Did The UFC Just Get Sold?

Yesterday there was a rumour going around that the UFC was about to be sold, but the UFC was denying that that was the case. So much so, that they were even hinting at legal action against the media for reporting it. And they sent out an internal memo denying the rumours as well. So, with all that, you would think that the rumours were obviously false and that the UFC wasn't being sold, right?

Well, not only have the rumours persisted today, but FloCombat.com is going so far as to be reporting that the sale is pretty much complete!

According to them:

"Despite proclamations to the contrary by the promotion, sources have indicated the UFC has indeed been sold by long-time owners Zuffa LLC to an investment group led by the William Morris Endeavor-IMG agency....

Our sources said that the basics of the deal was finalized during a dinner meeting in Hollywood last Sunday between Lorenzo Fertitta, Ari Emanuel—the CEO of WME-IMG and one of the most powerful men in entertainment—and other UFC and WME-IMG executives. The exact sale figure is not known at this time, though FloCombat sources indicated it is in the range of $4 billion US dollars."

Obviously, nothing is official until all the paperwork is done and the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted, but FloCombat is saying that multiple sources are telling them that the announcement of the sale is expected to happen during the upcoming UFC International Fight Week in July - which is being capped off by the much anticipated UFC 200!

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