Brendan Schaub Says Media Twisted His Words About Ronda Rousey

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Let me give you a little backstory here: So, a few days ago on Joe Rogan's Fight Companion podcast a joke was made that, now that Rousey has signed with Carls Jr., Brendan Schaub should get back together with her. To which he replied:

"Believe me, I did her a favor man. I'm not the guy for the job. I'm just not. I'm too much (of a man). She needs a guy who's gonna take a backseat. That's not me. She also needs a guy that's gonna say 'yes ma'am, yes ma'am'.

"She's so successful, she's surrounded by people that worship her and go 'yes, yes, that's a great idea'. But when I said 'I don't think that's a good idea', now I'm a hater. I have no financial gain from you. I don't need anything from you, I've earned everything myself."

Those statements, as you might imagine, caused a little controversy and Schaub was quick to take back what he said in his latest podcast, while accusing the MMA media for twisting his words:

"I'm a huge Ronda Rousey supporter. I love that girl. I'll defend her to the death. I always do. Too much man? I would never say that. I'm a guy who watches romantic comedies, I like pop culture. I read some books, I drink coffee. I'm not that manly."

"Right before we went on the air (on the Joe Rogan podcast), I said every MMA journalist is watching the Fight Companion with their pen and pad out going, 'Please say something. Dear God, please something about Ronda. She's so hot right now, please say something about Ronda.' Hey TMZ, relax. This is what's wrong with mixed martial arts. Journalists, you need to listen: when you post this stuff, when you credit TMZ as a reliable source, man, that sets our sport back. Do you see NFL breaking news on TMZ? When you do this stuff and you twist people's words, it's not good man. You're setting the sport back."

"Too much man? I would never say that." Well, actually he did say it, so not quite sure how his words were twisted. But I think the more important question from what he said is: why is reading books and drinking coffee not manly?

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