20 Hottest UFC Fighters WAGs Of All Time

If you want to see a gathering of some of the world’s prettiest women, then all you need to do is tune into any UFC event. The audiences are always brimming with stylishly dressed and well-proportioned ladies that draw all sorts of attention. The octagon girls show off their incredible bodies and draw cheers as they strut around the cage. Then we have the WAGs. Those beautiful wives and girlfriends that support their men who are risking their lives each time they step into the octagon.

WAGs are a special breed. They must develop incredible trust in light of the rampant infidelity that plagues professional sports. Most WAGs accept that they usually take a back seat to training and competition. While the lifestyle can look glamorous, being a WAG takes a lot of sacrifice.

Unlike most other partners of professional athletes, UFC WAGs go on wild emotional roller-coaster rides when they see their guys in action. Watching their boyfriends and husbands take a beating can’t be easy. If a fighter’s WAG isn’t jumping up and down in tearful jubilation after a fight, she will be having a tearfully sad meltdown. Either way, chances are she’ll look hot.

Get yourself a bag of corn chips and dig into the 20 hottest UFC Fighter WAGS of All-Time.

22 Christina Hendricks

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Johny “Big Rig” Hendricks is a former UFC Welterweight Champion who is known for dishing out devastating lefts. He recently lost to Kevin Gastelum at the historic UFC 200 event in Las Vegas. Johny is looking to rebound from that and his recent loss to Stephen Thompson who became the first fighter to prevent Johny from going the distance.

Johny hasn't had much luck over his past few fights, but there is one source of consistency in his life and that’s his smoking hot wife Christina. She is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma where she studied nursing and psychology. The 29-year-old stunner has four children with Johny, but she looks no worse for wear. In fact, she has a very nice figure to go along with her beautiful smile. While Johny might be an animal in the cage, Christina has done a great job in taming him outside of it. Score this one a knockout for Johny.

21 Amber Nichole Miller

While some people might disagree, we believe Tito Ortiz upgraded when he exchanged Jenna Jameson for Amber Nichole Miller. The blonde-haired and blue-eyed beauty has a body that won’t quit and a smile that can light up a room. Amber’s fans can check out just how hot she is by taking a glance at the ex-octagon girl’s Instagram. Like Tito’s infamous ex, Amber loves to show off her bountiful curves. She just does it with a lot more class. More importantly for The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, he seems happy and is adjusting well to his role as a family man. The 38-year-old Miller could give any younger model a run for their money.

Amber recently filed for a restraining order when the jilted Jameson began to harass and threaten Amber. Among other things, the aging star said that she would throw acid into Amber’s face. That’s nasty! Let’s hope that Jenna can get a handle on her jealousy.

20 Brittany Smith-Sonnen

Chael Sonnen might have left a legacy of being a guy that fell short of backing up his trash talk, but he certainly landed himself a gorgeous wife. And it’s not Anderson Silva’s wife!!

Brittany Smith-Sonnen is a dream-inducing dish from Portland who met Chael at an event in 2011, shortly before Sonnen’s career went into a free-fall. Oh well, it’s understandable that his head wasn’t entirely in the game with such a delicious woman on his mind.

Love him or hate him, we must give Chael props for landing such a bewitching and supportive wife. Chael and Brittany welcomed their first child on June 4th, 2015 and Chael is thoroughly enjoying his new-found family life. With many business ventures, his work as an analyst, and his domestic life, Chael is busier in retirement than he was as a fighter. He might be biting off more than he can chew with his desire of purchasing the WWE. Good luck with that one.

19 Jennifer Mir

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Frank Mir’s UFC career took off with his victory over Tim Sylvia in 2004. The triumph earned Mir the Heavyweight Championship but his good fortune didn’t last long. Three months later, Frank was badly injured in a motorcycle accident which left him with a broken femur. It took him over 16 months to resume his MMA career. It was during this time that Frank got hooked on his pains meds, was stripped of his title, and fell into a depression.

Frank’s beautiful and faithful wife did not sit idly by. Jennifer Mir noticed that the burly fighter needed help and she came to his rescue. She got him refocused on his career and was able to get Frank to return to the octagon. He didn’t look in top form through his first couple of fights but the WAG extraordinaire kept working to get him sober.

According to Jennifer, it was on August 25th, 2007, that the dark days ended with Frank submitting Antoni Hardonk. Jennifer was filmed in a state of bliss knowing that Frank Mir, the love of her life, was back.


