Kimbo Slice Hopes Ken Shamrock "Don't Cut Himself" To Get Out Of Fight

So, by now we have all seen the pictures of a crazy ripped Ken Shamrock as he prepares for his fight against Kimbo Slice on June 19th. At this point it looks like the fight is going to happen and if Kimbo has anything to say about it, there is no way the fight isn't going to happen.

You might remember back years ago when the fight was originally supposed to take place and Shamrock got out of the fight because he was cut - his brother Frank Shamrock claimed that Ken had cut himself on purpose to get out of the fight. Well, Kimbo certainly remembers that as is evidenced by the comments he made the other day:

"I just hope they f@$#in' pad his hands up, so he don't cut himself, and they keep all sharp objects away from him this time... Like what is he gonna do next time, gonna shoot himself in the foot? I don't know what Ken's gonna do man, I just hope he fights and takes this fight. Dude, you do shit like that when you're scared, when you're afraid, as close as it comes to committing suicide"

He then went on to say:

"I hope he don't pussy out, cause if he doesn't bring it, I'm taking it to the dressing room and we just gonna do an old-fashioned bare-knuckle (fight) right there, right then and there in St. Louis. F@&* it."

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Kimbo Slice Hopes Ken Shamrock "Don't Cut Himself" To Get Out Of Fight