8 Pictures Of Miesha Tate And 8 Of Ronda Rousey: Who's Hotter?

The rivalry between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey is over. Tate is retired, and looks to have a future in broadcasting in front of her. Rousey has most likely fought her last bout, and even if she does get back in the cage she will probably never be her old self, the fighter she was before she was broken by Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes.

While the fight careers of Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey might be over, neither will fade from public spotlight over the next few years. As much as Rousey may want to hide from the public, she still wants to try her chops at acting, having recently booked a gig on The Blind Side in a non-reoccurring role. If Rousey finds success in Hollywood, she'll be right back in the public's view.

As for Tate, she looks as though she is going to slide seamlessly into a broadcasting career, already working with Fox Sports. She seems to be an ambassador the UFC as well, attending most media events. After all, if you're trying to feature your company in the most positive light possible, having Miesha Tate representing you should help.

In this article we take a look at 8 pictures of Ronda Rousey, 8 of Miesha Tate, and 1 of them together, all in an effort to decide who's hotter.

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17 Miesha Tate - Poolside

via mmanews.com

This scantily clad woman in red glasses once choked out Holly Holm with just a minute and a half to go in a 5-round epic title fight.

That Miesha Tate hasn't decided to try and get into Hollywood is a benefit to all MMA fans. Tate's going to be working in broadcasting and as an ambassador for the company in general. She will most likely represent the UFC at any poolside publicity events that may occur. Sending Miesha Tate in a bikini to such a function would be far preferred to say, sending Forrest Griffin in a similar outfit.

In addition to working as an ambassador for the sport, Tate has been doing some broadcasting as well. She is often on the Fox Sports panel, along with the likes of Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier.

16 Ronda Rousey Undressing

via rondarouseymma.com

This is Rousey at her sexiest. Lean, ripped, natural and taking off her pants. The appeal of Ronda Rousey goes beyond physical traits, however. Don't get me wrong, Rousey is aesthetically pleasing, and that is part of her appeal, it's just not what made her a star.

Ronda became such a superstar that it catapulted women's MMA to being on par with men's, despite having been in existence less time and with a much shallower roster of fighters. It wasn't Ronda's physical attributes that earned her all that popularity, though they didn't hurt her any either. Rousey's star-quality came from her unwavering confidence and intense attitude. Unfortunately, she seemed to lose both those things when Holly Holm broke her jaw in Australia. We can only hope she regains her confidence for whatever it is she decides to do next.

15 Miesha Tate - Poolside Chillin' With Some Friends

via Celebzz.com

Miesha Tate spends a lot of time poolside. She grew up in Tacoma, Washington, which is not the greatest area if you are someone who wants to spend their time hanging out in the sun. Now, the 30-year-old lives in the hub of mixed martial arts in Las Vegas. There are plenty more poolside opportunities located in Nevada.

Living in Las Vegas also gives Tate an edge in terms of working with the UFC. The company's head office is in the city, where other fighters, such as Forrest Griffin, have gone to work after their fight careers are over. Tate seems to be following in Forrest's footsteps, although in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.

Eventually Tate will play a larger role with the company. It's just a matter of time.

14 Ronda Rousey - Judo Glutes

via fanmma.com

If you want to be good at judo throws you better have solid core strength. Part of having a solid core involves having strong glutes. I'm no expert, but those look like some well-defined glute muscles to me.

This photo was actually turned down as a cover shoot for Oxygen magazine. Rousey announced on her Facebook page in 2012 that the magazine felt this photo was too sexy to use as a cover. At the time, Rousey hadn't even debuted in the UFC yet, but had been kicking butt in Strikeforce for a couple of years.

2012 was a great year for Ronda. She started it off by defeating Tate for the Strikeforce bantamweight championship, then defeated Sarah Kaufman in her final non-UFC bout. She would defeat Liz Carmouche in the first-ever women's UFC bout on February 23rd, 2013.

13 Miesha Tate- Fighting Face

via thesportsdaily.com

While Ronda Rousey's "intense face" is the thing of legends, don't overlook Tate's version. Look at her fiery stare across the cage to her opponent. She is ripped in this photo too, her abs look to be bursting out of her stomach.

It was that intensity which she lacked in her last two fights, however. After defeating Holly Holm to win the UFC bantamweight championship, the fire seemed to be gone gone. That will-not-quit attitude she used to get Holm's back and choke her out never returned in her career.

Then Tate was knocked out in the 1st round by Amanda Nunes at UFC 200. After that, Raquel Pennington earned a unanimous decision victory over her, and in her post-fight interview, she retired.