17 Jordan McDonald

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She fights, she models, she’s hot, and she has hot friends. Jordan McDonald seems to enjoy a very busy and excitement-filled life. She dated UFC welterweight fighter Jake Ellenberger, but they are no longer together. Ellenberger not only lost in love, he has also lost five of his last six fights and is mired deep in the rankings. Still, Jordan had to show up on this list because she’s so darn hot.

Jordan graduated from Coastal Carolina University and had her sights set on attending law school. In 2007, she began training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. Jordan chose to abandon her law school plans and eventually took to amateur competition where she compiled a 6-3 record. The 35-year-old has not fought in several years and is considered inactive. McDonald’s personal website indicates that her modeling career is still in bloom and her Instagram shows that she is enjoying life and staying sexy.

16 Dee Devlin

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Conor McGregor suffered a minor setback after being submitted by Nate Diaz at UFC 196. Between his retirement talk and being pulled from the UFC 200 card, Conor’s professional future is up in the air. He is reportedly trying to line up a fight with Floyd Mayweather but it has yet to materialize. His home life is a different story as it blazes full-speed ahead. While Conor can deliver a knockout punch with his fists, his long-time girlfriend can deliver a devastating knockout with her looks. Dee recently won “Most Stylish Newcomer” at the VIP Style Awards in Dublin. Conor showed his support by interrupting his training schedule to make the long journey to his homeland. He stood by her side just as she has stood by his side throughout his career.

With Dee’s expensive tastes, Conor will need to get back to fighting soon. She recently said that the couple needed a second Rolls-Royce. How can he say no to that face?

15 Natasha Kingsbury (Wicks)

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Former UFC octagon girl and model Natasha Wicks’ talent for cross-country running earned her a full scholarship at Northern Arizona University. After university, Natasha moved to Hawaii where she was scouted to model professionally. She won a contract to work as a UFC ring girl but her tenure with the UFC lasted just one year. After a short stint as an Invicta octagon girl, Natasha began to focus on her love of running. She even had hopes of competing in the 2016 Olympics. While it doesn’t seem to have worked out at the Olympic level, Natasha still competes in races while promoting fitness and healthy eating.

She met now-retired UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury and the two recently welcomed their first child. They are enjoying life at home raising their son and have shared many pictures of their home-life on Natasha’s Instagram page. Don’t worry, there are also plenty of photos of the adorable Natasha showing off her finely tuned frame as she chronicles her day-to-day routine.

14 Abby Raines

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After dropping three of his last four fights, one could conclude that Chad Mendes isn’t exactly on a roll. On top of that, the UFC’s fourth-ranked featherweight is facing doping allegations which have put him in an even worse spot. Chad’s past has been full of ups and downs including an arrest for his part in a barroom brawl in 2012. At least he has one consistently bright spot. His gorgeous girlfriend Abby Raines stays by his side through thick and thin.

Abby was a standout volleyball player at the University of Virginia where she graduated in 2009. With a firm figure and long blonde hair, Abby is a nice prize for Mendes to go home to after getting pummelled in the octagon.

There is little information and just a handful of pictures on the internet to tell us about this intriguing WAG. We might need to wait for Chad’s next fight and hope to catch a glimpse of the hot-legged blonde.

13 Mindy Robinson

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The talented and vivacious Mindy Robinson is an established actress who has over 150 credits in movies and television. She is well-known for her improvisational skills and comedic abilities. Mindy wrote and hosted a web series called Veronique Von Venom: Horror Hostess Hottie which was broadcast in late 2012 and through 2013. Maybe we have a successor to the vampy Elvira?

She is also known as UFC Hall of Fame member Randy Couture’s longtime girlfriend. A native of Fall River, Massachusetts, Mindy was apparently teased for being skinny when she was a child but she has certainly filled out in all the right places. The wily WAG attributes being bullied to helping her develop a sharp sense of humor. Fans can check out this stunner on her Instagram page. It’s all SFW so don’t worry if the boss is hovering around you. Unless, of course, your boss happens to be Randy Couture.

12 Kerry Kasik

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A Muay-Thai specialist, Kerry Kasik gained notoriety when she won the Fight Girls reality show in 2007. After going 2-0 to start her MMA career in 2009, Kerry has been inactive. She will preserve her great looks by staying out of the octagon.While she wows in her fighting gear, the raven-haired and dark-eyed siren looks more suited to modeling on a runway than fighting in a cage.

