Cris Cyborg "Done Chasing" Ronda Rousey

For years, Cris Cyborg has been open about her desire for a fight with Ronda Rousey, even accusing Rousey of "ducking" her. However, with Rousey having lost against Holly Holm, it appears Cyborg is ready to move on.

The Invicta FC Featherweight Champion opened up in a recent interview on how she'd love to take on Rousey still but is no longer making it a priority. “I hope [a fight with Rousey happens] for the fans. But if she was running from me before the loss, imagine how much faster she will be running from me now,” Cyborg said. “I'm not chasing her anymore. After all, didn't she say ‘You come to the champ?’ I have been a world champion for 10 years!”

The Brazilian fighter spoke warmly about Holly Holm and hoping for a match against her as well but is concentrating on her current reign as champion. So it looks like along with everything else, Rousey's first loss has also robbed MMA fans of one of the big "dream battles" they once clamored for.

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