Jose Aldo Injured! Did Conor McGregor Predict This Would Happen?

In case you hadn't hear, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has suffered a rib injury during a sparing session and while he is waiting for official medical results to tell him how serious it is, it looks like there is a good chance he will have to pull out of his title defence match against Conor McGregor at UFC 189 on July 11th in Las Vegas.

While this may come as a big shock and surprise to many people out there, one person who doesn't seem too surprised by the news is the challenger, Conor McGregor himself.

Let me take you back to a recent UFC 189 media day in Dublin when McGregor said this to Irish journalist Niall McGrath:

"All I know is I will show up. That's it. I hope he trains smart, I hope he stays safe...He's pulled out of many contests on US soil. He's only fought his last few fights on Brazilian soil - where there's no commission out there. So, I hope he stays safe, I hope he stays clean, and we will see."

While those were more recent comments, it looks like McGregor had a premonition of something like this happening all the way back in 2014. Check out this video feature he did with back in December of 2014 where he predicts his getting a title shot against Aldo and then Aldo pulling out.

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Jose Aldo Injured! Did Conor McGregor Predict This Would Happen?