She began boxing when she was 18 and is a professional ballroom dancer. She was once married to ex-UFC fighter Brandon Vera and is one of the hottest UFC WAGS ever.

On the heels of Brandon’s dismissal from the UFC, Kerry, his wife of eight years, informed him that she was seeking a divorce. He was also held at gun-point when he was the victim of a home invasion in 2008. For a while, it seemed that Brandon couldn’t buy a break. His life is back on track and he recently became the ONE FC Heavyweight Champion.

11 Kim Couture-Tosti

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Randy Couture has had a lot of hot wives and our next WAG, Kim, was one of them until they divorced in 2009. Kim Couture-Tosti is a very attractive woman when she isn’t getting hit in the octagon. Even her most hardcore fans will agree that it’s time for the 40-year-old scrapper to hang ‘em up.

For those who don’t know, Kim’s MMA career has been a disaster. Her MMA debut resulted in her jaw being broken in two places. She won three of her next five fights but lost the next five straight. In a loss to Sheila Bird in 2011, Kim submitted to a leg-scissor choke. The referee was criticized for not stopping the fight soon enough. Couture was unconscious for several seconds before the referee stepped in.

Assuming she’s finished with fighting, she leaves behind a 3-8 record but she will always be remembered as one of the UFC’s hottest WAGS of all time.

10 Joana Prado

Vitor Belfort has proven that he can still deliver a punishing kick to the head but he must be contemplating his future after his loss to Ronaldo Souza at UFC 198. The 39-year-old and past-his-prime Brazilian could stick around and take another shot at UFC glory, or he could pack it in and enjoy life at home with Joana Prado. Many of us would choose the latter.

Joana gained stardom as the hostess of a running game show segment on Brazilian television. Her sexy Feiticeira character kept viewers amused by humiliating men who answered her questions incorrectly. Her popularity soared after appearing on the cover of Brazilian Playboy three times. She started to date Belfort in 2000 and the two eventually got married and now have three children.

At 40-years-old, Joana regularly works out and maintains her youthful appearance. Fans that want to keep up with this hot WAG’s adventurous life can join her 250,000 followers on Instagram.

9 Marivi Weidman

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Everything was going Chris Weidman’s way heading into UFC 194. Coming off a string of impressive wins, Weidman was confident about his match with Luke Rockhold, but he took a pummelling in the fourth round and lost by TKO. It was Weidman’s first loss as a professional. At 32 years of age, Chris has plenty of time to get his title back.

One thing that Chris has been able to hold on to is his wife Marivi.

Weidman married the exotic delight in 2009 and they have three kids. Chris talked about an embarrassing incident that happened on their first date. While Chris was waiting for his future WAG to take a shower, he was “percolating” and had a very pressing need to find a bathroom. Unfortunately, there were none available. Left with no choice, Chris used his MacGyver –like ingenuity by utilizing a small garbage can to do his pressing business. As disgusted as the dark-haired beauty was, it obviously didn’t deter her.

8 Ryan Marie Carney

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Stipe “The Silencer” Miocic has every reason to smile these days. He won the UFC Heavyweight Championship with a first-round KO of Fabricio Werdum at UFC 198. He also has one of the UFC’s hottest WAGS standing by his side. Ryan Marie and Stipe were recently married and they shared some of their wedding photos on Ryan’s Instagram. The ravishing brunette bride posed with Stipe as well as her smoking hot bridesmaids.

After many years working as a hairstylist, Ryan graduated from Cuyahoga Community College and earned a degree in Registered Nursing. She is also a cosmetology instructor at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and at a local high school. She is a self-described animal lover who would do anything for a dog.

Ryan’s fans will be looking for her cageside at UFC 203 in Cleveland. Stipe will do his best to retain his title in front of his home-crowd in a match with Alistair Overseem.

7 Heidi Northcott

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Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell had a storied MMA career and will go down in history as one of the sport’s most popular fighters.The 46-year-old ex-champ has transitioned well since he retired in 2010. Liddell keeps occupied by running a few businesses, acting, and enjoying life with his wife, Heidi Northcott.

