20 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Ronda Rousey

There are few athletes - and even fewer women athletes - as popular or dominant in their sport as Ronda Rousey. The former UFC Bantamweight champion was the first female fighter signed by the UFC in 2012 and won her first six fights, five of which were ended in the first round. It was assumed there was no legitimate challengers to her title; at least, until "Rowdy" Ronda met Holly Holm at UFC 193.

After surviving a rough first round, Rousey was knocked out by Holm in the second, surrendering her championship and bruising her ego. After more than a year away from the octagon and admitted thoughts of suicide, Rousey makes her much anticipated return at UFC 207, where she'll face Amanda Nunes, the current Bantamweight champion.

If Rousey was compelling as an undefeated champion, she's even more so as a fighter on the rebound, looking to prove to herself - and the world - that she's the world's best female MMA athlete. Fortunately for us, she has done enough interviews during her career that we were able to compile more than enough shocking facts.

20 Wrote Animorphs Fan Fiction 


If you grew up in the 90s, you'll remember a short-lived TV show and a series of novels about a group of kids who could turn into animals by touching them. It was cool in the 90s, but certainly not something you would be proud of watching or reading today. Of course, it's nothing to admit when you know you could crush anybody who might make fun of you for it.

19 Can Influence Anyone To Drink 


Most of us would probably love to share a drink (or 10) with Ronda Rousey. But she can pressure even non-drinkers to let loose. In fact, Rousey can effortlessly make a man down shots of tequila after years of avoiding alcohol.

18 Mute Until The Age of Four 


Ronda Rousey has a tendency to leave her opponents - and her admirers - speechless. It's something she can relate to. The 29-year-old UFC star was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, depriving her lungs of oxygen at birth and giving her brain damage. Her speech development was delayed as a result - she couldn't say words until she was four and couldn't put together full sentences until she was six.

17 Loves Buffalo Wings 


We all have our traditions and celebrations. You might enjoy waking up at ungodly hours to run in the freezing cold or you might enjoy drinking a cold beer to end the work day. Well, if you're drinking that beer in a pub with top-notch chicken wings on a Saturday after a Ronda Rousey fight, you just might run into her.

16 Sent To The ER Because Of A Raisinet 

Kids are impressionable. They will essentially do anything to be cool or fit in. In the case of Ronda Rousey, that anything meant sticking a chocolate-covered raisin up her nose. Trying to be like her sister, a determined Rousey made sure the raisinet wouldn't fall out of her nose, as detailed on ESPN's His & Hers: "I was like, 'no raisinet, you are staying up there.' And then it wouldn't come out and I had a raisinet stuck in my nose."

15 Huge Pokémon Fan 


You probably liked Pokémon when you were younger - had the cards, games, toys - but you didn't like it as much as Ronda Rousey. In fact, last year in a Reddit AMA, she introduced herself as such: "Ronda here. My favorite Pokemon is Mew and I used to moderate a Pokemon forum." Other Pokémon-related information learned from the thread: If she had to choose a Pokémon to fight in the octagon it would be Judo Pokémon Throh. He's a fifth generation Pokémon.

14 Was A Vegan 


For about eight months Ronda Rousey was a plant-and-nuts eating vegan - well, sort of. After the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where Rousey became the first American women to medal in Judo, the UFC star ditched protein and moved toward a complete vegan diet. The problem was she was working a few bartending gigs at the time and because being vegan is a full-time commitment, her diet often consisted of Jameson Whiskey and sweet potato fries.

13 Won A Fight With A Dislocated Arm 


Beyond the embarrassing and horrific personal stories told in Ronda Rousey's book, My Fight/Your Fight, there were actually a few bad ass tales. Rousey won the silver medal in the Middleweight Division at the 2007 World Judo Championships. She might have had a chance to win gold, but was limited in the championship match due to a dislocated shoulder suffered in her semi-final win.

12 Terrified Of Paper Cuts 

Ronda Rousey has competed against the world's toughest female Judokas for years at the highest level, has 13 professional MMA fights, and has taken a fair share of physical punishment. Yet, the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion is terrified of just one thing: paper cuts.

