15 Surprisingly Expensive Things Conor McGregor Owns

Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor is no stranger to the limelight. He has done extremely crazy things and blew his money on ridiculously expensive things in his past. Sure, he has already taken care of his immediate family's bills and helped them out financially, but with a net worth of approximately $100 million, he can basically purchase whatever he wants at wherever he's at.

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After all, McGregor is a game changer who is under 30 years old, and lives a lavish life full of luxuries that the most of us would dream about replicating. The 29-year-old is the reigning UFC lightweight champion and a former UFC featherweight champion. He's the only UFC fighter to become a champion in two different UFC divisions, starting with his defeat over former featherweight champion Jose Aldo (Brazil) at UFC 94 and former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez (United States) at UFC 2015. He also had the biggest pay-per-view draw in MMA history as his headline bout with Nate Diaz (USA) at UFC 202 drew in 1.65 million PPV buys. In terms of other fighting pursuits, he has competed in MMA as a welterweight and boxing as a light middleweight.

McGregor got knocked out in the 10th round in his boxing match with the undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, but he won respect from UFC and MMA fans alike, started rolling in dough, and partied like a winner. He can continue to laugh his way to the bank and resume his fancy lifestyle.

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Without further ado, here are 15 ridiculous things Conor McGregor owns.

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15 $750 Jimmy Choos

via mma-core.com

Like we mentioned in the introduction, Conor McGregor is no stranger to the limelight. He once tried to keep the focus on his feet, which were cozy, thanks to a $750 pair of Jimmy Choos "John" slippers. Not only that, he also shouted in a video posted by TMZ.com, saying, "The shoes are Jimmy Choo, and if you're not down with Jimmy Choo, F*** YOU TOO." Obviously, that was his take on "Hit 'Em Up" by Tupac.

The fans didn't seem to mind McGregor's take on a classic song by a legendary rapper because they were so darn impressed by his shoe game.

However, it's a little irrational to drop $750 on a pair of shoes that were designed by a Malaysian designer who usually focuses on women's shoes. Maybe those fans just saw a sweet photo of pricey shoes and thought they were cool and specifically designed for men and men only.

14 Custom-Made Versace Robe

via mmamania.com

Sure, this custom-made McGregor the Notorious robe was an amazing gift from Donatella Versace herself, but the fact that she sent him this overpriced black and gold Versace robe before his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather was delivered to him directly at sort of an odd time as the fight's overall odds weren't stacked up against the Irishman in the end. He wasn't as notorious as he originally thought.

McGregor's robe should've been green, white and orange to represent his native Ireland. He should've saved the black and yellow gear for a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, because their residents are truly the black and yellow faithful, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

What was McGregor thinking when he put on this robe and showed it off to the world to see?

13 $100,000 Worth Of Alcohol

via craziestsportsfights.com

McGregor may have been defeated by Mayweather in a TKO in round 10, but he certainly partied his heart out at the Encore Beach Club on the Las Vegas strip. He wore a blue paisley suit and an Irish tricolor flag that looked like a stylish crossover between David August's collection and your grandmother's favorite floral cover. The fans in the crowd cheered in excitement as the Irish fighter entered the building.

But this wasn't just any party. According to CraziestSportsFights.com, it was alleged that McGregor spent $100,000 on alcohol after telling everyone that the drinks were on him. After all, he was already guaranteed a whopping $30 million just for stepping into the ring with Mayweather that night.

For a low price six figures, that was ton of alcohol that McGregor provided for an after party that went all night long in Sin City. We still can't believe all this!

12 $6,500 Suit Printed With Expletives

via complex.com

The first thing you should notice when you see McGregor is that he's a dude who cares about how he looks. That being said, his suits always scream for extra attention.

Remember when McGregor fooled all of us when he wore what appeared to be a navy blue pinstripe suit and a pink tie to a press conference in Los Angeles, California? If you looked a little bit closer, you'd notice that the stripes weren't stripes at all. Instead, they were the expletives of "F--- You" on his jacket, vest and pants.

Don't get us wrong, McGregor is definitely a savage for wearing such a controversial suit to his press conferences, but it cost $6,500 and featured an extended wait time of 12 weeks. Yes, 12 weeks. If you're not a patient person, you likely would've said to hell with it and skipped the entire process to pick up a more ordinary suit.

