Does Ken Shamrock Really Want A Rematch With Kimbo Slice?

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Despite his first round loss to Kimbo Slice last week at Bellator 138, 51-year-old Ken Shamrock insists he is not done with MMA. Not only that, but Shamrock says he's not done with Kimbo Slice, as he wants a rematch.

Shamrock told TMZ Sports he would definitely take a rematch with Slice.

"I looked better than I have in ten years! Imagine now after I get some fights under my belt?!"

Despite the fight lasting only a couple of minutes, Shamrock says he felt he dominated the fight and made just one mistake, and Slice capitalized. This doesn't seem like Shamrock wants this to end his MMA career.

"There's no way I'm going to stop after one fight. I'm going to push the envelope some more."

Oh, Ken...

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