Anderson Silva Is "Sick Of All The Lies And False Accusations"

Anderson Silva has been getting a lot of criticism these days. First there was the positive steroid test results and then there was the recent video of him training jiu-jitsu that had some people thinking he was making fun of, fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort's loss at UFC 187. Well, Silva has had enough. Here is what he wrote on his Instagram in response to everything:

"Honestly, I don't even watch UFC fights unless when I'm getting ready to fight or when one of my partners will fight. There's too many people who are wrong and talking crap. I guarantee most of those who come here to criticize me have never been successful in life and if they are, they're unhappy. I always said the belt is a Brazilian patrimony no matter who has it, I'm happy as long as it's here. I didn't watch the fight, but of course I was rooting for Vitor, because he represented Brazil. Now, about my doping. I was never a cheater, I never had a big body and if you doubt me, all you need to do is watch my fights in Japan, when I fought at 176 because there was no 185 division and I would take on guys as heavy as 207 pounds. So for all of you experts, go look for the facts. I apologize to all my real fans and I don't mean to be rude, I'm just sick of all the lies and false accusations."

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Anderson Silva Is "Sick Of All The Lies And False Accusations"