Thanks so much for having us at your party tonight! 🎉

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

This is a pic depicting a pretty funny incident that occurred last year, another great story from the McGregor-Devlin archive. Last year J-Lo threw an epic birthday party for herself. A number of star names were invited, including Cristiano Ronaldo. McGregor was not on the entry list. But he thought what the hell, and being pretty good friends with Ronaldo, he and Dee just thought they’d tag along, and essentially gate-crashed the party. J-Lo didn’t mind though. Apparently, she was delighted they came, had a little dance with McGregor, and commented on how fabulous Dee was looking. She wasn’t wrong. Dee looks a bit awestruck, but some would say that she even managed to upstage J-Lo at her own birthday bash – I said some, so simmer down.

6 Twins Are Popping

via irishmirror.ie

We’ve established, looking at Dee’s various other Not So PG pics, that she’s got a pretty awesome set of twins. They pop, and you’ve got to say that she knows it, draws people’s attention to them too. Here’s another pic that shows off her twins. They truly are lucious, and she doesn’t need to dress in skimpy attire for us to see that. We can see plenty, see how big they are under that green top. Sure, they’re big at the best of times, but they’ve gotten even bigger. That’s because this snap was taken when Dee was well into her pregnancy. We can see her baby bump, and see that her pregnancy’s also resulted in some swelling, the enlargement of her assets, which no one, least of all Conor, is complaining about.

5 Revealing Dress

via evoke.ie

That smile that Dee possesses really does light up the place. It’s dazzling alright, and that alone would steal the attention if it was plastered across most people’s faces. But Dee has a ton of other attractive qualities, assets that mean people won’t be looking at her beaming smile and her beauty for long, especially if Dee’s wearing outfits such as this one. It’s a very provocative dress, and it probably meant that people got a real eyeful, not that anyone would’ve been complaining. Again, it’s those twins that are on show. She’s showing off her strongest assets, and the fact she’s holding Conor’s championship belts, just adds to her look. It looks better with her than with Conor!

4 Stunning Little Green Number

What a night! ❤️

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

This is a pic that was taken just a matter of days after Conor’s second fight with Nate Diaz in August 2016. It lasted the distance, Conor won by majority decision, but you can tell that Conor was in a serious battle, he went to war. But he didn’t hide away until all those cuts and bruises had healed up. A couple of days later he scrubbed himself up and graced another glamorous event, with his stunning woman, Dee Devlin, by his side. That green dress has got to be one of her more sexier outfits. It’s a tight-fitting top, shows off her bulging rack up top, but also allows everyone to take in a real eyeful of those gorgeous pins. Sexy, silky smooth, toned – those pins are just fabulous.

3 Sensual Seduction


It’s awesome that Dee’s a woman who’s prone to flashing a wide beaming smile now and again. Most WAGs don’t really smile for the cameras, just give that steely gaze, look all serious, as if smiling’s a crime. But this Dubliner’s loving life, everything’s roses, and she enjoys the perks of being at the side of a fighting superstar, and isn’t shy about letting people know it. She’s also prone to – not shy about – flashing some leg. That dress, black leather, is seriously seductive. But the fact she’s got all that leg on show, just takes her sex appeal to another level. It’s the first time we’ve had a glimpse of that tattoo too, which gives Dee another level of intrigue. I’m no fashion guru, but this has got to be one of her best outfits.

2 It’s Vegas Baby!

Vegas!!!! 🎉🎉

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Dee looks like she’s having a whale of a time! This is another pic from that Vegas pool party. She’s evidently left Conor on his own, and is enjoying some much-needed girl time. This pic screams girl power alright. Not sure that those two ladies flanking Dee are actually her buddies or if they just worked there; it seems as if they certainly got acquainted and were buddies by the end of the night though! We can only wish, let our imaginations run riot. Anyway, this situation here is seriously sexy, is one super-hot pic. Dee in her skimpy attire surrounded by beautiful women. That paints a picture. Conor’s probably liking this pic a whole lot too, this pic of his girl, having a blast, getting up to all sorts of shenanigans that can only be done in Vegas!

1 Vacation Snap

Thanks so much @pinupgirlx for this fab kimono!! #loveit ❤️

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Wow! Just Wow! Apt terms to describe this pic. There really aren’t many pics of Dee flaunting her figure in a bikini out there. But when she chooses to post such pics on social media, you can imagine that they get quite a reaction. Fans of Dee have been gagging to set their eyes on a pic of Dee in such attire. She looks like a goddess, all radiant, content with life, and evidently, very happy with her body. She certainly should be because she looks absolutely fabulous. You can just about make out her rippling muscles, the fact she’s pretty ripped, but still maintains her sensual figure, her femininity. What a beautiful location for a holiday snap, and what a stunning woman taking centre stage in the pic.

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