15 Things You Didn't Know About Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather

It looks like this bout might actually happen! We might actually get Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring. If you put this kind of thing in a movie people would react by saying "Oh come on, in real life there is no way such a bout would be arranged." In real life however, Conor McGregor is far more interesting than anything fiction could come up with.

As for whether or not Conor has a shot however, that is another story. Many experts are stating that Conor has no chance at beating Floyd. Others, usually MMA fans, state their belief that Conor has a "puncher's chance" in the bout. Joe Rogan recently stated that Conor has a "death touch" that Floyd should be wary of.

The other factor is that there is no telling how Conor plans on approaching this fight. What if he went in and just charged straight at Mayweather with his hands down? Floyd's used to fighting boxers, not a crazed madman like Conor McGregor. Plus Mayweather can't knock Conor out, he doesn't hit hard enough to do that. So basically Floyd will have to avoid getting hit by Conor throughout the fight and occasionally score enough points to win a decision. . Luckily for him, he's made a career of making top notch strikers miss.

Some may believe it unlikely that Conor wins, but considering nobody has ever seen something like this bout before, how can anyone be sure?

Here are 15 things you didn't know about Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

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15 Both Started Boxing At A Young Age

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Not surprisingly, both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been fighting since a very early age. Floyd Mayweather Sr. has told reporters that he was teaching Floyd Jr. how to throw punches as early as the age of one. Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a boxer as well. The senior Mayweather sported an impressive 28-6-1 record in his career which spanned from 1974 to 1990.

As for Conor, his father, Tony McGregor, enrolled him in boxing at the age of 12. While that is a solid 11-year difference between McGregor and Mayweather, it is still a fairly young age. According to Tony, the young Conor McGregor was so excited after his first boxing lesson that he started questioning his parents as to why they enrolled him in football for so many years.

14 Both Have Ties To WWE

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s professional boxing record is 49-0, but he's also undefeated at WrestleMania. In 2008, Floyd "Money" Mayweather was paid over $20 million to take on the Big Show at WrestleMania 24.

Boxers such as Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali had made appearances in pro-wrestling before, but not like this. Mayweather wrestled a full match with Big Show, one that was arguably the most entertaining on the show.

Conor, on, the other hand, has also had his run-ins with the WWE roster. Leading up to his UFC 202 rematch with Nate Diaz, Conor made disparaging remarks about the WWE roster which went viral. Since that time, Triple H has publicly commented on wanting Conor to make an appearance at a WrestleMania similar to Floyd's from 2008.

13 Conor McGregor Was A Plumber

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Before Conor McGregor was an MMA superstar, he was a plumber. Eventually Conor would decide to quit that career path in order to focus on fighting full-time. At the time Conor was living at home and training MMA part-time without his parents knowing. His father Tony once commented that he knew his son wasn't going to be a plumber instantly one morning when he went to wake the future star in time for his shift, and Conor refused to budge. He told his father that being a plumber just wasn't for him, and would be fighting in Cage Warriors shortly after.

As for Floyd, there was never any other career path considered. He made his pro debut at 19 years old, but he had been making an impact in boxing before then even.

12 Mayweather Only Fights In The USA

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Floyd Mayweather has not competed outside of Nevada since 2005. His last 14 bouts have all been in Las Vegas, with 12 of them being held at the MGM Grand. A similar, but less pronounced trend has started to occur in Conor McGregor's schedule as well. Five of Conor's last seven bouts have all been held in Las Vegas.

Mayweather was more prone to travel earlier in his career, but has never had a professional boxing bout outside of the United States. Conor too started his career primarily fighting in his home country of Ireland. His first 10 fights were in Ireland, and he wouldn't make his American debut until signing with the UFC. His second UFC bout was in Boston, a city which consists mainly of people with Irish roots. Not much of a stretch.

11 Conor McGregor's Sister Is A BodyBuilder

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Conor McGregor is not the only athlete in the family. His sister Erin, who at 34 years of age is six years Conor's senior, was a professional bodybuilder.

Erin McGregor is regularly seen inside the octagon following a victory by her younger brother, but when she is not there in person she is always cheering him on. She credits Conor with helping to motivate her to go into professional bodybuilding. Likewise, Conor has credited his sister with helping to motivate him in his career.

Erin is said to have won multiple competitive events in her time, but has not competed recently after deciding to start a family.

Floyd meanwhile also has three sisters, and one brother. His brother, Justin Mayweather  is also a pro boxer. Justin has a 3-0 record, having last fought in February of 2016.

10 Some Believe Floyd Mayweather Can't Read

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In 2014, rapper and former Mayweather buddy 50 Cent put down a challenge for Floyd:  If Floyd could read aloud one page from a Harry Potter book, 50 Cent would donate $750,000 to charity.

Mayweather did not respond by reading the Harry Potter book, instead he posted several photos of cheques he'd earned from big fights. Posting pictures of cheques, however, is not the same skill-set as reading. It is unclear if this was pointed out to Floyd or not. While Floyd claims he is literate, there seems to be little evidence of this.

While no one is claiming Conor to also be illiterate, he did post a photo of himself relaxing on a plane reading an upside-down newspaper on Instagram once. That sort of got people wondering a little.

9 Both Have Hollywood Ambitions

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Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are both businessmen more than anything else. As such, they are always looking down the avenues which will make them the most money. Mayweather is 40 years old and already retired twice, and boxing is something he won't be able to continue into old age. As for Conor, he knows that his superstardom will translate to other forms of entertainment, ones much easier than a third fight with Nate Diaz would be.

Floyd Mayweather most recently made a cameo appearance in Think Like a Man Too, and also had a run on Dancing with the Stars.

Conor McGregor, meanwhile, has landed a small role in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, and has voiced a character for the Call of Duty video game. Many more roles are sure to come.