She'd won the championship, and aside from getting another shot at Rousey, there wasn't enough left to strive for to keep her going. She's proven to be a good broadcaster, though.

12 Ronda Rousey - Fighting Stance

via www.aol.co.uk

Nobody (aside from perhaps Diego Sanchez) makes a better "intense face" than Ronda Rousey. Her cage-walk was always one of the most fierce in the sport. There was something about her cage-walk for her fight with Amanda Nunes that felt different however. At UFC 207, Ronda Rousey seemed as though she was trying to make herself confident, but she wasn't, and it showed.

After the fight with Holly, Rousey would never again seem as confident in the cage as she looks above. Holly proved to Rousey she could be beaten, and that is not something Rousey has dealt with well in her life.

Rousey also abandoned her Judo career after winning the bronze medal in the Olympics. Even coming in third was not enough. Rousey wants to be the best, or nothing at all.

11 Miesha Tate - Bikini in a Stairwell

via extra.globo.com

In terms of physical appearance, the difference between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey is that Tate has more of the typical model appearance. Much of Rousey's appeal comes from her unique attitude and way of carrying herself. Although that is partially the case with Tate as well.

In this picture it's clear Tate knows that she owes part of her popularity to her good looks. She's not shying away from her physical beauty at all in this picture. We are probably passed the days where fighters like Tate will be asked to participate in such shoots, though. Modern-day women's martial artists aren't choosing to go down the same route Tate did. You won't find Amanda Nunes or Joanna Jędrzejczyk posing for such shoots. Although some of that has to do with the fact that nobody is asking Joanna or Nunes.

10 Ronda Rousey - Maxim Shoot

via maxim.com

Shown here from a Maxim shoot, Ronda Rousey can be turned into a model when a photographer is able to have their way. While she is not the atypical type of woman used for such shoots, you can see that she can adopt a model's gaze and pose when needed.

Rousey is at home in a bikini, as she is a California girl after all. She grew up in Riverside, CA.  She would later do the bulk of her training in Arizona, however, with the Glendale Fight Team. Some have been critical of Rousey's loyalty towards the team, which has not achieved much success in recent years.

There was once a lot of hype surrounding Rousey's "Four Horsewomen" who were all training out of Glendale at one time. Three-fourths of them are most likely already retired.

9 Miesha Tate - Glamourous

via deaznutz.wordpress.com

Shown here with an autism awareness pin on the small part of her upper body that her dress here covers, is a glamorous Miesha Tate.

Miesha Tate is gorgeous. She has a very unique, and almost exotic face. It's one of those perfectly not-perfect faces. Her nose is a little big, her eyes pretty far apart, and her smile a little awkward. Yet putting all of those pieces together creates a very aesthetically pleasing face. It's weird how that works sometimes.

Tate's ability to clean up and look like someone who hasn't made a living fighting people in cages is one of the reasons why she makes such a great ambassador for UFC. If the UFC sent Keith Jardine to places where they wanted to make an appearance, it might not showcase the company in as positive a light.

8 Ronda Rousey - Golden

via lifetailored.com

This is Ronda at her glamorous best. Everything on her, from dress to jewelry has a goldfish tint to it, fitting for a champion who defended her belt six times. Her run of title defences ranks 6th all-time, one behind Jose Aldo, who defended his title 7 times before being defeated by Conor McGregor.

It will be interesting to see how history treats Ronda Rousey's title reign. Most likely, she will receive the same treatment Royce Gracie did. There will be acknowledgement that she was the first dominant champion in her division, but also that she was exposed later in her career. No matter what criticism fans throw at her, however, no one can deny that had it not been for Ronda Rousey, women's MMA would not be where it is today.

7 Miesha Tate - Out of the Shower

via mymmanews.com

There is something about Miesha Tate which makes her just as attractive in a natural state as she is when she is all done up and glamourous. Take this after-shower selfie, Tate posted. No makeup, nothing done to her hair, and no stylish outfit. She's just a fighter getting out of the shower and looking good.

Tate does not look like someone who has been a cage fighter her whole career. Nothing about her face looks to have been altered by the brutal strikes that have been thrown at it for years. Long-time male fighters, such as, say, Dan Henderson, come out of their careers with cauliflower ears, tilted noses, and generally unsymmetrical faces. Tate's face seems perfectly fine, however, as evidenced above.

If Tate had another couple of fights with Amanda Nunes, things might have turned out differently.

