Donald Cerrone Showed Discipline When Assaulted By Angry Driver

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On Monday, UFC fighter Donald Cerrone talking to the press, as part of the lead-up to his fight against John Makdessi at UFC 187, commented on the whole Jon Jones situation. He related it to how he, Donald, had done a lot of screwing up in his day.

"Had the cameras and the spotlight been on me when I was doing all my screwing up, it would've been. ... I would have been in a lot of trouble. People would have been like, 'Oh, God, he's a degenerate. He's an idiot. Jon is just young. He's got a lot of money and making the mistakes. Sure, he should he have hired a driver, absolutely. But he didn't and now he's in the public eye and it's tough."

32-years-old Cerrone went on to provide an example of how age brings with it maturity and wisdom, by telling of an encounter he had with an angry driver.

Cerrone was crossing at a crosswalk at a Whole Foods, with his head down while texting on his phone when a driver started angrily honking his horn at him. When Donald and his fiancee made their way to their car, the furious driver was there waiting for them and proceeded to punch Cerrone right in the mouth, knocking his glasses right off his head.

"I was [expletive] livid - seeing fire in my eyes." "I look at Lindsay...but now, where I'm at, I just bit the bullet. I told the dude, 'You know, this is your lucky day.' He says, 'Oh yeah! I bet it's my [expletive] lucky day!' I was like, 'Dude, if you touch me again, I can't control it. I'm gonna bite this bullet and I'm gonna drive away.' We got in the car and left."

I don't know if the driver knew who Cerrone was and I know he was being sarcastic when he responded "Oh yeah! I bet it's my [expletive] lucky day!" But, dude, with Cerrone taking the mature high road and walking away, it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY was your lucky day!

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