Bobby Lashley Challenges Brock Lesnar To MMA Fight

It seems everybody wants a piece of Brock Lesnar. Goldberg has come out of retirement to presumably have one last match with Lesnar and now Lesnar has a possible MMA opponent.

Lashley spoke with TMZ Sports and said he'd love to fight Brock Lesnar and is confident he would defeat the former UFC heavyweight champion. Lashley has a 5-0 record in Bellator (15-2 in total) while Lesnar's MMA record stands at 6-3.

With Lashley being 40 and Lesnar being 39 it actually would make sense for a promotion to put this fight together. Lesnar's MMA future is up in the air following two failed drug tests prior to his UFC 200 fight.

This fight would be a huge moneymaker and it would make more sense in Bellator. However Lesnar's recent UFC contract might prevent him from fighting in other promotions.

Would you like to see Lesnar and Lashley in the octagon?

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Bobby Lashley Challenges Brock Lesnar To MMA Fight