How Does Rousey Envision Her Last Fight? HINT: It Involves 'Cyborg'

No, don't worry, Rousey isn't planning on ending her MMA career any time soon, but she has thought about that day. In a recent interview she stated that she has actually envisioned ending her career with a total beat down of Cris 'Cyborg' and then handing the belt back to Dana White when he puts it on her, and walking away!

You gotta admit that would be a pretty kick-ass way to end her MMA career. But don't expect it to happen with Rousey moving up to 145lbs.

She isn't going to go chasing 'Cyborg' around: "She's not entitled to have me chase her around," said Rousey. "She’s the fraud that got defamed. If you can make 145 pumped full of steroids, you can get off it and drop (to 135).”

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