11 Wants To Father Fedor Emelianenko's Babies 


How many babies are too many? If you're a new dad reading this, you're probably thinking one. If you're Ronda Rousey, you might set your limit at about 50 or 60 - 57 to be exact. The condition being that the father of those children has to be Fedor Emelianenko.

10 Her Mother Was A World Judo Champion 


Okay, maybe it's not the most shocking thing to learn, but it's a strong coincidence - and good genetics - that led to Rousey becoming the first American woman to medal in Olympic Judo. Her mother, AnnMaria De Mars, became the first American World Judo Champion after she won the gold medal in the women's 56-kg competition at the 1984 World Judo Championships.

9 Olympian At The Age Of 17 


Ronda Rousey didn't begin practicing MMA until she was a shy, out-of-place, 11-year-old North Dakota girl living in Southern California with her mom. It should be surprising then, that even given her mother's expertise, she was named to the United States Olympic Team just a few years later.

8 $7 Million Net Worth 

That Ronda Rousey has the 13th highest net worth among current and retired MMA athletes doesn't sound that impressive, but it is. Prior to signing with the UFC, Rousey was far from a big-name draw, fighting with Strikeforce, but she immediately gave the new UFC women's division credibility. And while her star power has been rising - even with a loss in her most recent fight - she has only been in the UFC for a few years.

7 Served Norm From Cheers


If you've read this far, you'll know that Ronda Rousey used to work a couple bartending gigs. She worked various restaurants in Los Angeles in an effort to save money to help with traveling to Judo tournaments. One of the restaurants she worked at was the pirate-themed Redwood downtown.

6 Had A Cartoon Crush On Vegeta


Now knowing Ronda Rousey would like to father at least 57 babies with Fedor Emelianenko, perhaps it isn't all that shocking that she "would've gone cartoon for Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z." Sure, we all have that one cartoon character we'd give up our human existence for (no, you're weird), but it's interesting that Rousey chose Vegeta. But it kind of makes sense when you hear her explain it.

5 Fought Men For Fraps 


Now that Ronda Rousey is worth millions she can buy herself all the Starbucks Frappuccinos she desires, though she rarely strays from her strict training diet. Fifteen years ago, however, as a 14-year-old Judoka on the verge of making the United States Olympic Team, Rousey would challenge men to fights, betting them $5 or $10 she could take them down. Her and a friend would then go buy Frappuccinos with the money.

4 Eating Disorder

While still competing in Judo and transitioning to MMA, Ronda Rousey was battling an eating disorder along with drug and alcohol abuse. She would binge, purge, and starve herself in efforts to make weight, writing in her memoir My Fight/Your Fight: "I used to associate feeling full with guilt. Because there was no advice or help if you didn't make weight - they just yelled at you."

3 Endorsed Bernie Sanders 


There was a time when Donald Trump told his supporters that Ronda Rousey was one of them. That wasn't the case. In fact, Rousey supported the candidate who represents the exact opposite end of the political spectrum - Bernie Sanders.

2 Obsessed With Aliens

Ancient Aliens is a History Channel program which is best known for the aliens meme, which features Giorgio Tsoukalos, the "I'm not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens" guy. Rousey, a self-admitted "dork" with a love for Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, also happens to be a huge fan of ancient alien tales.

1 Terrible Luck Dating


She's beautiful and likes buffalo wings. With those qualities you would think Ronda Rousey wouldn't have any trouble dating, but apparently that isn't the case. In her memoir, My Fight/Your Fight, she hands out nicknames to the numerous creepy ex-boyfriends she has had - included are such gems as Dick IttyBitty and Snappers McCreepy.

Since you asked, Dick IttyBitty cheated on her, Snappers McCreepy took naked pictures of her without her knowing, and another nameless ex struggled with a heroin addiction and stole her car. Her relationships haven't exactly gone smoother since she became a public figure. She's apparently still dating fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne, whom she was reported as dating while the fighter was still married to wife and fitness model Jenna Renee Webb.

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20 Shocking Things You Don't Know About Ronda Rousey