Heidi is a sweet looking blonde who grew up in Huntington Beach. She majored in Management Information Systems and Natural Science at the University of Southern California. Perhaps the only knock fans can give her is that she dated Jose Canseco. The former roid-fuelled slugger taught Heidi how to play poker and she's been playing ever since.

Heidi isn’t very active on social media but various posts on her Twitter tell us that she is still an avid fight fan. She’s active in marketing, advertising, and promotions.

Heidi and Chuck are married and they are raising two children.

6 Clark Florian (Gilmer)

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In one of her latest Twitter posts, Clark Gilmer said she was looking for a workout buddy. It sounds like a great offer until you find out that her definition of a workout is vastly different from yours. The international fashion and swimwear model works hard to keep her figure in form. We can guess that her diet is healthy and free of GMOs. The results speak for themselves.

The long-legged temptress looked fantastic when she hit the red carpet at the Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards with her husband, ex-UFC fighter Kenny Florian. With the help of high heels, Clark managed to tower over her 5’10” hubby as they posed for photos. In fact, she towers over Kenny in many photos.

While the becoming blonde is building a solid reputation as an actress, Kenny was indefinitely suspended by Fox Sports after the budding broadcaster got busted plagiarizing portions of an interview.

5 Fabyola Machida

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With long raven hair and natural beauty to spare, Brazilian bonita Fabyola Machida has stood firmly at her husband’s side through his recent career downturn. UFC middleweight contender Lyoto Machida still ranks highly in the number eight spot, but the ex-Light Heavyweight Champion has lost three of his last four fights including a knockout loss to Yoel Romero in June of 2015. At 38-years-old, Lyoto might not have a lot left in his tank but fight fans probably haven’t seen the last of him.

The couple have married for many years and currently have two sons together, Taiyô and Kaitô.

4 Patrycja Mikula

Patrycja Mikula has been a Playboy Cybergirl as well as appearing in several magazines. Many years ago, the Polish model was a hot UFC WAG who dated heavyweight fighter Andrei Arlovski. A lot has changed since then. For starters, she is an MLS WAG, now as well as a mother. Another big change is Mikula’s “enhanced” appearance.

In Andrei’s day, Patrycja was a ridiculously sexy lady with mostly natural features. That’s not to say that she’s completely lost her appeal. She hasn’t. Patrycja is still drop-dead gorgeous. It’s just that the new Patrycja and the original Patrycja are akin to New Coke and Classic Coke. Both of them are sweet and bubbly, but are definitely not indentical.

Fans of new Patrycja will be pleased to know that she is active on Instagram where she regularly posts eye-catching photos for her followers. Fans of the Andrei Arlovski era Patrycja will always remember her as one of the hottest UFC WAGS in history.

3 Rena “Sable” Greek

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Fans of the WWE will undoubtedly remember Sable. The 5’8” buxom blonde was a mainstay known for her outrageous figure and many feuds. She is one of the original wrestling Divas and she helped pave the way for women in the WWE. She was the second ever WWE Women’s Champion but Sable left the company shortly after. She filed a $110 million lawsuit against them for harassment. She returned to the WWE yet again in 2003 and was a main character in one of their soapy storylines.

It is hard to imagine that she's already 48-years-old. Shockingly, this blonde vixen is a grandmother. She looks years younger and has maintained her incredibly beautiful looks. In 1999, the three-time Playboy Playmate appeared on the cover of the April issue of Playboy helping it become the highest selling issue in history. She married Brock Lesnar in 2006 and they have two children together as well as two children from Lesnar’s previous relationship. Lesnar and Sable live on a farm in Maryfield, Saskatchewan.


1 Daisy Bader

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Ryan “Darth” Bader is the UFC’s fifth ranked light heavyweight fighter and is the husband of Daisy Bader, one the hottest UFC WAGS in history. Daisy’s beaming eyes and white smile accentuate an ideally constructed frame. She looks particularly good stuffed into tight-fitting jeans and she’ll blow you away in a bikini. The glamorous and business savvy blonde earned a degree in Communications from Arizona State and was a marketing coordinator with her family-run Ford dealership. She is no stranger to wealth.

Ryan and Daisy married in 2010. Attendees received sports event type tickets instead of traditional invitations. They live in Arizona where they are raising their three children. Aside from Ryan’s parental duties, he spends a lot of time training and he’ll need to train a little harder if he wants to bounce back from being knocked out by Anthony Johnson. Bader is expecting to fight in September 2016 at UFC Fight Night 93.


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