11 $487 Alexander McQueen Patch Sweater

via upscalehype.com

We all know that there are some fashion mistakes that make us cringe, but this specific fashion faux pas makes McGregor appear to be a top-named offender in the world of fashion.

McGregor had his game face on as he was working to prepare for his upcoming fight, but he didn't dress the part as he entered a training facility in a $487 Alexander McQueen sweater that featured patches all over it.

Yeah, the sweater was designed by a well-known designer, but it doesn't look like it was worth every dollar of the $487 price tag.

It's obvious that McGregor is all about the training, which makes up for his poor taste in pre-training gear, especially the hideous sweater with random patches on it. He should've just decided to put on a cheaper—and better looking—sweater or sweatshirt to take on the hard work day ahead of him.

10 $868 Gucci Sneakers

via dailymail.co.uk

It's obvious that McGregor's shoe game is strong and his pair of Gucci's Ace sneakers stole the spotlight in more ways than one. First off, they're really nice sneakers that complete his matching Gucci jacket and jeans, but they come at a hefty price of approximately $868 in U.S. dollars.

McGregor certainly took a lavish trip to the Big Apple to sign autographs for his biggest fans during a high-end shopping spree. They seemed to be more than happy to see their favorite UFC fighter. It's just that his designer sneakers looked a bit on the feminine sign considering its gold design and hot pink heel cap. Eeek! He should've stuck to plain white sneakers or opted for a more manly type of sneaker. He can still wear Gucci. He just needs to flaunt his tough guy side as opposed to his soft side to avoid being the butt of fashion jokes.

9 $3,750 Bomber Jacket

via upscalehype.com

No disrespect to McGregor since his Gucci embroidered dogs floral bomber jacket justifies his style IQ off the ring, but did he really drop $3,750 on this high-end jacket? The answer is a definite yes, which is a purchase that a lot of men can't make out of the blue.

McGregor is all about the style and his bomber jacket game is very strong to say the least.

However, there are some clothing items that'd make people "Is he really wearing something like that?" and this item is one of those head scratchers.

Don't get us wrong, McGregor's bomber jacket is cool and all, but aside from the designer brand itself, it doesn't look like something that's worth almost four grand. Besides, it makes him look sort of feminine, and we're pretty sure that that's not the type of look that he wants to go for while out and about.

8 Orange McLaren 12C Sports Car

the Hamilton

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

It shouldn't come as a surprise that McGregor purchased an orange McLaren 12C sports car a little over a year ago. But the bright shade of orange threw us off. It's definitely not easy on our eyes, but there was basically nothing that we could've done to stop him from making this particular purchase at an auto dealer.

Sure, this McLaren would be a gem to many folks, but McGregor didn't treat the British luxury car like it was a gem. He was actually stopped by the local police officers in Dublin, Ireland, while driving the $275,000 car. According to The Sun, he appeared happy to cooperate and there weren't any indications of him driving dangerously. But still, he should've been a little bit more careful when it comes to his driving because parking and/or speeding tickets aren't fun things to deal with after being rather reckless on the road.

7 $30,000 Gucci Fur Coat

via gq.com

McGregor is known for his extravagant and flamboyant style, and this head-to-toe Gucci ensemble was certainly a show-stopping outfit.

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Last summer, McGregor walked out of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, in a custom-made Gucci mink coat with the Italian luxury brand's signature embroidered snake on the back. He perfectly paired the approximately $30,000 coat with 1970s-inspired brocade Gucci pants along with a plain red turtleneck, which was tossed just moments before the fight.

The entire outfit cost McGregor over a reported $150,000.

McGregor has made it clear that his style was rather outlandish, but was this really a necessary purchase? He should focus more on improving his fighting skills during his regular UFC and boxing training sessions as opposed to stressing over the outfits that he wears to pre-fight and post-fight conferences.

6 Press Tour Outfits

via gq.com

Last January, McGregor was named among the 10 best dressed men, but his personal taste in fashion has often disappointed fashion writers and bloggers everywhere.

McGregor's press tour outfits tend to be on the crazy scheme of things, but they're quite memorable outfits and they leave lasting impressions to the average human mind in a negative way.

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He doesn't really miss a chance to taunt his opponents and followers with his insane outfits.

It's cool that he has the "I don't give a f---" type of mindset, but there have been plenty of questionable moments where he has worn pieces of art.

