AWKWARD! Watch Oscar De La Hoya Promote Rousey v. Holm

Promo videos are supposed to get you excited for an event right? Well, let me say that I was super pumped about the upcoming Rousey v. Holm fight... until I watched this Oscar De La Hoya promo video.

If you were wondering how to make a promo for the Rousey/Holm fight sound really awkward and unexciting just let the above video from Mr. De La Hoya be your guide!

Not only are his teleprompter reading skills stiff and awkward, but he also spends the first half of the video promoting one of his Golden Boy promo boxing matching, Cotto v. Canelo before even mentioning the Rousey/Holm fight.

If you are already hyped for UFC 193 and want to stay that way then watch the above video at your own risk.

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