Joe Rogan Comments on Jon Jones Hit and Run

There's fewer people whose opinion is held in higher regard in MMA than UFC commentator Joe Rogan. Whether it be the mental or physical side of combat sports, Rogan is usually on point and now he has given a detailed and interesting theory on the Jon Jones hit and run situation.

Talk about Jones starts at the beginning and continues for about a half hour.

On his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience with guest neuroscientist Sam Harris, Rogan pointed to brain damage for a possible reason behind Jones' reckless behaviour: "I am without a doubt not trying to let (Jones) off the hook.You can't hit someone with a car and leave the scene of the crime. It is a crime, but there are things that people do because they have brain damage. That's where the real question comes up. Obviously they're responsible ultimately for their own actions, but what is it that's responsible for making them do that action?" Harris noted that damage in the frontal lobe especially could cause Jones' behaviour because it controls your emotional and behavioural outbursts.

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