That being said, McGregor's unexpected fashion experiments have been fairly unsuccessful, even if pairs his unorthodox outfits with decent accessories such as glasses, belts and shoes. His outfits are attention-grabbers, but they're likely consisting of absurd color combinations like mustard yellow and baby blue and peculiar types of patterns.

5 Galaxy Caramel

via twitter.com

McGregor is notorious for his sharp and fashion-forward personality and this includes his luxury watch collection. Yes, his watch collection, which features a Rolex watch that's reportedly called the "Galaxy Caramel."

According to Man of Many, Rolex called the watch's dial color "chocolate," but McGregor decided to describe the color as "Galaxy Caramel." Well, that's an interesting name for a color, but the watch doesn't look like it's all that. We're pretty sure that Rolex hooks him up with watches in exchange for sponsored posts, but they're still not the most flattering watches for his hands.

The "Galaxy Caramel" would've been a bit more acceptable watch if McGregor gave it a different nickname to tone down the semi Star Wars references.

He's promoting a designer watch to the general public, not a science fiction film like Star Wars or Star Trek. It's not too much for us to ask for.

4 Solid Gold Pocket Watch (Made By Three Deceased People)

via lowkickmma.com

Without a doubt, McGregor is a man who enjoys the finer things in life, and this includes luxurious watches.

McGregor told Haut Time Magazine, “When I have won a big fight and collect a big check, I’ll purchase a beautiful watch and I’ll put it on my left hand."

“My left hand that I have cracked on my opponent. That hand has got me my fill. It feels like I’ve earned it.”

In 2013, McGregor quipped about his solid gold pocket watch at the UFC Fight Night 26 post-fight press conference. He said, "This solid gold pocket, three people died making this watch."

Wow, really? Three people passed away while making the solid gold pocket watch that was snatched up by McGregor. Now, it's not his fault that those people died, but come on now! It's sort of traumatizing if you had to wear something that cost one or more people their lives, and it's a bit disrespectful in a way. Just saying.

3 Up To $10,000 To Ensure That His Suits Are Fitted

Via fightstate.com

McGregor is certainly a man of his word. He truly loves and cares about all of his suits. That being said, he spends up to $10,000 to make sure that his suits are fitted. Yeah, that's right. He has to ensure that his suits are fitted.

We totally understand that McGregor has an intense passion for his suits, but seriously? $

10,000 to make a suit look perfect and ready to wear? Ten grand is pennies in his eyes, but it's fairly unnecessary in our opinion.

There are so many things that he could've spent his money on, but it's his life and he could do whatever he wants, we guess.

McGregor is a fool to blow money on suit alterations because he's taking his wardrobe tailoring way too seriously. It's fine if he wants to clean up nice, but he doesn't necessarily need to go out of his way for such alterations.

2 Crocodile Loafers Made Of Crocodile Skin

via blacksportsonline.com

Apparently, McGregor's shoe collection causes a lot of people to scratch their heads, and sometimes, his shoe choices cause him headaches at the airport. He has quite a few pairs of shoes that require their own traveling passport because he travels to some states that outlaw the purchase of animal skin products.

According to McGregor's longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, if her beau forgets to pack his additional passports for his animal skin shoes, the airport security guards have each and every right to seize the said shoes.

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Wow, that's a problem that could qualify as rich people problems right there. McGregor can own a pair of reported $1,000 crocodile loafers, but they can come with an additional cost. The shoes are fine as heck, it's just that the mandated rules surrounding them are extremely absurd. They should've been cleared through airport security without the guards asking a passenger any further questions.

1 $300,000 Training Camps

via monsterenergy.com

McGregor has a tendency to go all in when it comes to his fashionable clothing and accessories, but his excessive spending doesn't just stop there.

You see, McGregor has spent $300,000 on his training camps in the past. Most notably, his 300 grand preparations for his welterweight rematch against fellow UFC fighter Nick Diaz at UFC 202 on August 20, 2016, in Las Vegas.

That's because McGregor suffered his first loss of his UFC career in March 2016 through a rear-naked choke by Diaz in the second round. As a result, he demanded a rematch against his tough guy foe. He then told ESPN, "With gyms, cars, transport, flights, accommodations—I'd estimate we're talking a $300,000 camp here...This is a big, big expense—but what I make is big. So, in the bigger picture, it's rather small."

It's a great thing that McGregor invested a lot in his training camps, but he doesn't need to spend up to $300,000 on them. He has to continue to improve his skills. The other stuff may not even be necessary to the fighting process.

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