How Much Total Money Brock Lesnar Is Going To Make For His UFC 200 Fight?

If you guessed "a whole lotta money," than I think technically you would be correct. But how about we get a little more specific?

So, Lesnar got $2.5 million guaranteed for his UFC 200 fight against Mark Hunt last Saturday night. He also got - what looks pretty pathetic in comparison - $5,000 in sponsorship money from Reebok. But wait there's more.

Brock is also going to be getting a cut of the PPV sales for the event and when it's all taken into account, he will be walking away with something betweenĀ $5.5-$8 million.

There's a lot of talk about how poorly paid lots of the UFC fighters are. But that sure ain't the case when you are one of the big dogs!

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