Kimbo Slice Talks Smack To Ken Shamrock

Bellator 138 is going to be quite the circus with a 51-year-old Ken Shamrock squaring off against Kimbo Slice, who's no spring chicken at 41. And I couldn't be more excited about it! If you're not a MMA purist and can appreciate the sheer entertainment we're bound to get from this fight, then you're probably excited too.

Anyway, TMZ caught up with Slice on the street and Slice said what he intends to do to Shamrock, "I'm gonna break his ribs and break his jaw..."

Kimbo also responded to Shamrock dissing his beard, and sounded more disappointed than angry that The World's Most Dangerous Man insulted it.

"To end his career, that sounds pretty good to me."

Bellator 138 will take place on June 20. Say what you want about Bellator putting these two old timers in a main event, but it's a lot more intriguing than UFC 186 this weekend. In fact it's more intriguing than a lot of the cards UFC has been spewing lately.

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