6 Ronda Rousey - Movie Star

via hot97svg.com

This is the kind of look Ronda Rousey can adopt if she is ever on the red carpet for the Oscars. If a hairstylist and makeup artist gets ahold of Rousey, they can do wonderful things.

Shown here on the set of Jimmy Fallon, Rousey's acting career is in a weird place at the moment. The movies she filmed recently, Roadhouse and Mile 22, have both been indefinitely delayed. Speculation is the film companies are nervous about Rousey's acting ability. Perhaps they are nervous that now isn't the time to being releasing films with Rousey in it. They might want to wait until her stock has improved a little.

She filmed an episode of The Blind Side recently, but that is not expected to be a reoccurring role. In terms of other acting roles for Rousey, things seem to be quiet at the moment.

5 Miesha Tate - Weigh-In

via mmamania.com

One of the saddest parts of Miesha Tate's retirement is that we will no longer get to see her weigh-in for fights. If UFC wants to keep her fanbase interested, they might have her weigh-in from time to time even if she isn't participating in any upcoming events.

Tate will probably stay retired, as she has little motivation not to. The writing was on the wall for her class of female fighters. Tate, Rousey and others were part of the pioneering days for women's mixed martial arts, the ones who started before there was any money in it and before there were divisions in the UFC. Now that there is more motivation for female athletes to go into MMA, the talent pool has gotten deeper while the pioneers have gotten older.

4 Ronda Rousey - Dropping Jaws in Brazil

via wearemitu.com

Taken at the weigh-ins for her UFC 190 fight against Bethe Correia, this photo shows a lean and perky Ronda Rousey. She was confident coming into this bout in Brazil and it showed.

More notable than Rousey's confidence, was her popularity in Brazil for this fight. Even though she was facing a Brazilian, Rousey's popularity in the country was so great that the foreign crowd cheered for her over Correia. That's what Ronda Rousey has meant to the sport that is so popular in Brazil.

Unfortunately, this was also likely the last fight Rousey would win. Despite looking dominant in a 34-second knockout victory here, her championship reign only had a few months left. UFC 190 took place on August 1st, 2015, and Holly Holm would break her jaw at UFC 193 on November 15th, 2015.

3 Miesha Tate - Champion

via mlive.com

If you are a Miesha Tate fan, there is no more attractive picture of the woman than the one above. At UFC 196, the same night Nate Diaz made Conor McGregor tap, Miesha pulled off one of the most exciting championship wins in UFC history.

With a minute and a half to go in the final round, Tate secured a rear-naked choke. Holm didn't tap; she kept fighting, but eventually was rendered unconscious. Tate screamed as she ran around the cage in victory, knowing she had accomplished a goal for herself she thought she may never achieve.

Granted, her bout against Holly was her last victory. There was nothing left to keep her driven afterwards. She'll always have UFC 196 to look back on, however, and what happened that night will forever prove that Miesha Tate was a championship-level fighter.

2 Ronda Rousey - Swimsuit

via shaggytexas.com

Another example of Rousey showing off her ability to model. The one-piece swimsuit she is wearing shows off those judo-hips she has, good for tossing opponents all over the place. Rousey is a strong woman, there's never been any doubt of that.

It will be interesting to see if Rousey can use her strength, popularity, and star-quality to transition into pro wrestling. WWE has made no secret of their desire to bring Rousey into the company. Rousey has admitted her WWE fandom on several occasions, and even once appeared at WrestleMania. Knowing Rousey, however, she wouldn't want to go to WWE to be just a celebrity, an authority figure or manager. She would want to wrestle, and she'll want to be the best.

While there is no evidence to suggest this, it is possible Rousey is training in pro wrestling on the down-low.

1 Ronda & Miesha - The Rivalry

via ufc.com

Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are the first female fighters to have their rivalry put in the spotlight by the UFC. They coached opposite each other on the Ultimate Fighter, where Rousey actually earned some heat for her attitude towards her rival.

In both their fights, one in Strikeforce, and the other in the UFC, Rousey made Tate tap to an armbar. After winning the title, Tate said she wanted another shot at Rousey, but in truth it wouldn't have been the same Rousey she fought before anyway.

Holly Holm kicked away all of Rousey's confidence when she took her title. Rousey was a fighter who could only push herself forward if she knew she was the best. Once she didn't know that anymore, she could no longer compete. Her fight against Amanda Nunes proved this.

We'll never see a trilogy bout between these two, but the next stages of each their careers should prove interesting.

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