Dana White And Joe Rogan's Thoughts On The Ronda Rousey vs. Man Debate

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Could Ronda Rousey beat a man in a fight? Could she beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight? As Rousey has continued to destroy each and every female opponent that has come her way the talk among many fans and pundits has been about could she win fights against men. And not just any men.

Joe Rogan had some pretty strong words on the subject:

"There's a lot of guys her size she could beat." "I mean, a lot. If you took the roster of the UFC's bantamweights, 135 pounds, and you paired them up against Ronda Rousey, she might be able to beat 50 percent of them. That's not a joke."

And as for Rousey vs. Mayweather, UFC president Dana White had this to say to Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd:

"She would rag doll him.""First of all, have you ever seen Floyd Mayweather? He's about this tall. She would rag doll him as soon as she put her hands on him. And then, everybody talks about Floyd knocking her out. How many people does Floyd actually knock out? Not many."

But does White actually think such a fight should happen?

"The fascinating thing about Ronda Rousey is there's never been a scenario where a woman could kick a man's ass, and now there is," White said. "She definitely can. She would walk through this studio right now and clean this place out, me included...But in society, there should never be a scenario where we're setting up a case where a man is hitting a woman in the face. It should never happen."

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