Dana White Has An Answer For The MMA Injury Bug

For every great fight the UFC makes, it seems that there are about a dozen other fights which never end up happening due to fighters getting injured in training camps. Obviously this a problem for everyone from the fans, the fighters and finally the UFC brass. In an interview with Fergus Ryan of Setana Sports, UFC President Dana White believes that he has an answer as to why fighters keep getting injured:

"Some of the camps are still in the stone ages and need to be brought up to date. AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) is one of those places. You got Cain Velasquez, our heavyweight champion, who is always hurt. Those guys go to war everyday, he's training for a fight and he's going to war with Daniel Cormier everyday. That's not how it's done, not anymore. We need to educate more."

White also speaks in the interview about installing a facility at the new UFC headquarters in Las Vegas (construction starts in June) for rehab and treatment for injuries. Surely something has to be done, or else we may end up with more UFC 186s and less UFC 189s.

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