Dana White Confirms CM Punk's Next UFC Opponent

Amidst all the noise that is Conor McGregor and his arrest after bombarding the UFC 223 media day on Thursday, UFC 225 is not terribly far off and fighting on that event will be CM Punk who is making his return to the octagon after a lopsided loss in his debut bout. When asked, UFC President Dana White was able to confirm who Punk's opponent will be.

TMZ Sports caught up with White and posted his response in a video on their website. When the reporter noted they were excited to see Punk and suggested that Michael Jackson would be a good opponent, White responded, "That's the fight. That is the fight."

UFC has not officially confirmed the Jackson vs. Punk fight will happen on Saturday, June 9th at UFC 225 in Punk's hometown of Chicago but that appears to be the plan. Jackson, like Punk, is also 0-1 in his MMA career. He lost to the same fighter who destroyed Punk at UFC 203, Mickey Gall.

Fight fans will know this is a contest that pits two of the worst fighters in UFC history against each other. Punk's debut almost had UFC regretting bringing him in and considering not offering another fight. But, because Punk is a draw and UFC is hurting for big-name fighters, Punk still holds value. Meanwhile, Jackson is a sportswriter who fights MMA when not doing that job. His contest against Gall didn't go much better than Punk's did.

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Between the news of Punk's official opponent, the confirmation that Brock Lesnar will be back in MMA and McGregor's arrest on Thursday, UFC has been at the top of the news items in sports and entertainment and during a week that is usually dominated by WWE for their event, WrestleMania.

Interesting in the video was that White also noted that McGregor had sent out a nasty tweet eariler that day, it is obvious to anyone seeing the video that the McGregor incident at the Barclays Center had not gone down yet and his arrest hadn't happened.

White's tune over the past 24 hours regarding McGregor has likely changed from his comments in this video.

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