8 Mike Tyson Has Offered to Train Conor

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Mike Tyson does not like Floyd Mayweather. The two former friends had a falling out for reasons no one is discussing. Tyson also has taken issue to Mayweather stating he is the greatest boxer of all time. Tyson considers this an insult to Muhammad Ali.

Mike Tyson stated long before the bout between Floyd and Conor became realistic, that he would happily train Conor on how to knock Floyd out. In fact, Tyson has visited Floyd during training camps before and in May of 2015 the two were spotted sitting together cage side at a UFC event.

Tyson had been scheduled to coach Chris Brown in a charity bout against Soulja Boy who would be coached by Floyd Mayweather this year, but the bout was ultimately cancelled.

7 Conor McGregor Won a Fight With a Torn ACL

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Conor McGregor's second fight in the UFC was one of his most challenging to date. Not only was he up against the current interim featherweight champion Max Holloway, but he tore his ACL in the second round.

The fight was Conor's first ever in the United States, and second in the UFC. Despite the injury, Conor would go on to earn a unanimous decision victory over his popular Hawaiian opponent.

McGregor blames the injury for his not being able to finish Holloway in the fight, and also claims the injury impacted his performance in his next fight against Chad Mendes. He has claimed he beat Mendes "on one leg."

Mayweather, on the other hand, is said to suffer from what his trainers call "fragile hands" that some claim have prevented him from knocking out opponents throughout the years.

6 Both Have Experienced Poverty

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Both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather know what it is like to experience poverty, though for different reasons. Mayweather grew up in poverty. His mother was addicted to drugs and young Floyd would often find syringes around home. As for Floyd's father, when not boxing he also sold drugs to provide for his family.

Conor McGregor's experience with poverty was self-inflicted. After quitting his job as a plumber, Conor had no money coming in while he trained to be an MMA fighter. As a result, McGregor was a welfare recipient in Ireland just a few years shy of breaking out into superstardom. As a result of his government's support of him while training, Conor has said he always tries to pay back his home country as best he can.

5 Both Love Exotic Cars

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If Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather weren't rivals they might actually be friends. The two have several things in common, including their love of exotic cars.

Conor is actually taking his love of exotic cars into a business. McGregor has recently partnered up with HR Owen to begin importing exotic luxury cars into Ireland for purchase. Naturally, many Irish fans have pointed out that few in the country would be able to purchase such expensive vehicles. Perhaps Conor figures that him fighting Floyd and then spending the money he earns in Ireland, the entire GDP of the country will be impacted, allowing more Irish to purchase such cars.

In January of 2015, Floyd tweeted out a photo of eight of his luxury cars he keeps, with experts estimating their combined worth at just under $6 million.

4 Floyd Mayweather Was Robbed of Olympic Gold

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Floyd Mayweather should be an Olympic gold medalist. A 19-year-old Mayweather competed for the United States in the 1996 Olympic Games. The games were held in Atlanta that year, which was good for Mayweather considering he still has elected never to fight outside his home country as a professional.

In the semi-finals Mayweather appeared to have defeated Bulgarian boxer Serafim Todorov to advance to the gold medal bout. While the announcement was being read the referee raised Floyd's hand assuming he had won. The judges however, awarded the bout to the Bulgarian. The US team would file an official complaint, stating the judges were intimidated by the Bulgarian boxing coach, and that Floyd was not given credit for many punches landed. One of the American judges assigned to the games that year resigned in protest.

3 Differing Attitudes Towards Relationships

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While Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are similar in a lot of ways, there is one area of life in which they couldn't be farther apart.

Floyd Mayweather has a history of domestic abuse. On five different occasions, dating from 2002-10, Mayweather has been up on charges relating to domestic abuse or some type of incident with a girlfriend. Most recently a judge sentenced Floyd to 90 days in jail for an assault on former girlfriend Jodie Harris, as well as for stealing her phone. After legal proceedings were finished Floyd began serving his sentence in June 2012, and was released that August.

As for Conor, he is completely on the other side of the spectrum. The 28-year-old McGregor has been with the same woman since both were teenagers. Dee Devlin and Conor have been together for over 10 years, and Conor credits her with much of his success. The couple are expecting their first child together later this spring.

2 Dana White Never Saw Conor Fight Before Signing Him

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Dana White had no intentions of signing any fighters when he accepted an award in Dublin in 2013. White was in town to accept an award at Trinity College in Dublin, when he was bombarded by fans asking him to take a look at an up-and-coming Irish fighter named Conor McGregor.

White had so many people urging him to sign Conor that he asked some UFC employees to do some research into him. The rest is history, as the UFC ended up flying Conor into Las Vegas and signed him shortly after. He was signed before Dana White had actually sat down and watched a Conor McGregor fight himself.

Considering the amount of work Dana White has done over the years scouring the globe for new talent, it is interesting that the biggest star in the history of the company was someone he almost overlooked completely.

1 UFC Will Allow the Fight to Happen

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Perhaps the most surprising thing to occur during these crazy fight negotiations is that the UFC is actually willing to let this fight happen. Are they willing to do so for free? Probably not, in fact some are speculating the UFC is asking for as much as half of Floyd's purse for the bout.

Originally Dana White and the UFC had said they were the only promotion which could put on this bout, but that rhetoric has changed drastically recently. Now Dana White has told reporters that he, nor the UFC, would stand in Conor McGregor's way of making the kind of money he would by fighting Floyd. The only question now is how much of that money the UFC will get to keep for themselves.

Should Conor look bad in his bout with Floyd it could end up hurting his drawing power in the UFC. But if he shocks the world and beats Mayweather, he would end up bringing a large amount of fans from boxing back with him when he reappears in the UFC.

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