Former UFC Fighter Josh Koscheck Calls Dana White A "Little Errand B*tch"

UFC President Dana White has been getting a bunch of criticisms lately. First, there is the Reebok deal that not everyone is happy with. Then, there was the firing of cutman Stitch Duran which even less people were happy with. And then there was that crazy Twitter tirade White went on against fans who bothered to ask him about Stitch or Reebok. - insulting their looks, calling them "morons" and "idiots", etc!

Well, one of the toughest and most direct criticisms of White of late has come from former UFC fighter Josh Koscheck  - who you might remember fought Erick Silva in March just 3 weeks after losing to Jake Ellenberger. Why such a fast turnaround you ask? Well, Koscheck had one fight left on his contract and he just wanted to be done with White and the UFC as soon as possible.

Koscheck told Bleacher Report, "I was in shape. I was like, OK, I’m out." "This is my last fight. Let’s just go out there and see what happens."

"If I were to say anything bad about Reebok, the first thing that would happen is I would get a phone call. 'You f-----g piece of s--t, what the f--k are you doing? You’re talking s--t about Reebok. We’re gonna fire you.' OK, fire me then." "I don’t have to worry about those things now. I’m not employed by them. I have no affiliation with them. I can say what the hell I want and have no repercussions."

And he definitely is saying what the hell he wants to. Even calling Dana White a "front boy for the Fertittas (Lorenzo and Frank III, who own the majority of the UFC)."

"He’s their little errand b---h. They’re losing fans every day because of the things he does." "The UFC has done a great job. They built this sport. They put a lot of dollars in, and they took a lot of risk. I can respect the fact that he works his ass off. But there are other things that I can’t respect."

Such as: "How can you respect a guy that runs a company and goes on Twitter rants, who calls people all the names that he calls people? I think it’s childish." "He’s supposed to be the president of a major company, a billion dollar company, and that’s how he acts? You don’t see Roger Goodell doing things like that."

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Former UFC Fighter Josh Koscheck Calls Dana White A "Little Errand B*tch"