CM Punk Makes Major Bank In UFC Defeat

While with WWE, CM Punk got paid handsomely to get fake beat up. Now in UFC, he is getting beat up for real, but at least he's being paid well to do so.

The Sports Daily recently published estimate purses for each of the fighters on the UFC 225 card. These are estimates because the Illinois State Athletic Commission doesn't release fighter pay info, but the numbers from previous fights are available. CM Punk is estimated to have made a total of $503,500 for his fight with $500,000 simply for showing up, while the other $3,500 was the fight week incentive pay.

That equates to nearly $34,000 for each of the 15 minutes that Punk lasted and over $559 for each second Punk was in the octagon. His opponent, and the man who defeated Punk, Mike Jackson, only walked away with $23,500 which includes a $10,000 bonus for winning.

via sbnation.com

Punk was the third-highest paid fighter on the card despite not being in one of the top matches. His fight did make the main card, but just barely as the Punk-Jackson fight was the first one of the five fights listed on the main card. The only fighters who made more than Punk were Alistair Overeem who made $860,000 and middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, who made $610,000.

Whether Punk gets a chance at a third UFC purse remains to be seen after his second embarrassing loss. Both Jackson and UFC President Dana White think the book is just about closed on Punk's UFC career, but before the fight Punk vowed to stay at it no matter the outcome of his bout. That half-a-million dollar check undoubtedly is playing a factor in Punk sticking with MMA as he made that in 15 minutes. When Punk was in WWE, his last known salary was $1.7 million in 2011 which means he made more in 15 minutes in UFC than he did in three months in WWE.

You can see why Punk has been so adamant about not returning to wrestling.


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