Brock Lesnar Knows Who He Wants To Fight In UFC Return

Rumors are currently swirling that Brock Lesnar is planning yet another return to UFC later this year, and Jon Jones could be his opponent.

Last year Brock Lesnar made a successful return to the octagon when he took on and defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Despite being under contract with WWE at the time, Vince McMahon came to an agreement with UFC for Lesnar to compete, and it would seem that The Beast Incarnate wants to do the same again despite retiring from MMA following his drug test failure.

Ironically, the man Brock is currently being ear marked to step back into the cage with is Jon Jones, another UFC fighter who failed a drug test around the same time as Lesnar. Jones will face Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 this weekend—his first match back since serving his suspension—so will have to get past him before he shifts his focus to a potential match with the current WWE Universal Champion.

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Jones would have to make the move up to heavyweight if he really does want to fight a potentially returning Beast Incarnate. The two time Light Heavyweight Champion was quizzed about the MMA dream match during a Facebook Q&A earlier this week and seemed more than up for the challenge. Jon said that he would love to fight Brock as well as clarifying how big a match of that magnitude would be for the sport. He did also add "I doubt Brock Lesnar would take that fight, though." The Associated Press caught up with Brock who had something to say about that. His reply to the claims that he wouldn't take the fight was 'Would I fight Jon Jones? Anytime, anywhere'.


Brock's current WWE contract isn't up until April 2018 following WrestleMania 34. However, if a fight with Jon Jones really is on the cards, it seems as if it will come before the end of this year, and Lesnar will have to take time away from the wrestling ring for the fight. It also means that if he isn't already, The Beast will have to be a part of the USADA testing pool within the next few weeks to be eligible for a December fight with Jones.

Anything involving Brock Lesnar or Jon Jones is bound to generate a lot of interest, so if UFC can get it done and everyone is on board, setting up a showdown between the two seems like a no brainer. Both men may have failed drug tests in the past but rest assured that will not stop too many fans from tuning in to watch them square off. There's still a lot of time to go and a lot of hoops to jump through before we get to the fight being official, but more often than not when Lesnar sets his mind on something, he gets it.

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